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Indexed by Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky
with the help of her husband Ernie. Names were typed "as read."
It is the property of the Drowatzkys. (updated 05/25/2004)
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ENUMERATION WAS DONE 18 APRIL 1910 THROUGH 25 MAY 1910 by James R. Eckles

C/R = Color or Race
I = Indian
W = White
B = Black
MU = Mulatto
S/M/WD/D = Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced
(number following M indicates number of times married)

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20A-23B, Pgs 24A-26B, Pgs 27A-29B, Pgs 30A-33B, Pgs 34A- 35B

PAGE 13A            
ANDREW Brooks head B 36 M1 TX
  Leola wife B 23 M2 TX
GIBSON Jefferson lodger B 22 S AR
WADLOW John lodger B 37 S TX
McCLINTON Chester lodger B 22 S TX
HICK Henry lodger B 32 S GA
McDADE William head B 30 S TX
KING Bud lodger B 27 M1 TX
POLK Robert lodger B 26 WD TX
OSBORNE Mike lodger B 32 M2 GA
WARD Louis lodger B 31 S TX
ROWE William lodger B 49 WD AL
BURLESON Jackson head B 38 M1 TX
  Ida wife B 31 M1 TX
MILTON Robert boarder B 19 S TX
KING Love boarder B 23 S TX
WALKER Porter head B 28 M1 TX
  Lelia wife B 22 M1 TX
HENDERSON Estell head B 20 S TX
SANDFORD James lodger B 34 S LA
SANDERS John lodger B 61 WD WV
ENGRAM James lodger B 20 S TX
MASON Robert head B 24 S TX
HARRIS Moses lodger B 25 S MO
HOLMAN Louis head B 55 M1 TX
  Lou wife B 53 M2 MS
HOBBS Mable granddaughter B 09 S TX
HOLMAN Arthur great-grandson B 03 S OK
WILLIAMS Sims lodger B 60 WD TN
LARUE Lucinda head B 15 S TX
BUCKNER William lodger B 50 S TX
WARREN Eva head B 49 WD TX
SWEAT Sessiman son B 23 S TX
WILSON Willie grandson B 16 S OK
SWEAT Eva granddaughter B 21 S TX
NICHOLA Sidney lodger B 52 WD TX
DERROUGH Pearl lodger B 22 WD TX
CRISP Mamie lodger B 24 S TX
BROWN Katherine lodger B 19 WD TX
MURPHY Lena lodger B 21 S TX
KENNEDY Lillie head B 23 M1 TX
GREEN Richard head B 22 S KY
ELLIOTT Bessie head B 25 D KS
WRIGHT William head B 42 WD TX
CAUSDREL Edward lodger B 31 S TX
BOLLEN Herby lodger B 17 S TX
TURNER John lodger B 26 S TX
GILES Robert lodger B 29 S TN
NEIGHBORS Ashford head B 31 M1 KY
BRYANT William lodger B 29 WD TX
PAGE 13B            
HENDERSON Henry head B 48 WD TX
  Maggie daughter B 23 S TX
  William son B 19 S TX
  Mollie daughter B 17 M1 TX
BENNETT Alexander lodger B 24 S TX
STENSON James lodger B 23 S MO
TEMPLETON Arch lodger B 18 S TX
TIMMONS William lodger B 26 WD TX
SMITH Irene head B 32 WD MO
MOORE Allen lodger B 27 S TX
DALTON William lodger B 25 S KS
MOORE Frank head B 32 M1 TX
JENKINS William lodger B 20 S TX
