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Pickels Family


as known by Vera Mae Pickel

dated 11-04-94


                                WILLIAM  HENRY PICKEL                                       married                                  LINDA REBECCA BORING

                                Born: July 1847                                                                date unknown                      Born: Sept.1847

                                in McMinn Co.Tenn.                                                       Had 3 sons                               in Tenn.

                                Died: Feb. 7, 1909                                                                                                        Died: April 18, 1924

                                Buried in Pickel family plot                                                                                         buried in Pickel family plot

                                Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)                                                                                      Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)


                                The oldest  son and his descendants

                                MARANDA ISAAC FRANIS PICKEL    MARRIED                                        Ist wife -Bertie Bohr---

                                Born:: Sept. 15, 187'7                                  Mar. 26, 1889

                                Reliance, Tenn. (PokeCo.)                           no trace after that

                                Died:: Oct, 5, 1956

                                at the home of his daughter, Bertha Allison

                                in Wichita Falls, Texas                          Married               Second' wife

                                Buried in Pickel family plot                                                  Nov. 11, 1901                                         Mittie Mae Nalley

                                Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)                                                Roff, OK                                                   Born: Aug. 26, 1885

                                                                                                                                   had 12 children                                        Thackerville, Indian Teri

                                                                                                                                      (3 died in infancy)                              Died: Aug. 14, 1953

                                                                                                                                                                                                      at her daughters home

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Wichita Falls, Texas

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Buried in Pickel family

                                                                                                                                                                                                      plot--Whitebead, OK


Their, children from oldest down:


                                William Howard Pickel.                                                  Married                                               Flossie Kirby

                                Born: Dec. 10, 1902                                                        date unknown                                   Born:

                                probably at Palmer, OK                                                   had one child                                     Died: July 6, 1943

                                or Dollburg,OK near Roff,OK                                                                                                    Buried at Blanchard, OK

                                Died:      Aug. 21, 1961

                                Buried at Blanchard, OK         their child



                                Pauline Evelyn Pickel.                                          Married

                                 Born: Oct. 23, 1927

                                 at Cole, OK (South of' Blanchard,OK)


Ist husband: Robert Wilmont


Died:(Still alive)

Died: (Still alive of 11-04-94)       had 2 children


Bob Wilmont

Faye Wilmont


had 2 children

Russell Ladd

Myrae Ladd


no children


2nd husband: George Ladd


Died: (Still alive)


3rd husband: ? Hardison

no information on him



AS known by Vera Mae Pickel McCarty

S'ECOND SON of F.M. & Mittie

                                          James Thomas Pickel                                                          Married                     lst wife:

                                          Born: Oct. 3, 1904                                                 one child

                                          probably at Palmer,                                OK


or Dolburg, OK near Roff,OK

Died:      Sept. 11, 1987 at Oxnard, Calif.

was cremated and ashes scattered in the Ocean Memorial stone at Pickel family plot Wlaitebead, OK (Garvin Co)

Married        2nd wife: Lillian Lake


no children                  Musgrove

Born:                                                         July 1, 1913

Died:                                                          Sept. 18. 1994

at Oxnard, Calif. was cremated.  Ashes buried in Pickel family plot, Whitebea

Child by Velma Richardson was:

Mary Alene Pickel

Born:                  Nov. 23, 1927 (?)


D.-Led: unknown date--had a heart attack and died at refrigerator door

State of Calif. cremated her remains.  What was done with ashes un-




Fi@rst daughter of F.M. & Mittie

Mary Pickel (known as little Mary. was very small)

Born: Sept. 23, 1907

Probably at Palmer, OK or Dolburg, OK near Roff, OK as parents moved to Whitebea(J in 1908

Died:   Nov. 15, 11308

Btiried in Pickel :family plot at Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)


Velma Richardson


Died: Believed to

be alive in Los

Angeles area









Second  daughter of F.M. & Mittie

Bertha  Lee Pickel             married

Born:      Oct. 5, 19ID9 at; Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.) Di@ed:

at-, Wichita Falls, Texas Buried in Iowa Park Cemetery near Wichita Falls, Texas


Betty Ann Allison Betty married Born: Jan. 18,


Died:             (Still alive at present)


"Bud" Allison Born:


at his home in Wichita Falls Buried in Iowa Park Cemetery near Wichita Falls, Texas next to his wife.

had one adopted daughter


                                                                                                                                                                                                          C. B.             Hill


                                                                                                                                                                                                          Died:             (Still alive)

                                                                                                                             Betty &                     C.B. had 3 sons


                                          Betty & C. B. oldest son

                                          Dzile Hill                                                                         married                                        Claudia ?

