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Birth Records


Chickasaw Enterprise, Pauls Valley

November 11, 1893

Mr. T.E. PARKER of McKenney is the proud father of a find baby girl born last Tuesday.

Lindsay News:

September 1, 1916

Mr. & Mrs. J.L. KLINGLESMITH had a baby girl Sunday night

Wynnewood News


Mr. & Mrs. G.S. MITCHELL, baby girl.
Mr. & Mrs. R.L. WELLS, baby boy - 17th
Mr. & Mrs. F. WATSON, baby boy - 18th
Mr. & Mrs. V.O. ASHLEY, baby boy - 21st
Mr. & Mrs. R.A. COVINGTON, baby boy - 24th
Mr. & Mrs. R.J. BRITTON, baby girl - 29th
Mr. & Mrs. E.O. JOHNSON, baby girl - 27th


Mr. & Mrs. Will H. WARD, baby girl - 1st
Mr. & Mrs. Joe CHANDLER, baby girl - 2nd
Mr. & Mrs. J.A. WOODRELL, 8 lb. baby boy - 4th
Mr. & Mrs. W.M. LANDERS, baby boy - 6th
Mr. & Mrs. T.T. CLARK, baby boy - 8th
Mr. & Mrs. Z.M. COOK, baby girl - 11th
Mr. & Mrs. H.E. BETHUNE, baby boy - 17th
Mr. & Mrs. J.N. FLOOD, baby boy - 24th
Mr. & Mrs. J.D. DAVIDSON, baby girl - 28th
Mr. & Mrs. S.A. BUFFINGTON, baby girl - 31st

April 1, 1920 Issue of the Wynnewood News
Mr. & Mrs. J.E. JACKSON, had a baby girl on Monday

Burleson, Bertha Mae July 1, 1911 in Eakly Okla.
Schrader, Ruth E. April 15, 1912 in Asher, Okla. to Frank & Edna Conn Schrader
Wood, Jessie Lee Jan 9, 1911 in McGee, Okla. to Dora and Charlie Wood
Millsap, Eveylene Dec 19, 1938 in Stratford, Okla. to Dessie and Esther Millsap
Stephens, Marvin March 9, 1905 near Lindsay to Andy Ralph and Maudie Mae Hendricks Stephens
Kennedy, Jewell Feb 8, 1905 in Pauls Valley IT to John and Mary Alice White Kennedy
Russell, Elzie Lee Sept 3, 1933 in Stratford to Jess and Shirley Jones Russell
Walker, Bernice S. Feb 24, 1921 near Lindsay to Tan and Myrtle Henson Walker
Pruitt, Lily E. Nov 21, 1915 in Pauls Valley to John Franklin and Ellen Emma Burrows Pruitt
Prather, Bennie Rex March 5, 1945 in Stratford to Tom and Bertha Prather
Ezell, Buster Feb 8, 1939 in Paoli to John Melton and Luria Edith Custer Ezell
Stalcup, Marjorie June 9, 1921 in Paoli to W.R. "Jack" and Beaulah Pendley Stalcup
Tompkins, Leeta Mae June 14, 1919 in Pauls Valley to James and Mary Lou Tompkins
Ethridge, Pauline April 8, 1914 in Stratford to Mary Jane and Walter Ethridge
Cherry, Sally Sept 6, 1923 in Paoli to Roy Lee and Velma Ann Richardson Cherry
Dean, Carrie Jan 31, 1907 near Antioch to Mr & Mrs Joe Dean
Florence, Juanita Feb 22, 1914 in Paoli, to Zack & Mayme Florence
Brumley, Carol Ann Oct 7, 1950 in Pauls Valley to Henry C. & Jessie B. Jackson Brumley
Holland, Cloyce Regnald Aug 14, 1934 at Whitebead to Moutton and Lorena Mitchell Holland
Fuller, Zettie Fay April 23, 1917 in Love to Ernest Calep and Loetta Stallings Fuller
Williams, J.C. "Bud" April 8, 1913 in Wynnewood to John Oliver and Annie Mae Stanton Williams
Rycroft, Cleator Cordelia May 7, 1902 in Chism to John and Julie Richmond Rycroft
Haney, Richard Ray July 19, 1931 in Lindsay to William H. and Ruthie Martin Haney
Lannom, Ruby July 18, 1913 in Lindsay to Chester and Zeda Lannom
Kennedy, Audrey A. Jan 15, 1907 in Elmore City to C.F. and Ollie Knight Kennedy
White, Clifford Archie April 26, 1935 in Pauls Valley to Archie and Hazel May Jensen White
Blankenship, Coren "Jackie" July 20, 1930 in Wynnewood to Bailey and Verda Shipley Blankenship
Riddle, Wanda Ruth April 14, 1939 in Pauls Valley to William Franklin and Beulah Ledford Riddle
Scott, Walter Marcus, February 16, 1891, submitted by Caroline Harkness
Engle, Howard D., July 28, 1920 in Stratford to Adolphus B. Engle and Nellie Mae Stanley Engle
submitted by Karen S Skelton <>


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