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Section Line Numbering, Range/Townships, Cemeteries

Every section line in th county is numbered. East/West numbering begins with 1970 at the north and going to 2160 at the south.
North/South numbering begins with 3980 at the Bryan County line and goes to 4430 at the McCurtain County line.

Clickable Map
clickable county map

Boswell......Map 1....160k
Soper........Map 2....95k
Hugo..........Map 3....250k
Ft Towson...Map 4....200k

Township, Range & Section Numbering

Each township is divided into 36 sections (each section is one square mile)



Township Names

Township Names

Places of Historic Interest in Choctaw County

Sites of Interest


Topo Maps
Alikchi Quadrangle detail
  Antlers Quadrangle detail
1897 Topo Map of N.E. Choctaw Co.
1500x802 pixels
  1912 Topo Map of N.W. Choctaw Co
large file! 3000x1206 pixels 1.2mb
smaller pdf version 200k

Other Maps

Census Enumeration Maps | Ferry Locations | Choctaw Nation 1903 Postal Routes
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