                                          Born: March 23, '?                                                                                                               Born:


Died: (Still alive)                           Died: (Still alive)




Bale Hill and Claudia had two children: daughter--Brittan@, and son--Travis


Second son of C. E@. & Betty

                                          Mark Hill                                                                               married                                            Jo ?

                                          Born: April 10, 1957                                                                                                                    Born:

                                          Died: (Still alive)                                                                                                                                                                                            Died: (Still alive)

                                                                                                                   Mark & Jo had 2 sons                               divorced


Mark & Jo's oldest@ son

Aaron and second c;on Caleb


                                          Betty & C. B. 3rd son

                                          Kent Hill                                                                      married                                               Tonja ?


                                          Died: (Still alive)                                                           no children

                                          Both are Certified'Public                                              Accountant



THIRD SON OF F. M. & MITTIE                   Second & Third daughter

                                      David Luther Pickel                                                                   married                                  Madge Nixon

                                      Boi-ri: March 31, 1912                                                             date unknown                      Born:

                                      at Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)                                              had one child                        Divorced:

                                      Died: Oct. 3, 19819                                                                                                                   Died:

                                                                                                                                                                                             at Belen, New Mexico


at Colorado Springs, Co. was cremated and ashes placed ir- Pickel family plot at

                                      Whi@tebead, OK (Ga@r-vin Co.)                                      their child

                                      JoP4ell   Pickel                                                                        married

                                      Born: April 22, 119??                                                            had one child

                                      Died:   ? ?

                                      at Calif.                                                                               her child was


? Henderson





Deanna Dawn Henderson




David's Second Marriage

Sadie Elizabeth Cunningham

                                                                                                                          had one child                                        Born: April 11, 1923

                                                                                                                                                                                          Died: May 16, 1993

                                                                                                                                                                                          at Colorado Springs, Co.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Cremated: ashes placed

                                                                                                                                                                                          in Pickel family plot

                                                                                                                                                                                          Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)


                                      Vera Jean Pickel                                                                married                                     Michael Harvey

                                      Born: November 22, 1952                                                                                                 DIVORCED: No children

                                      at San Antonio, TX


Vera Jean's Second Marriage:

Mark Arno Price

had two children      Born: April 26, 1949

at Denver, Co.

Died: Still Living at


this date




Second daughter of Bertha Lee Allison & Bud Allison

                                      Joyce Allison                                                        married            Bobby Uncel

                                      Born: August ? 119??                                      had two children Born:

                                      at Wichita Falls, rex                                         & DIVORCED


Died:             (still alive)


Marie Annette              married         unknown



Died:             (still alive)


Stevie Joe                   married          divorced

Born:            March 7, 19150

Died:             (still alive)



Third daughter of Bertha Lee Allison       Bud Allison


Naricy Allison                  married        Johnny Crow

Born: April 10, 1(335         had 4 children Born:

Died:             (still alive)


Naricy's oldest (a son)           married

Benton Crow

Born :

Died:             (still alive --a male nurse)


StE@phanie Crow                 married

Born:            April 10, 1(???

Died:             (still aliv(?--seriously injured in a car accident)


Elizabeth Crow                        married


Died:             (still alive)


SuE;ie Crow                married



Died:             (still alive)




Mark & Vera Jean's sons:


Theodore Arno Price

Born: Jan. 7, 1987

at Colorado Springs, Co.


Nathaniel David Price

Born: November 11, 1988

at Colorado Springs, Co.