JENKINS Johnnie lodger B 17 S TX
DORSEY Samuel lodger B 26 WD TX
OLLISTON John head B 28 M1 TX
  Lena wife B 23 M1 AL
JAMISON Leach head B 40 M1 TX
  Cora wife B 39 M1 TX
BUNIUN Paul lodger B 26 S TX
BRIGANDS Jessie lodger B 24 S TX
JONES Robert lodger B 28 WD TX
SMART Robert head B 27 M1 TX
  Mary wife B 26 M1 TX
BENNETT Reuben lodger B 23 S KS
PAGE 14A            
MOORE Soda head B 47 M1 TX
  Celia wife B 32 M1 OK
ARBUCKLE Clara lodger B 25 WD TX
BARNES Savanah lodger B 38 WD TX
  Jessie lodger B 13 S TX
SHAW Daniel lodger B 50 WD TX
WILSON William lodger B 26 WD TX
GRAYS John head B 30 M1 TX
  Lida wife B 23 M1 TX
JACKSON Mose lodger B 38 WD TX
BLAKE Peter head B 32 M1 TX
  Maggie wife B 27 M1 TX
DAVIS Harvy lodger B 32 M1 TX
WATSON Free lodger B 28 S TX
HAILEY Richard head B 31 S TX
RICHARDSON James lodger B 27 S TX
RAWLS John head B 36 S TX
SIMMS Emmett lodger B 40 WD GA
KEMP Louis lodger B 34 S TX
McGEE Edward head B 28 M1 TX
  Bettie wife B 39 M2 TX
HALLUM Willie stepson B 13 S TX
WILSON Ida head B 30 WD TX
  Minnie daughter B 14 S TX
  Iola daughter B 12 S TX
  Troy son B 05 S TX
  Ruby daughter B 03 S TX
WHITLO Benjamin head B 25 M1 TX
  Rosa wife B 29 M2 TX
PHILLIPS Ida M. daughter B 07 S TX
MILLS Jacie nie B 03 S TX
GILBERT Lucy lodger B 36 WD TX
TAYLOR Maggie lodger B 19 M1 TX
  Prudence lodger B 08 S TX
  Maggie lodger B 05 S TX
  Emma lodger B 04 S TX
DUNCAN William G. head B 40 S MS
ANGEL Martin H. lodger B 39 M1 MO
SHELL Sherman head B 36 M1 TX
  Hattie wife B 34 M1 TX
  Allen son B 14 S TX
JOHNSTON Waddy nephew B 18 S TX
GRAVES Tollie head B 34 M2 TX
  Eurlene wife B 19 M1 TX
  Westley son B 11 S TX
ELEGIN Westley lodger B 28 S TX
WILLIAMS O. W. lodger B 21 S TX
ROBERTSON Austin W. head B 43 M2 TX
  Maggie M. wife B 27 M1 TX
  Caroline daughter B 09 S TX
PAGE 14B            
KELLEY Joseph head B 30 M1 PA
  Annie wife B 27 M1 TX
  Ja?ie son B 04 S TX
  Rex son B 7/12 S OK
SHUMPERT Robert D. head B 35 M1 SC
  Nannie S. wife B 27 N1 MS
  Curtis A. son B 11 S MS
  Katie B. daughter B 04 S MS
  Robert E. son B 02 S OK
WARD Ocie lodger B 18 S KS
GRAVES Bertha lodger B 20 S KS
ANDERSON Sammie head B 42 M1 TX
  Nora wife B 30 M1 TX
LITTLE John head B 64 M2 KY
  Lottie wife B 52 M2 TX
ENGLISH William head B 33 M1 TX
  Willie wife B 27 M1 AL
  Thelma daughter B 03 S TX
  Loritta daughter B 1 3/12 S TX
WEST Joseph M. head W 52 M1 KY
  Donald E. son W 20 S TX
ELLIS Waitus B. head W 27 M1 AL
  Nettye wife W 24 M1 TX
  Opal daughter W 06 S OK
  Lois daughter W 04 S TX
DILLARD Ralph H. head W 32 M1 KY
  Ollie R. wife W 32 M1 KY
  Paul R. son W 03 S OK
RICHARDSON Mary M. sister-in-law W 27 S KY
