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Merchant Family


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Merchant Family

What I am trying to find is probably something I will Never find, I would love to find
any thing that would help determine that Eldridge and my gr-gr-grandmother Jennie Dee Merchant were related:
I have the names of her other siblings as being :
Lilly Rose Merchant born abt. 1865, in Tex. Married David ALfred Lavender:
They lived in Garvin County from about 1889- 1940:
David and Lilly are buried somewhere in Garvin and have not found them at this time:
There Children are:
1. Richard Columbus Lavender Born Aug. 1, 1883, in Indian Territory. Ok:
Married Jo Kimberline: 1 Child Known, Dickey Lavender (Buried at WhiteBead)
2. Mattie Effie Lavender Born Jan. 11, 1885, Indian Territory
(Buried at Whitebead)
3. Ulah Lavender born Dec. 14, 1887, died before 1900, grave unknown:
4. David Edmond Lavender Born Dec. 24, 1888, Died Feb. 14, 1929, Grave unknown:
Married Bertha Alexander:, 1 child known Richard Clyde Lavender:
5. Robert Lavender Born July 24, 1891:
6. Winnie Davis Lavender born Dec. 11, 1895, In Whitebead, Garvin County:
Died Sept. 7, 1978, Bowie Texas: Married Clyde Homer Gibbins:
7. Lillie Lavender born Sept 18, 1896, Died before 1900, grave unknown:
8. Mary Grant Lavender Born Mar. 5, 1898, Whitebead, Garvin County, Ok: died June 4, 1923,
Married Earl Maness Sr. both are buried at White Bead Cemetery:
9. Bessie Lee Lavender born Sept. 29, 1899, Whitebead , Garvin County, Ok; died Dec. 25, 1973,
Buried at Whitebead Cemetery:
10. Red Lavender Born about 1903, No other info on him:

Annie Merchant born about 1850, in Texas, Married a James Thomas Wyles Rutledge.
Annie Died April 8, 1893, somewhere in Garvin County,
Grave Unknown:
Children of Annie and James are: They to are living in Garvin County Oklahoma in 1900:
Ruby Rutledge Married a Charlie Scott:
Buelah Rutledge Married a Henry Mussick:
Minnie Rutledge Married a Vince Page:
Stella Rutledge Married a Albert Poston:
Ada Rutledge Married a Henry Lobaugh:
Sarah Willie Rutledge married a Ulysses Grant Dean:
(I do know that the Page Family stayed in Garvin County)
James T.W. Rutledge Married 2 more times and had many other children by the other wives:

Robert Merchant/Marchant Born about 1860,in Texas, Married a Mary Etta Bailey Carter:
they are also living in Garvin County, 1900-1920;
children are:
Jessie Carter Stepson;
Joseph Carter Stepson:
Eddie Lee Carter Stepson:
Annie Merchant:
Robert Merchant:
Purl Merchant:
Mary Ettateka Ethel Merchant Married a Hackley:

Millie or Mollie Merchant : born about 1860-1870:

William Merchant born about 1850:

Sarah Merchant born about 1855 in Texas, may have married a G.W. Slaton:

Eldridge E. Merchant Born about 1868/69 in texas, Married Lavina Hull:
Children are:

Harry Merchant- Born March 15, 1898, in Indian Territory, Died Sept. 25, 1944, In Calif:
Victoria Merchant Born Dec. 16, 1896, in Indian Territory, Died April 11, 1989, in Calif:
1st married John Henry Crawford, 2nd Married a Mr. Brightwell:
Lucille Merchant Born Nov. 4, 1907, In Indian Territory, Died JAn. 04, 1991, in Calif:
Married a Mr. Angel.
Irene Merchant born April 1900:
and there was another daughter that I do not have the name of she died about the age of 12, there
in Garvin County:

my Gr-gr-grandmother Jennie Dee Merchant born Oct. 16, 1863, in Texas, Married 1st-
a Indian Man by the name of Tobe Brown, they had only one child that I know of;
Ida Brown born about 1884/85 in Indain Territory: 1st Married a Charles Clampitt , Remarried
a ? Pruitt:
Jennie Dee Remarried My gr-grandfather William Malone, about 1888, they had
six children born to them:
all I believe were born in Garvin County, Oklahoma:
Lilly Malone born Oct. 18, 1889, in Indian Territory, Married Walter Allen Vaile (My gr-grandparents):
William Malone Born 1890, Married 1st a Hattie Sheppard (a Indian Woman-- Sheppard was her
first husbands name), 2nd remarried Mollie Skelly:
Ruby Pirley Malone born October 8, 1895, in Whitebead, Garvin County, Ok; Married Robert Lee
Jesse Malone (Male) born abt. 1899, died about the age of Seventeen, Unknown Garve site:
Frank Malone Born April 1900, Whitebead, Garvin County, Ok; Married Myrtle Jane White:
Opal Dee Malone born 1903, in Garvin County, Oklahoma, Married Silas Earnest Ellis:

As you can see from the above Information, that my family has a deep connection with Garvin County:
I talked with a grandson of Jennie Dee Merchant Malones a few years back, he was the one who
gave me surnames of Jennie's Siblings which in return led me to find them and there families:
he told me at that time that Somehow they were related to Smith Paul, but he did not recall how:
Well it ahd to be Eldridge Merchant: He was the last of Jennie's grandchildren and he passed
away shortly after speaking with him: I trust his memory, so far he has been correct with
everything he has given me, but I can not find any connection with my Jennie Dee Merchant and
Eldridge E. Merchant.
except for a storyhe told me, and Later after studying many articles on Smith Paul I found
something that may be a clue: He told me that William Malone died in March of 1907, from
Pneumonia, he was taking a Wagon of apples east (Oklahoma) to sell it was cold and
rainy, and he got ill and died, he was buried at
Choate Prarie Cemetery, Near Eufala Lake: Well when reading many articles I found that
Smith Paul owned a Apple Orchard, I was very suprised to find that, I wonder in my own mind if
William Malone worked for Mr. Paul: I am sorry for sending you so much Information, but
could not resist; If there is any way I can find the connection to Eldridge and My Jennie Dee, I
would be so Gratefull, I am willing to search any
thing I can get, I just have no Idea where to look next, to find such information:
I live in Texas, and hope that one day I can get up to Garvin County, so I can really dig up
something, so most of my research is done one the computer and at the Lds center here:

Teddie Smith

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