FOURTH SON Of F. M. & Mittie-


John Garvin Pickel                     married

Born: July 9, 1914                 had 3 children

at Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.) Died: January 7, 1982 , at Pauls Valley General Hospital

Buried:               at Elmore City, OK (Garvin Co.)


their children:


Bobby Gene Pickel

Born: June 6, 1937

in Pauls Valley N. H. Lindsay Memorial Hospital


                                      by gunshot from fellow criminal

                                          in Missouri (Joplin)


                                      Johinie Frances Pick,el (daughter)                                                married

                                      Born: June 22, 1939                                                                        no children

                                      Died: (still alive at present)                                                            one step son


                                   Franklin Garvin Pic'@kel                                                      married

                                   Born: August 31, 11941                                                       had 4 children

                                   at ]Dauls Valley Hospital                                                     names unknown


Died:             (still alive)


Haddie Lobaugh


Died: in 1994 in Calif.

buried by the State













Joe Martin









John divorced Haddi,e and married Edith Johnson Long


                                   FIFTH SON of F. M. &   Mittie

                                   Francis Charles (Pete) Pickel                                                                married                                     Viola Marie Brown

                                   Born: December 9, 11316                                                                 had 3 children                             Born: January 20, 1927

                                   at lqhitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)                                                                                                               at Tolar, New Mexico

                                   Died: (still alive)                                                                                                                                        Died: (still alive)


                                                                                                                                          their children

                                   Charles DeWayne Picl@cel

                                   Born: June 16 (?) '1946                                                                   married                                            Sherry Pate

                                   at Clovis, New Mexico                                                             no children                                            DIVORCED:


Died:             (still alive)

married             Sandy ?

had one son          DIVORCED:

adopted her daughter


Adopted daughter- Kathy Pickel


Son::             Marc DeWayne 1:)ickel

BORN:         June 15 (?) 'L976 (?)

at Dallas, Texas

at present in U. S. Navy




                                          CHARLES DEWAYNE Pickel                                     married                            Sandra Taylor


                                                                                                                                                                                She had 2 daughters & a son

                                                                                                                                                                                Charles did not adopt them


                                          LONNIE RAY PICKEL

                                          Born: February 2, 1948 (?)                                                          married                        Alexa McCormack


at Clovis, New Mexico           had 2 children Born:

Died: (still alive)

postmaster at Texaco, New Mexico


                                                                                                                             their children

                                      Br, on Pickel


                                      Born: July 16, 1974@


                                      Jain Marie Pickel



                                      DONNA GAIL PICKEL                                                 married                                        ??

                                      Born: Oct. 12, 1953                                                      no children

                                      at Wynnewood, OK (Garvin                                    Co.)


Died:             (still alive)


married      Jesse Davis



had 2 daughters

Doiiice Davis




                                      Born: Sept. 25, 1977


                                      SILCTH SON of F. M. & Mittie

                                      George Odis Picke-L                                                                           married                               Margaret Marie ?

                                      Born:  June 14, 1919                                                                 had 2 daughters                                   Born: in Detroit or

                                      at Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)                                                                                                           in Canada

                                      Died: (still alive)                                                                                                                                  Died: (still alive)


their children


                                      Marilyn ? Pickel                                                            married                                     Art ?

                                      Born:                                                                                                                               Divorced

                                      daci was in U. S. Navy

                                      place of Birth: ?

                                      She had 2 children


                                      Gai.l? Pickel

                                Born:                                                                                  married                     Richard Bloomer


I)ad in U. S. Navi        had 2 children



place of birth ?


her children

Duke Bloomer



Margaret Bloomer





                                   TWIN[ BOYS of F. M. & Mittie


                                   Stillborn: September 15, 1922


                                   NINTH SON of F. M. & Mittie


                                   Francis Mirandy Pic@zel, Jr.                                                                     married                         Marie            Darwin

                                   Born:   March 23, 19@!4                                                               had 4 children                          Born:               Feb. 3, 1926 (?)


                                   at TA Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)                                                                                                 at Altus, OK

                                   Died: (still alive),                                                                                                                                 Died: February 5, 1987

                                                                                                                                                                                                   at Norman, OK

                                                                                                                                             their children


                                   Marie Elaine Pickel                                                                          married                                     Marvin Johnson

                                   Born: OCTOBER 7, 1947                                                        no children                                      Born:

                                   at Norman, OK                                                                              2 step sons                                   Died: (Still alive)

                                   Died: (still    alive)


professor at Alberqueque,New Mexico University


                                   Michael ? Pickel                                                            married                                               Minta ?

