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Indexed by Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky
with the help of her husband Ernie. Names were typed "as read."
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Pages 1B-10A and page 26A: Town of Hastings. All others are simply Bourland Township

ENUMERATION WAS DONE 15 APRIL 1910 THROUGH 14 MAY 1910 by Jiman B. Morris.

NOTE: This census was difficult to read due to the enumerator's handwriting style and due to the poor microfilm copy. Be sure to consider variations of spellings as you search this index.

C/R = Color or Race
I = Indian
W = White
B = Black
MU = Mulatto
S/M/WD/D = Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced
(number following M indicates number of times married)

Pgs 1A - 2B, Pgs 3A - 5B, Pgs 6A - 8B , Pgs 9A - 11B,
12A - 14B, Pgs 15A - 17B , Pgs 18A - 21B, Pgs 22A - 26A

Surname Given name relationship C/R Age S/M/WD/D Born
PAGE 3A            
McCAULEY W. E. head W 27 M1 MO
  Lizzie wife W 31 M1 AR
  Dora daughter W 05 S AR
  William son W 02 S OK
BROOKS William J. head W 36 M1 TN
  Myrtle wife W 34 M1 TN
  Bernice daughter W 10 S TN
  Connor son W 05 S OK
  Pauline daughter W 02 S OK
JAMISON Henry C. head W 49 M1 MO
  Docia wife W 40 M1 MO
  Guy son W 22 S TX
  Jay son W 17 S TX
  Roy son W 13 S TX
  Rea daughter W 10 S TX
SMITH Walter A. head W 31 M1 TX
  Delia wife W 28 M1 AL
  Beulah daughter W 02 S TX
FLOYD Henry W. head W 57 M2 TN
  Hettie wife W 45 M2 TN
CHOATE Blanch stepdaughter W 18 S TN
FLOYD Evan son W 18 S TN
  Musef son W 16 S TN
CHOATE McLin stepson W 14 S TN
  J. P. stepson W 11 S TN
FLOYD Rossie son W 11 S TN
COLMAN Annie servant B 29 M2 TX
HOLLY Jesse J. head W 26 M1 TX
  Jessie wife W 21 M1 TX
  Jesse Lee daughter W 10/12 S OK
  Frank brother W 20 S TX
SCOTT Marshall head W 35 M1 MS
  Eva wife W 31 M1 MS
  Darwin son W 19 S TX
  Clarence son W 08 S TX
  Franklin son W 05 S OK
  Jed son W 02 S OK
COLEMAN Madge sister-in-law W 40 S MS
JONES Spencer head W 29 M1 KY
  Clara wife W 27 M1 MO
  Binchia daughter W 08 S OK
  Benjamin father W 70 WD KY
DAVIS Lydia head W 70 WD IN
  Arthur U. son W 36 S MO
MARTIN John E. head W 37 M1 TX
  Julia E. wife W 32 M1 GA
  Ruth daughter W 14 S TX
  Paul son W 12 S TX
  Maxine daughter W 03 S OK
  Mary daughter W 1 2/12 S OK
PAGE 3B            
STEPHENS Joseph M. head W 39 M1 TX
  Bertha wife W 35 M1 MS
  Earl W. son W 15 S TX
McBRIDE Elijah D. head W 36 WD MO
  Anna E. mother W 67 WD TN
McBRIDE William E. head W 31 M1 MO
  Emiline wife W 27 M1 TX
  Lula daughter W 07 S TX
  Charlie son W 06 S TX
  Lawrence son W 04 S OK
  Willie son W 02 S OK
  Beulah daughter W 1/12 S OK
RICHARDS J. head W 34 S TX
PHIPPS Robert D. head W 36 M1 TX
  Nettie wife W 39 M1 TX
  Pearl daughter W 13 S OK
  Jessie son W 11 S OK
  Willie son W 09 S OK
  Robert son W 07 S OK
  Ollie son W 1/12 S OK
  Cornel brother W 15 S TX
BLANDON Charlie stepson W 20 S TX
GOTCHES William head W 42 M1 TX
  Dora wife W 40 M1 NC
