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OKGenWeb Indian Pioneer Papers Collection


Short History of
Pauls Valley

Cora Anderson

J. G. Alexander

Gloster Allen

Otus Allstott

B. L. Anderson

E. V. Arnn

Everet Peer Baker

J. D. Baker

Mattie Baker

Rebecca Davis Beck

G. J. Benn

R. D. Birdwell

Lem F. Blevins

W. E. Blevins

Acee Blue Eagle
(Anadarko, Caddo Co.)

R. E. Braden

J. B. Brashears

A. B. Bridges

N. L. Brim

Susan Lewis Brown

Mrs. George Bundy

W. R. Campbell

John Carlton

Lucy Case

Jesse Chipman

David O. Clapp

Matilda Clure

C. C. Cobble

Van Cockran

Adeline Kemp Collins

C. S. Cooksey

Floyd Cooper

Margaret Hall Crawford

Jane Cubit

Alice Curry

Homer C. Davis

Jim F. Davis

Joe Davis

O. J. Denson

Charles W. Dillingham

Annie "Pendley" Donoho

Mrs. John M. Dorchester

James Dulin
bio by Frances Walner

Mrs. Lola Dunigan

Caroline Edwards

Sam Dee Erwin

Alice Smith Farmer

J. W. Ferguson
(Adair County)

Tom C. Fields

Robert G. Flanagan

Lucinda Fleetwood
(Cherokee Nation)

W. B. Flick

Eugene W. Flippen

Jack Florence

Shade Flowers

J. T. French

H.W. Gay

R.E. George

Janie Gibbs

Mrs. John W. Gibson

Julia Beavers Gibson

Mrs. W. B. Gibson

Elmer Godwin

John R. Gott

Charley W. Grant

Zed Griffin

John H. Hall

N. C. Hardage

Rev. William Harp

Birthet Harper

Shawnee Harper

P. D. Harraway

A. G. Harris

Jane L. Harris

Nathan Harris

C. C. Harrison

William R. Harrison

Charity Hartigan

T. M. Hatchett

Jim Helm

Marion Henderson

Mrs. Joe Henson

T. J. Hicks

Perry High

Mrs. E. G. Hightower

Mrs. N.C. Higgenbottom

Joe Holt

Roy N. Holt

Tom Holt

John Howard

J. W. Honeysuckle

W. W. Howerton

Melissa Humphrey

J. F. Jackson

Arthur James

Jesse Henry James

R. L. Janeway

R. W. Jennings

Mary Jesse

H. D. Johnson

Henry M. Johnson

J. L. Johnson

Lee Jones

Ebnezer   Cutnezer Kemp

Callie King

W. E. King

Mollie Kinney

Perry Lanham

C. E. Lael

Celeste Caby Lael

H. C. Laird

Salina LeFlore

J. J. Loyd

O. I. Lorence

G. R. Lynn

I. L. Mahoney

J. R. Massagee

Carl Mayhue

Mrs. J. H. Mays

John E. McCarty
(Erick, Beckham Co.)

S. R. McGuire

John McManus

John T. McNeely

Mattie Ida McNeely

Ida "Burd" McNelly

Lee McNivens
(on Light Horsemen)

D. B. Milam

Ed Miller

J. D. Miller, Sr.

J. S. Miller

W. L. Mills

W. H. Minton

Mrs. J. S. Mitchell

J. W. W. Mitchell

Mrs. Delia Moore

L. A. Moore

W. C. Morris

Sealy James Murphy

Burell Nash

R. L. Nichols

Wade Nichols

W. H. O'Gwin

Charley Osborn

Caroline Pannell
Muskogee, Oklahoma

Lillian Patchell

Victoria Paul

John Parks

Joe B. Perry

J. J. Pettigrew

Dr. Calvin Ralston
Caney, OK

Janie Elizabeth Ray

James R . Reed

Jennie Campbell Reel
(Zach Gardner & Mr. Campbell as  told by Jennie)

Esther V. Reeves

Albert Rennie

S. O.  Richardson

Walter L. Richardson

J. R. Rock
(Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co. told by Bill Chisholm)

G. P. Rollow

Fred Scott

E. H. Scrivner

J. H. Selby

Andrew Jackson Shirley

J. W. Shumate

Molly Starr Sillers

Amanda Smith

Dixie Smith

Joe Smith

James P. Sneed

W. C. Southern

Harry Sprague

Mrs. Pearl Johnston Sprague

Ida Sparks

C. W.   Spencer

John C. Starnes

M. L. Stephens

Frank Stewart

J. J. Stewart

J. A. Stokes

J. E. Suggs, Jr.

E. H. Tarwater

H. H. Teeters

C. L. Thompson

John Tinkler

F. M. Tolbert

Louvina Trent

J. T. Turner

Henry Tussey
(Stephens County)

J. S. Tyson

J. J. Walker

Ellen Waller

Frances Walner

Mrs. John Walner

G. D. Ward

Mrs. Uppahake Watkoche

B. W. Watson

Jim Wendell

Howard H. Wheeler

Harry White

J. W. White

O. D. White

George Wiley

Gloster Wiley

Mrs. J. B. Wilson

Lenora Stark Wisenor

Earl Witten

J. L. Wood

Herman Workman

Ambrose E. Worley

Lota Kemp Wright

Mrs. Betty Young

Dr. J. A. Young


We will be posting all Indian Pioneer Papers on Garvin County Residents that we find at the University of Oklahoma in their Western History Collection to this website.

This is a work in progress and will take some time to complete so please visit here often.

The original copy of the interviews listed here and on the Murray County site were obtained from microfiche at OU and these copies have been made into books and are available for viewing or copying at the Nora Sparks Warren Library in Pauls Valley, should you like to have a copy of the original. 

If you have or should obtain an interview and would like to share it with others who may be looking for information we would love to have a copy to post here.  You can obtain a copy of  these interviews at various places two of  which are:

Western History Collection
Monnett Hall
The University of Oklahoma
Parrington Oval
Norman, Oklahoma 73072


Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS)
Archives and Manuscripts Division
800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive
Oklahoma City, OK  73105





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