                                   Born: January 24, 1.948                                              no children

                                   at Norman, OK


Died:             (still alive)i


                                   Deborah Kay Pickel                                                                      married                                     Rick Lamb

                                   Born.: December 21, 1954                                                   no children                                      Born:

                                   at Norman, OK


Died:             (still alive)


Sherri Lynn Pickel            never married

Born: May 29. 1955

at Norman, OK

Died: (still alive)


THIRD DAUGHTER of F. M. & Mittie

Vera Mae Pickel                   married

Born:      April 10, 1928 no children at Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)

Died:          (still alive)


Royal (no initial) McCarty Born: July 23, 1912 at Tussy, OK (Garvin Co.) Died: (still alive)





AND Linda Rebecca Boring Pickel




SECOND SON of William Henry Pickel & Linda      Rebecca Boring


                                      Thomas M. Pickel                                                              married                             Fannie Jackson

                                      Born: July ? 1884                                                               Oct. 15,      1907             Born: Sept. 13, 1886

                                      in Tennesee                                                                          at Roff,      OK                in Arkansas


                                      Died: May 24, 1920                                            had three children                                Died Sept. 2, 1965

                                      at Henryetta, OK                                                                                                                  at Henryetta, OK

                                      Buried in Pickel family                                         plot


at Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.)

                                      (Tom farmed with a                               b@autiful team Of Clydedalo horses)remembered by Ruby.


                                      Lo3ra Pickel

                                      Born: Dec. 4, 1909                                                       married            Clay Stephens

                                      Died: May ?, 1960                                                        in 1923

                                                                                                                             one child


DeEirral Stephens

Born July 6, 1937

at Henryetta, OK

Died:             (Lives at P. 0. Box 3351 -- Boise, Idaho)



Do@,al Henry Pickel

Born:      Feb. 11, 1912 at Pauls Valley, OK Died Feb. 21, 1980 at Henryetta, OK


married Ruby Tipton on Jan. 18, 1932 BORN: ?


had 4 children        Died: (still alive)



Melvin Dean Pickel

Born:            Oct. 30, 1933

Died:             Feb. 25, 1934


                                      Reba Faye Pickel

                                      Born: June 1, 1935                                                    married                                  George Bison

                                      at Henryetta, OK                                               Oct. 13, 1956                                 Born-

                                      Died: (still alive)                                                                                                        at Henryetta, OK

                                                                                                                                                                             Died: at Henryetta, OK


had two children:

Lori Lynne Bison

born:             Oct. 24, 1962

                                      at Wichita, Kansas                                                        married

                                                                                                                May       19, 1984

                                                                                                                had         one child

                                      Kellen Todd Jenkins

                                      Born: April 30, 1988


Reba Faye's second child

Randall Todd Bison

Born:               February 1, 1966

DIE:D:             Sept. 3, 1983

killed in train crossing accident


Mark Jenkins




                                      Doyal Henry Pickel &                               Ruby's second son:

                                      Doyal Gene Pickel

                                      Born: July 6, 1936                                                           married                                        Kay Hendrix

                                      at Henryetta, OK                                                     on March 2, 1962                                Born: ?

                                      Died: (still alive)                                                     had 3 children                                       Died: (still alive)


                                                                                                                   their children

                                      Diana Lynn Pickel

                                      Born: Oct. 24, 1963

                                      at Muskogee, OK


Died:             (she is a nurse)


                                      Brian Scott Pickel                                                      married                                            Rachel Webb

                                   Born: March 20, 1966                                                     on May 29, 1985                        DIVORCED:

                                      at Dennison, Texas                                                    had one son


                                      Thomas Andrew Pickel

                                      son of Brian Scott Pickel

                                      Born: Dec. 28, 1985

                                      at Ada, OK


                                      Joey Dawn Pickel                                                             married                                     Steve Sanford

                                      Born: July 1, 1970                                                        on July 9, 1988

