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Pages 1B-10A and page 26A: Town of Hastings. All others are simply Bourland Township

ENUMERATION WAS DONE 15 APRIL 1910 THROUGH 14 MAY 1910 by Jiman B. Morris.

NOTE: This census was difficult to read due to the enumerator's handwriting style and due to the poor microfilm copy. Be sure to consider variations of spellings as you search this index.

C/R = Color or Race
I = Indian
W = White
B = Black
MU = Mulatto
S/M/WD/D = Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced
(number following M indicates number of times married)

Pgs 1A - 2B, Pgs 3A - 5B, Pgs 6A - 8B , Pgs 9A - 11B,
12A - 14B, Pgs 15A - 17B , Pgs 18A - 21B, Pgs 22A - 26A

Surname Given name relationship C/R Age S/M/WD/D Born
PAGE 12A            
STONE Alfred head W 63 M1 TN
  Hulda wife W 58 M1 AR
  Nellie daughter W 20 S AR
  Gibson son W 15 S AR
DAWSON Alfred head W 36 M1 AR
  Della wife W 34 M1 AR
  Dwight son W 07 S TX
  Opal daughter W 03 S AR
PORTER Clarence head W 36 M1 IL
  Elsa wife W 32 M1 IL
  Raymond son W 12 S IL
PORTER Austin head W 65 M1 IL
  Emily wife W 62 M1 IL
  Della daughter W 33 S IL
VELAN Joseph head W 62 M1 German-Germany
  Mary wife W 54 M1 German-Germany
  Eddie son W 25 S IA
  Warner son W 22 S SD
  Elwin son W 21 S SD
  Harry son W 20 S SD
  Susie daughter W 17 S SD
  ?nella daughter W 14 S SD
  Roy son W 12 S SD
VELAN Fred head W 34 S IA
PRUITE Thomas head W 52 M1 MS
  Ada wife W 44 M1 TX
  Willie daughter W 17 S OK
  Jesse son W 15 S OK
  Edna daughter W 13 S OK
  Earl son W 10 S OK
  Roy son W 10 S OK
  Clara daughter W 05 S OK
  Junie daughter W 1 8/12 S OK
SHELTON John head W 49 M1 AL
  Sarah wife W 45 M1 AL
  Alvoris son W 23 S AL
COTTNELL Luck father-in-law W 64 WD AL
HEARN David E. head W 33 M1 TX
  Richie E. wife W 33 M1 TX
  Albert H. son W 11 S TX
  Donley L. son W 10 S TX
  Susan J. daughter W 08 S TX
  Doris daughter W 06 S TX
  William D. son W 1 9/12 S OK
KINDER Bert head W 37 M1 TX
  Violet wife W 34 M1 AR
  Les son W 12 S TX
  Gussie daughter W 10 S OK
  Florence daughter W 08 S OK
  Roy son W 06 S OK
PAGE 12B            
  Clyde son W 03 S OK
  Vernon son W 01 S OK
  Sam W. father W 78 WD OH
MORRIS George head W 27 M1 MO
  Nora wife W 23 M1 TX
  Effie M. daughter W 03 S OK
  Opal daughter W 1 10/12 S OK
BUCKALEW William head W 59 M2 GA
  Cordelia wife W 38 M1 AL
  Benson son W 07 S TX
  Della daughter W 07 S TX
  Martha daughter W 02 S AR
LEE Jenetty mother-in-law W 70 WD TN
JAMES Frank head W 31 M2 TX
  Mary wife W 21 M1 TX
  Naomi daughter W 03 S OK
  Nannie daughter W 01 S OK
MATHIS Guy boarder W 26 S NE
PAGE 13A            
MITCHELL James M. head W 35 M1 PA
  Nellie A. wife W 27 M1 PA
  Vance K. son W 06 S OK
  Goldia daughter W 02 S OK
  Baby son W 0/12 S OK
TURNER David head W 65 M1 IL
  Susan wife W 60 M1 IN
  Eva daughter W 40 S IA
CALDWELL Tressure daughter W 23 D NE
TURNER Clarence son W 17 S KS
  Susie daughter W 13 S OK
JOHNSON Willis F. head W 48 M1 NC
  Willie wife W 32 M1 AL
  Willis P. son W 10 S AL
  Brice son W 08 S FL
  Alton L. son W 06 S FL
  Grace daughter W 1 6/12 S OK
AIKEN Judson head W 28 M1 GA
  Mamie wife W 22 M1 MS
  Birdie daughter W 04 S TX