  Raymond son W 18 S TX
  Carl son W 15 S TX
  Cleo daughter W 13 S TX
  Aritath son W 03 S TX
WILLIAMS Algie E. head W 25 M1 TX
  Celia M. wife W 22 M1 IL
  Helen D. daughter W 02 S OK
SMITH Frank L. head W 30 M1 TX
  Bertie wife W 23 M1 NC
  William son W 04 S TX
GOODMAN Solomon P. head W 42 M1 TN
  Alice wife W 45 M2 GA
  Richie son W 07 S OK
SIMCOE Mabel stepdaughter W 20 S TX
HADDOCK George M. head W 46 M1 TX
  Sarah wife W 42 M1 TX
  John A. son W 26 M TX
  George T. son W 22 S TX
  Benjamin C. son W 19 M TX
  (illeg) son W 14 S OK
  James F. son W 12 S OK
  Charles son W 06 S OK
  Ruth daughter-in-law W 22 M1 TX
McCAULY William head W 58 WD MS
RYALS Robert head W 35 M1 TN
  Mary E. wife W 34 M1 IN
PAGE 4A            
  Robert L. son W 13 S TX
  Mattie daughter W 10 S TX
  George F. son W 08 S TX
  Thomas H. son W 05 S TX
  Sophia A. mother W 63 WD WV
CARDEN William head W 42 M1 KY
  Mattie wife W 37 M1 KY
  John D. son W 13 S KY
  Lucille daughter W 05 S KY
  William A. son W 03 S OK
GILLESPIE Frank head W 41 M1 SC
  Allie wife W 37 M1 SC
  Orus F, son W 12 S TX
  Valma J. daughter W 06 S OK
NELMS Benjamin F. head W 54 M1 MS
  Margrette C. wife W 53 M1 TN
  Rufus son W 34 S MS
  Bessie daughter W 17 S MS
  Bruce son W 14 S MS
TOOLUNT Sydney head W 30 M1 TX
  Dolie wife W 32 M1 MS
  Maggie daughter W 03 S TX
  Linse daughter W 01 S OK
MARREIS Thomas E. head W 37 M1 OH
  Maud wife W 29 M1 MO
  James E. son W 07 S KS
STOCKTON James A. father-in-law W 54 WD GA
MAGNESS Floyd head W 40 M1 AR
  Annie wife W 38 M1 AR
PATTERSON Pierce head W 22 M1 AR
  Lissie wife W 19 M1 AR
WEAVER William M. head W 76 WD TN
  Clinton son W 31 S TX
  Una daughter W 24 S TX
  Sanford son W 21 S TX
KELLY Grover R. boarder W 22 S MS
PAGE 4B            
HORAWAY William head W 63 M1 AL
  Evette wife W 59 M1 TX
  Edgar son W 23 S TX
  Vera daughter W 20 S TX
WARDLE Frank A. head W 41 M1 IA
  Fannie J. wife W 37 M1 IA
  Robert son W 16 S IA
  Hattie daughter W 15 S IA
DODSON James head W 45 M1 TX
  Cordelia wife W 42 M1 TX
  Jeremiah father W 82 WD TN
  Darcy (?) daughter W 15 S TX
  Ruth daughter W 14 S TX
  Jasmine daughter W 11 S TX
BOYD Charley boarder W 21 S MO
HARNED Walter boarder W 25 S US
DALE John P. head W 39 M1 LA
  Mary A. wife W 33 M1 MO
  Thomas J. brother W 17 S OK
  Curtis L. brother W 14 S AR
PASCHALL Henry P. head W 60 M2 KY
  Martha E. wife W 51 M2 AL
STOKES Joyce stepdaughter W 28 WD TX
PASCHAL Opus son W 27 S TX
HUNTER Andrew stepson W 27 S TX
PASCHAL Johnnie son W 25 S TX
  William son W 22 S TX
  Henry son W 20 S TX
  McConnell son W 18 S TX
  Hearn son W 11 S OK
  Lois C. daughter W 06 S OK
AMOLET Arthur R. head W 33 M1 IN
  May wife W 38 M1 KS
GIBBS John head W 23 S KS
HATCHER Robert R. head W 60 M1 NY
  Susan wife W 50 M1 KS
  Rufus son W 31 S KS
  Robert son W 18 S OK
GORE Ida head W 40 WD AL
  Allie son W 24 S AL
  Willie son W 19 S AL
  Lizzie daughter W 17 S AL
  Rolla daughter W 11 S TX
  Dolie daughter W 09 S TX
PUMPAS William P. Head W 57 M1 KY