                                      at Youngstown, OH


Doi@al Henry Pickel & Ruby's third son

                                      Ronald Lee Pickel

                                      Born: July 5, 1939                                                                                 married                          Susan Robertson

                                      at Henryetta, OK                                                                             on June 27,      1967

                                                                                                                                               at Checotah,      OK

                                                                                                                                         had two children

                                                                                                                                     their children were


                                      Kimberly Denise Pickel

                                      Born: Nov. 8, 1969

                                      at Henryetta


                                      Kerry Mae Pickel

                                      Born: Sept. 15, 1972

                                      at Henryetta, OK


                                      THOMAS & FANNIE PICKEL's                        third child

                                      Li]-lian Estelle Pickel

                                      Born: Oct. 12, 1915                                                                  married                               Curtis Summers

                                      at Maysville, OK                                                        on July 4, 1931                                 Born: ?

                                      Died: Sept. 4, 1984                                                   at Henryetta, OK

                                      at Henryetta, OK                                                        had 3 children




Lillian Estelle Pickel Curtis Summers children Curtis Dale Summers


Born: June 6, 1932

at Henryetta, OK

Died: (still alive)


Donald Gene Summers

Born: Jan. 30. 1934

at; Henryetta, OK

Died:             (still alive)


Danny          Leroy Summers

Born:            July 16, 1941

at Henryetta, OK


Died:             (still alive)



THIRD SON OF WILLIAM HENRY PICKEL & Linda Rebecca Boring Charles M. (Charley) Pickel


Born: August 1885              married

in Tennessee

DIED: date unknown

at Wanetta, OK


Buried in Pickel plot at

Whitebead, OK (Garvin Co.


married       Callie Sutter


Mrs. F. C. Pickel has done extensive research on the family and can probably give anyone information they are seeking.  Her address is 820 East Grand Ave., Clovis, New Mexico.


I am only writing as I remember the Pickels.


Uncle Charley had Lillie Pickel, birth date unknown to me., I believe the next girl was Susie.  I remember Uncle Charley came to see us once and we all went down on the Washita River north of Whitebead to the swinging bridge that crossed to Florence Chapel community and they fished.


Mrs. F. C. Pickel located Uncle Charley's daughter, Sadie Dayton, at Shawnee, OK.  We went to see her in August 1993 on her birthday.  When I ask her questions about her dad she told us she did not remember the exact date he died; but she would never forget his death.  Her mother, Callie, was an alcoholic and she had left home and was at her half-sister, Lillie's in Henryetta, OK when they called them her dad was dead.  Sadie worshipped her father.  She said he never struck her but once and it was over her drunk mother.  She loved her Dad beyond reason.


She said her Dad and some negroes were killing hogs.  They went into the woods to get some wood they told her.  He was hit in the back of the head with an ax.




Third son of William H. & Linda Rebecca


Sadie said when she and Lillie arrived home that her dad was laid-out on a plank in the one room house that he and Callie lived in. She said he was naked lying there with fresh hog livers, fat for lard in pans surrounding him.  She will remember to her dying day the smell of hog meat and the smell of the bloody body of her beloved father.  It seems there was no law involved.  That night she and Lillie slipped to a phone and called Charley's brother, F. M. "Uncle Randy".


I remember my Dad, "Randy", called our longtime friend and the he was the undertaker.  He came to the house and I remember my Dad walking down the sidewalk to the ambulance tieing down a six--shooter to his leg just about the knee.  I never saw that gun before and I never saw it again to my remembrance.  But I can tell you I was scared to death.


My dad dug all the graves in the Whitebead Cemetery but he did not dig that one because he was gone all day.  Late in the afternoon we waited and waited for Dad and Jim Stufflebean to come in with the body.  The sun had gone down and Dad would not bury him.  They brought the body to our house and some set up all night with it.  My recollection was vivid in this.  They put a sheet over a dresser mirl,ow and I kept trying to see what was behind that sheet.  I got 5 or 6 good spanking and I never got to see because they watched it very close.  The simple explanation was superstition that who ever saw the casket would be the next to die.  The Indian superstition the spirit couldn't see it's way after dark was the reason Dad would not bury after the sun went down.  Dad was not Indian; but he took no chances.  I do not remember going back to the cemetery the next day when they buried him.  Callie, Uncle Charley's wife, was an Indian.(Pottawattmie I believe, Sadie said)


We can find no proof of the date of Uncle Charley's death; but Sadie told us in 1993 that she was 19 years old and had gone to Lillie.  That would mean that 60 years ago her dad died.  So since they were killing hogs, I deduct that Uncle Charley probaly died in November 1933.  Sadie was 79 in 1993.