  Carl son W 9/12 S OK
ESSMANN George head W 37 M1 MO
  Julia wife W 31 M1 MO
  Allegra daughter W 11 S MO
  Vina daughter W 05 S MO
GLEIZE Margarette mother-in-law W 68 WD German-Germany
SHAW James W. head W 57 M2 AR
  Sarah J. wife W 51 M1 AR
  Ernest son W 19 S AR
  Lillian daughter W 16 S AR
  Irene daughter W 12 S AR
MICHEL Chris head W 35 M1 MO
  Dora wife W 35 M1 MO
  Clorrissa daughter W 06 S MO
  Leland son W 04 S MO
  Russell son W 02 S MO
GLEIZE Christina sister-in-law W 40 S MO
HOLLEY Thomas D. head W 66 M1 SC
  Mary E. wife W 46 M1 KY
  Edgar son W 28 S TX
  Marion son W 16 S TX
  Jeff son W 11 S TX
  Alva son W 05 S TX
SHELTON Levi F. head W 47 M1 TX
  Margarette wife W 45 M1 TN
  Ora M. daughter W 19 S TX
WILLINGHAM A. O. head W 36 M1 AL
  Lena wife W 33 M1 TX
  Vivian daughter W 11 S CO
PAGE 13B            
  Audrey daughter W 06 S OK
  Ramona daughter W 5/12 S OK
SAWYER William D. brother-in-law W 31 S TX
  Robert brother-in-law W 25 S TX
JAMES John B. head W 57 M1 TN
  Martha wife W 57 M1 MO
JAMES William head W 25 M1 TX
  Katie wife W 21 M1 TX
  Velma daughter W 02 S OK
  Ula daughter W 2/12 S OK
PARRY George head W 52 M1 MO
  Rachael wife W 48 M1 AR
  Annie daughter W 22 S TX
  Pearl daughter W 17 S TX
  Laurna daughter W 15 S TX
  Mattie daughter W 13 S TX
  Lillie daughter W 11 S OK
  Vana M. daughter W 08 S OK
PAGE 14A            
ATEN Isaac J. head W 53 M1 IL
  Josephine wife W 48 M1 KY
  Harry son W 24 S KS
KING William A. head W 50 M1 TN
  Bootie wife W 42 M1 TN
  Mabel daughter W 14 S VA
  Opal daughter W 12 S TN
  Floyd son W 07 S TN
  Joe son W 18 S OK
STRADES Henry W. head W 37 M2 KY
  Maggie wife W 24 M1 MO
  Hazel daughter W 03 S OK
  Alma daughter W 7/12 S OK
SWARNES Martha mother-in-law W 60 WD IL
DAVIS James N. head W 42 M1 MO
  Mollie C. wife W 38 M1 NE
  Rena daughter W 18 S NE
  Vera daughter W 12 S NE
  Francis daughter W 10 S NE
  Minnie daughter W 08 S NE
  Wilbur son W 06 S OK
  Lucille daughter W 03 S OK
  Prentice son W 4/12 S OK
BRANDON Mary E. head W 49 M1 KY
  Willie D. son W 14 S TX
  Zora daughter W 11 S TX
  Cecil son W 07 S OK
RIDDELS Thomas head W 45 WD TX
  Harry son W 20 S TX
  Nellie daughter W 17 S TX
  Ruby daughter W 15 S TX
  Nora daughter W 10 S OK
CALLAWAY Mattie boarder W 18 S OK
OGLETREE Louis head W 42 M1 TX
  Mary wife W 35 M1 TX
  Louis son W 15 S TX
  Cullen son W 11 S TX
  Minnett daughter W 09 S TX
  Charlie son W 06 S TX
  Sibruth daughter W 03 S TX
FERRIS Sam G. head W 60 M2 USA
  May wife W 30 M2 MS
CHISM Josie stepdaughter W 10 S OK
FERRIS Leola daughter W 7/12 S OK
FULLER Walter M. head W 35 M1 MS
  Addie wife W 22 M1 AR
  Pattie daughter W 05 S OK
  James son W 02 S OK
GASS James F. head W 26 S TX
  Minnie wife W 21 S OK
PAGE 14B            
  Robert son W 04 S OK
  Walter son W 03 S OK
  Elmer son W 6/12 S OK
LARSON Louis head W 48 S Denmark-Danish
CHISM Les boarder W 16 S OK
WHITE Ed E. head W 35 M1 TX
  Ella wife W 32 M1 YN
  Gladys daughter W 07 S OK
  Guy son W 04 S OK

Pgs 1A - 2B, Pgs 3A - 5B, Pgs 6A - 8B , Pgs 9A - 11B,
12A - 14B, Pgs 15A - 17B , Pgs 18A - 21B, Pgs 22A - 26A


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