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Garvin County

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Kiser Oklahoma

Kiser, Garvin County, Oklahoma

Kiser Community was named for George Kiser, a local merchant who ran a hardware store that sold
everything from washboards to wagon tongues.

The post office operated from June 26, 1901 to December 31, 1907.

The original Kiser School building was 18 x 28 feet, built as a box house and later re-inforced
by horizontal siding on the outside. The up-to-date wooden shutters could not be improved
upon so they were left intact.

Ruby Flin was the first territorial teacher. Parents paid $1.00 per child per month.
Orvilla Light was the first statehood teacher and was paid $50.00 per month for the six month school term.
She boarded with the William Ingram Seymours.

In 1911, school was turned out for the students to get a good look at the first automobile, a Model A. Ford.

William I. Seymour bought the buillding and moved it to their homeplace. It is still standing atop Rattlesnake Hill.

(Memoires of Tom Seymour)

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