UNCLE Charley's two boys, H. C. (Herman Charles) and J. D. (John) came to Dad later.  They were starving.  I don't remember how long they stayed.  They had walked from Wanetta and only had food that people along the way gave them.


Pete told Viola when she started researching the family that she would find some things she did not want to know and some things others did not want her to know., but once she started she needed to keep going.  She has done a magnificent job and the family owes her a big debt of gratitude.





As I said in the beginning, this is my memories of the

Pickels I knew.  Right or wrong it's the way I

remember it.  This is my assessment of my family, some crazy, some judgmental, some zany, each with his own version of events and positive they are correct, but always lovable with hearts that wouldn't fit into a 50 gallon barrel.  They give you the shirt off their backs, but don't try to take it or the battle is on.


There is those who are indifferent, some vehemently defend their dad as infallible; but as for me, I love my family with all their faults just as they love me with all my faults.  That's what family is all about, good, bad,

and indifferent but MY FAMILY.




Vera Mae Pickel McCarty


Pickel/Nalley Family Pictures
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Contributed by Vera Mae Pickel McCarty

Francis Miranda (Randy) & Mittie Mae Pickel

pickel3.jpg (18911 bytes)                       pickel4.jpg (13945 bytes)


Francis Miranda (Randy) Pickel Family

pickel6.jpg (42159 bytes)

Front row, left to right, Odis Pickel, seated - Buck Allison (son-in-law), Mittie Mae Pickel, Vera Mae Pickel
(baby in lap),  Francis Miranda (Randy) Pickel, and Junior Pickel next to Randy.
Back Row, left to right, Francis C. (Pete) Pickel, John Pickel, Bertha Lee Pickell Allison, and David
Luther Pickel.  Picture taken at their home in Whitebead just before leaving for the County Fair.
The men are holding home grown corn and Bertha is holding homemade jam.


Isaac Pickel and Martha Dodson Pickel Family

pickel5.jpg (20326 bytes)

Isaac Pickel and Martha Dodson Pickel, parents of William Henry Pickel, grandparents of
Francis Miranda "Randy" Pickel.  The girls standing are Mary & Elizabeth Pickel.
Isaac's father was Solomon Pickel who married a Kinder.


Nalley Family

pickel7.jpg (39726 bytes)

From left to right, Joe Thadeus Nalley, William Nalley, Howell   Cobb Nalley
and Mary Jane Ross Nalley.  They lived in the Whitebead community until
their death.  William and Howell Cobb came from Georgia originally.

James William Nalley Family

pickel.jpg (24431 bytes)

The family of James William Nalley, Brother to
Howell Cobb Nalley. Came to Whitebead in 1910 & made his home with Mittie
(Nalley) Pickel until his death in 1931. The two girls in the back are Tennie &
Ida Ruth Nalley. In front of them Wm & Marth (Claxton) Nalley thier son
Jospeh, his wife Berty (Tosh) & son Claude Nalley. In front of them are
William & Hattie (Nalley) Crumley with Eva & Irving Crumley. Made
before 1910.


pickel2.jpg (20920 bytes)


The Nalley Family

Nalley.gif (206749 bytes)

Standing in back row, left to right, Ernest born Oct 1892, James C. (Jim) born Sept 1882,
Eugene W. born Mov 1888, George Thomas (Tom) born Sept 1896. Sitting,
left to right, Howell Cobb born Oct 1852 with Joseph (Joe) born Jan 1901 in his lap,
Mary Jospehine (Ross) born April 1865 with Wm Howard (Will) Pickel
born Dec 1902 in her lap, Mittie Mae Nalley Pickel born Aug 1885 with
James Thomas (Jim) born Oct 1904 in her lap, Eula M. born Feb 1891.



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