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Wood Family Genealogy


NAME: Susa Wood Reynolds
DATE: Nov 04 2000
I think it is probably time to post this information and see
what happens.

My Daddy, Melvin Wood, was born in Lindsay, Garvin County,OK to Holson
L. Wood b. 1910 Sardis, Pushamataha, OK and Dovie Opal DeBurger Wood,
b. Faster, Garvin County, OK. Grandpa's father was Thomas Jefferson
Wood, b. 20 Mar 1851 in Ouachita County, AR d. 1937 in Lindsay m. Sarah
Katherine Revelle (b. 1878 in MO death date unknown but sometime after
1920 as she is on that census) in 1897 somewhere on the banks of the Red
River in TX. The couple subsequently moved to Sardis (Tuskahoma),
Choctaw Nation which became Pushmataha County, where Thomas owned a grist
mill. They are in Sardis for the 1910 and 1920 census, then moved to
Broken Bow, McCurtain County at some point. I don't know when Thomas moved
to Lindsay or nearby Foster which is where my Grandmother's DeBurger
family lived or Purdy. A family photo is from the 1929-1932 timeframe and
marked Purdy.At least Holson and daughter Verna were there with him, as
they married DeBurger siblings - Grandpa to Dovie Opal in 1934 or!
1935 and Verna to George Clifford. I think Beulah and Victor were
likely there and possibly George and Eli and Joe Penny Wood was at least
visiting (picture spoken of above is of his children). Minnie was married
by 1910 to Cephas James, Joe Penny was married with children in 1910,
his wife dying that same year and his children living with Thomas
Jefferson and Sarah in Sardis (Arthur) and with Minnie and Cephas James
(Robert and Emma) near McAlester in Pittsurgh County. Nassie was married and
living in Sardis not far from Thomas Jefferson and Sarah in 1910 and I
believe the older Thomas was there as well. Nassie and Tom both moved
to Broken Bow. My Daddy says that anyone by the last name of Wood in
Broken Bow is our kin. This may not hold true now, but it did when Daddy
was young and may still be true today. We still have kin in Broken Bow
and other parts of McCurtain County.

Thomas Jefferson Wood had at least three wives - we think it was
actually four - and 21 children. I know there are still DeBurger cousins in
Lindsay, Paul's Valley and Wynnewood and I believe there are still Wood
cousins there, too. In looking at census records, there were not many
Wood families in Garvin County and I believe they may well all be
connected. Many of the children went on to live in Phoenix, AZ and in and
around ORange County, CA. Some of the children of Thomas Jefferson Wood

By probable first unknown wife, possibly ?? Penny:
Mary Catherine b. Nevada County, AR, 1871
Izadara (Isadore(a)), b. Nevada County, AR 1872
Nanil (Nancy), b. Nevada County, AR 1873
Charlie, b. Nevada County, AR 1874
Joe Penny, b. 1876-1879 (depends on the document, 1879 by 1880
census)Nevada County, AR

By Janie Love (probably 2nd wife, but some family records indicate she
was mother of above children. What we have found suggests probably not)
Nassie b. Nevada County, AR 8 Jan 1888
a second Joe b. Nevada County, AR abt 1886

by unknown wife, probably 3rd
Eli, b. AR after 1886. I have date but can't locate
George, b. AR
Oler (male) b. 1894, AR
Minnie Ola (also called Oler) b. 1891?, AR
Clarence b. AR
Thomas b. AR

By last wife, Sarah Katherine Revelle
Thomas J., b. TX or Indian Territory, 1900
John Lloyd, b., TX or IT, 1905
Vera Ethel, b. IT, 1907 d. CA
Holson L., b. 1910, Sardis, OK d. 1982, KY
Beulah, b. Sardis, OK 1913, d. CA
Verna Agnus b. Sardis, OK 1917
Victor Lee, b. Sardis, OK 1920

The name of the 21st child is unknown.
Dates for the first and last groups of children are taken from my
Grandfather's Bible and are duplicated in his cousin Emma's Bible and were
also given by a cousin in MN. Dates for the third group have been
gleaned from newly found cousins and SSDI records.

Does this very large family ring any bells with anyone? Would anyone be
able to do a death records lookup on Thomas Jefferson Wood? I suspect
his parents were Handy C. Wood b. 1804, NC and Nancy ?? who was also
possibly a Wood, b. 1816-1820, AL. They had a large family as well, and
census records seem to bear out my theory, but I have no hard proof at
this time. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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