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Imogene Annis Davis


Hatfield lineage from VA to TN. Joseph Hatfield was
Delilah Reed Lewellen's grandfather.

The Hatfield feud started over a love affair. John Riley Lewellen's
land is
stil owned by us down in Carter County, OK.

Descendants of Imogene Annis Davis
Generation No. 1

1. Imogene Annis9 Davis (Joseph Sanford "Joe and Papa"8, James
Harman6, Harmon5, Harmon4, Rezin3, John2, Morgan1) was born (living) in
Shooters, Garvin Co., Ok.. She married Emit Eugene Lewellen June 04,
1943 in
Carter Co., OK, son of John Lewellen and Florence Morris. He was born
February 08, 1907 in Graham, Carter Co., OK, and died April 25, 1956 in

Fresno, Fresno Co., CA ..

Notes for Imogene Annis Davis:
Birth Cert. says: Annis Imogene Davis, father: Joe Davis, mother: Sarah

Malecote State of OK

Imogene's childhood stories: [My mother was 78 yrs young when relating
stories. Mother would start to laugh and just talk up a storm and me (
in every word and asking questions].

"My older brother, your Uncle Ed had to take care of us kids a lot,
Papa was
always gone taking cows to Okla City and mom had to cook and clean for

"I asked my mom one day, where did I come from" Mom said a buzzard laid
me in
a egg, the sun hatched me and she came along and took me for her

"Me and Dorothy were just small, when my some of my older brothers and
sisters put us in mom old wash tub and sent us sailing down on the
Creek, we didn't know how to swim, but really thought it was something
til my
brother, Ed had to swim out and get us. We sure did get into trouble
with Ed."

"Beady always wanted to preach, she would take us kids down to the
river and
play church, then she would baptize us, if we didn't go along with her,
hold our head under water til we gave into. This one day, we all set
listen to Beady just a preaching up a storm when a black man walked up
Beady, us kids took off running, Beady turned around and saw that black
and dropped to her knees and prayed, "God let me get to the hatchet and
this Blackman before he hurts me". The hatchet was laying between
Beady and
the blackman. That was the first time we we ever saw a Blackman. We
set and
laugh about that to this day"

Praying to the Plate:
"We lived down on the river bottom, Papa was farming the Old Brothers
one day Ed told us this man was coming to eat and this man talked to
plate and we weren't to laugh or make fun of him. We all got up to the
and sure enough, this man looked at his plate and started talking,
asking for
the food on his plate, but his plate was empty, the food was setting in
bowls. Us kids set there waiting for the food to move through the air
to his
plate, it never did. That did it, us kids started laughing and Ed made
leave the table. That was the first time I ever saw a man pray to his

"My cousin, Jr Beddo was a deputy sheriff, and when they were going to
pull a
raid on Moon-Shiners, Jr would tell Papa and Ed, then Ed would hide it
in a
new the place. It all came from Harshall Roberts, he'd go to Ark pick
up a
load and bring it to Pauls Valley, Papa and Ed would hide it for him.
mom got real sick and the doctors in Pauls Valley told Papa that mom
going to died. Harshall Roberts came and talked a long time to Papa and

Harshall took mom to Okla City to his doctors. They all kept saying
going to die and I told them mom's wasn't going to die and she didn't.
all thought cause I was a small kid that I didn't realize what was
going on.
Harshall brought mom's home and she was much better, the doctors in
Valley came to see mom's and couldn't believe mom's didn't die. One of
doctors was Doc Johnson. Harshall paid for mom's surgery and hospital
himself, because when Harshall was real sick, mom's took him fresh eggs
milk every day and nursed him til he was well. Hershall was mom 's son
law, Jeromy Robert's brother".

Bus Ride:
"When I was about in the 3rd grade, the school bus took us all to near
City to see these "famous men in their coffins", think they were
outlaws. So
many people were there, crying and carrying on. That was my first long
ride." NOTE: After I checked records, the two men were Will Rogers
Robert S. Kerr. When I told mother who the men were she couldn't
believe it,
she thought they were some famous outlaws. Mother's reply was, "now I
say I saw Will Rogers".

Notes for Emit Eugene Lewellen:
Emit left home when he was a young boy, working the oil fields. He was
a good
father and one thing he loved, was going down to Wotten's station and
pitching washers. [It was a game]

Emit was married first and had two sons, Joseph Eugene Lewellen and
Henry Lewellen. His first wife died about 1942 in OK.

Fresno Bee,
E. E. Lewellen Passes Away
Emit Eugene Lewellen, 49, of Caruthers, passed away suddenly Wednesday
afternoon, April 25th of a heart attack while on the job. Lewellen was
employed by the Fresno County Maintenance Department at the time of his

He came to Caruthers nine years ago from his native state of Oklahoma.
He was
married to Imogene Davis in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. They lived in
Texas for
a while before coming to Caruthers. He was well known and loved by many
the Caruthers area as well as other places.
His survivors include his wife, Imogene; three sons, Joe of the Army,
in Japan; Bob who is in the Army, stationed at Virginia and Paul of
Caruthers; one daughter, Thelma Jean also of Caruthers;six brothers,
and Leslie of Texas; Bill and Oscar of Graham, Oklahoma Floyd of
Kansas, and
Clyde of Minnesota; two sisters, Osie Eaves of Corpus Christy, Texas,
Edna Ponder of Odessa, Texas.
Funeral services were held Tuesday, May 1st in the Flower Funeral Home
Byron B. Haller in charge. Two songs; "Further Along" and "Beautiful
Isle of
Somewhere" were sung by Russell Short, accompanied by Mrs. Marie Davis
on the
organ. Rev. R. C. Davis assisted by Rev. Haurice Penny officiated.
was in Fowler Cemetery.

On Saturday nights we would go to Mr Chaffin's home and watch their
television and the show was Badge 714 with Joe Friday. Most people in
small town didn't have television and if you didn't have a TV, you were
any body. One day Dady came home with our first television, then our
was a "somebody", plus I got to watch all the space movies. I was about
yrs. old.

More About Emit Eugene Lewellen:
Burial: Fowler Cemetery., Fowler, Fresno Co.,CA
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Fact 1: 1944, WW2

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