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Marriage Database Information

This marriage database contains marriage records related to Choctaw County, Oklahoma residents and families.

These records come from various resources such as court house records, Dawes records, etc.
These records have been compiled by OKCHOCTA, the Choctaw County Genealogical Society, and various other contributions from individuals.

When available a photograph or scan of the marriage record / certificate as been provided.

Please note that this database displays only the information listed in the marriage record itself as it was originally written. If it is not listed in the marriage record, then it is not listed in the results.

While we may have more information than this on a person, this database displays ONLY the information in the results as it was written in the marriage record.

If you have additional information about a person or want to report mistakes please do so and we will note your comments, but understand as genealogists we will not alter the original information.


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