McGRAW James head W 56 M1 NY
  Eliza wife W 55 M1 IA
  Anna A. daughter W 22 S IA
BUCHER Henry lodger W 50 M1 PA
ZEMMER Harry lodger W 39 M1 OH
POLSOM Edward lodger W 40 M1 OH
WARNBURG Harry lodger W 28 M1 IL
IRE Henry lodger W 26 S IA
BARTLETT Charley lodger W 30 S IA
WALKER Arthur L. head W 29 M1 TX
  Prudence wife W 21 M1 IA
McGRAW Michael J. head W 30 M1 IA
  Elizabeth wife W 26 M1 IL
TUCKER George R. head W 53 WD AR
GILLIAM Ruth daughter W 18 M1 TX
  John O. son-in-law W 25 M2 OK
HOMER Robert lodger I 17 S OK
  Dina lodger I 26 S OK
HATCHER Hattie head W 44 WD TX
  Edgar son W 14 S OK
  Thomas son W 11 S OK
PAGE 15A            
REAGAN Hypolyte F. head W 50 M1 LA
  Florence wife W 33 M1 MO
  Joseph F. son W 13 S AR
  Opal daughter W 11 S TX
  Gerald B. son W 08 S OK
SIMS Otway L. head W 24 M1 TX
  Minerva wife W 24 M1 IA
ISOM Orphie head W 26 M1 IA
  Hetta H. wife W 19 M1 OK
CHANDLER Thomas N. head W 32 M1 GA
  Emily V. wife W 30 M1 TX
  Mildred F. dau W 11/12 S OK
BLACKMAN John J. head W 48 M1 AL
  Mollie wife W 29 M1 AL
  Willie daughter W 16 S AL
LANDON Albert E. head W 48 M1 OH
  Emma E. wife W 46 M1 OH
MARTIN Thos. B. lodger W 32 S AR
DAWSON Patrick F. lodger W 46 M1 WI
  Elizabeth lodger W 34 M1 IL
NELSON Gustavis A. lodger W 34 M1 IA
  Bessy lodger W 33 M1 IA
BROADDUS E. J. lodger W 25 S MO
LINCK Victor J. lodger W 27 WD TN
  Mary A. lodger W 21 M1 CO
MITCHELL E. H. lodger W 32 M1 IN
MITCHELL Bettie J. lodger W 27 M1 IL
HARRIS Thomas B. lodger W 36 S TX
BRIDGES David M. head W 36 M1 KY
  Charlotte wife W 28 M1 IN
  Charlotte W daughter W 1 8/12 S IN
MARSHALL Emma servant W 16 NG TX
HARRIS William F. head W 52 M1 GA
  Susan I. wife W 50 M1 TN
  Luster F. son W 26 S AR
  Nora L. daughter W 17 S AR
  Ida L. daughter W 10 S TX
HINTON Malcom head W 35 M1 FL
  Bertha wife W 22 M1 TX
  Marion daughter W 03 S TX
  William M. son W 1 6/12 S TX
GARDNER Bettie sister-in-law W 18 S TX
HINTON Edward brother W 33 S FL
MORGAN John L. head W 46 M1 MO
  Maud E. wife W 37 M1 MO
BUTLER Charles V. brother-in-law W 43 S MO
MORRISON William W. lodger W 25 S MO
GOWER Andrew J. head W 53 M1 TN
  Laura E. wife W 53 M1 TN
KING Madie H. daughter W 27 M1 TN
PAGE 15B            
KING James J. son-in-law W 29 M1 TX
  Loreta V. granddaughter W 03 S OK
  Aletha granddaughter W 7/12 S OK
SUL Nettie lodger W 23 S OK
BOWMAN John A. lodger W 32 M1 KY
ANDERSON Homer D. head W 27 M1 IA
  Anna F. wife W 24 M1 KS

Pgs 1A-3B, Pgs 4A-6B, Pgs 7A-9B, Pgs 10A-12B, Pgs 13A-15B, Pgs 16A-19B,
20A-23B, Pgs 24A-26B, Pgs 27A-29B, Pgs 30A-33B, Pgs 34A- 35B



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