  Martha A. wife W 32 M1 TX
  Virgie A. son W 11 S OK
  Vinnie J. son W 09 S OK
  Nina M. daughter W 05 S OK
  Ernest W. son W 04 S OK
PAGE 5A            
WELCH Willis H. head W 44 M1 KY
  Mary A. wife W 41 M1 KY
  Jerry son W 17 S KY
  Herbert son W 16 S KY
  Winchell son W 07 S KY
TOMMSON Minnie servant W 16 S IL
WEST John O. head W 49 M2 NC
  Fannie wife W 47 M2 NC
  Mabel daughter W 20 S NC
  Ella J. daughter W 17 S NC
  Norman M. son W 14 S NC
  Missie L. daughter W 12 S NC
COGDELL Jessie stepdaughter W 22 S TX
  Clarence R. stepson W 17 S TX
  Isham B. Stepson W 15 S TX
BROOKS Bryant M. head W 35 M1 TX
  Belle wife W 31 M1 TX
  Ernest son W 12 S OK
  James son W 10 S OK
  Eula daughter W 08 S OK
BRAWLEY James P. head W 33 M1 TX
  Alice wife W 23 M1 KS
  Nellie M. daughter W 02 S OK
SAVAGE Helen boarder W 25 S TN
ROSS Clara boarder W 25 S TN
GRUNDY Walter W. boarder W 22 S KY
JOHNSON Edgar B. head W 39 M1 NC
  Madeline wife W 24 M1 TN
  Wanda M. daughter W 1 2/12 S OK
GOSSETT James R. head W 28 M1 TX
  Annie wife W 27 M1 TX
JONES Henry A. head W 50 M1 MO
  Minnie E. wife W 46 M1 IN
  Hattie M. daughter W 25 S MO
  Harry H. son W 19 M1 MO
  Eva stepdaughter W NG M1 NG
CLUIT William head W 36 WD AR
WELCH Benjamin S. head W 36 S KY
MOSLEY Jessie A. head W 33 M1 AR
  Abigail wife W 22 M1 PA
  Esther daughter W 1 4/12 S OK
  Alice daughter W 2/12 S OK
  Mary mother W 67 WD IA
  Edyth niece W 15 S AR
  Mona sister W 22 S AR
PETTEY Jack head W 32 M1 TX
  Daisy L. wife W 21 M1 TN
BONNER H. H. head W 22 S SC
Mitchell Aaron C. head W 25 S PA
PAGE 5B            
NEYSTEL Emma head W 42 WD NH
  Alice daughter W 15 S TX
  John son W 13 S TX
  Ola son W 11 S TX
  Mary daughter W 06 S TX
  Jimmie son W 05 S TX
GUNSTINSON Olie S. brother W 23 S TX
BEVILL Walter R. head W 24 M1 MS
  Ada C. wife W 19 M1 TX
REED Theo head W 55 M1 TX
  Eva E. wife W 52 M1 MO
  Russell son W 22 S TX
  James son W 20 S TX
BOTSFORD Blanche boarder W 28 S OH
OSTRUNDER Worth head W 27 M1 IA
  Maud wife W 27 M1 IA
  Hoyt son W 03 S OK
WARR James A. head W 50 S MS
VENIUS William head W 36 M1 TX
  Minnie wife W 29 M1 TX
PARKER Frank head W 34 M1 KY
  Lee wife W 28 M1 TX
  Claud son W 07 S TX
  Mable daughter W 04 S TX
TINKLE Mollie sister-in-law W 38 WD TN
  Harry nephew W 18 S TX
  George nephew W 16 S TX
MARLEY George head W 31 M1 AR
  Laura wife W 17 M1 IA
McDONOUGH Richard head W 47 S AR
SIPES Will head W 46 S TN
ROBINSON Elvira head W 77 WD NY
DAMER Louisa lodger W 74 WD IL
COOLEY W. G. head W 49 M1 IN
  Cora wife W 42 M1 IN
  Charles F. son W 15 S IN
WARDE May sister W 37 M1 IN
ROGERS Annie head W 37 WD LA
  Reginald son W 12 S TX
  Annie May daughter W 11 S TX
DAVENPORT S. L. head W 81 M1 GA
  Nancy wife W 69 M1 GA
  Mary daughter W 28 S GA
  Jennings son W 36 S GA
HAYNES Arthur B. head W 34 M1 TX
  Iona wife W 33 M1 TX

Pgs 1A - 2B, Pgs 3A - 5B, Pgs 6A - 8B , Pgs 9A - 11B,
12A - 14B, Pgs 15A - 17B , Pgs 18A - 21B, Pgs 22A - 26A


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