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Indexed by Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky
with the help of her husband Ernie. Names were typed "as read."
It is the property of the Drowatzkys. (updated 05/25/2004)
Portions of this index may be copied for personal use only.
It may not be used in any other place or way without our permission.

ENUMERATION WAS DONE 18 APRIL 1910 THROUGH 25 MAY 1910 by James R. Eckles

C/R = Color or Race
I = Indian
W = White
B = Black
MU = Mulatto
S/M/WD/D = Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced
(number following M indicates number of times married)

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20A-23B, Pgs 24A-26B, Pgs 27A-29B, Pgs 30A-33B, Pgs 34A- 35B

PAGE 30A            
GAMBLE Robert E. head W 28 S IL
  Sarah mother W 60 WD PA
MONTGOMERY Julia sister W 30 WD IL
WEAKLEY Henry A. head W 34 M1 MO
  Willie wife W 31 M1 TX
  Pearl E. daughter W 10 S OK
  Beulah daughter W 07 S OK
  Leo W. son W 04 S OK
  Adell daughter W 02 S OK
McDOWELL Thomas L. head W 35 M2 TX
  Janie M. wife W 28 M1 TX
  Robert L. son W 08 S TX
  Ellen F. daughter W 06 S TX
  Nina daughter W 04 S TX
  Rex L. son W 8/12 S OK
FELDER James head W 33 M1 TX
  Lizzie wife W 27 M1 LA
  Edgar son W 09 S OK
  Dalia daughter W 06 S OK
  Vera daughter W 03 S OK
BROCK William L. head W 50 M1 AL
  Mollie M. wife W 42 M1 AR
  Laura M. daughter W 18 S AR
  Hazel B. daughter W 12 S AR
  Javis son W 06 S AR
  Thelma daughter W 04 S AR
SHOCKLEE Alex head W 29 M2 KY
  Bertha wife W 27 M1 TX
  Nannie C. daughter W 02 S TX
  Nannie mother W 50 WD KY
  Lulu M. sister W 21 S KY
CUTLER Henry C. head W 44 M1 NE
  Lillian wife W 38 M1 IA
  Hazel daughter W 19 S NE
  Jennie daughter W 18 S NE
  Juanita daughter W 16 S NE
  Marilla daughter W 10 S MO
  Henrietta daughter W 08 S NE
MORGAN Clinton head W 63 M1 IL
  Jennie wife W 56 M1 OH
  Harry son W 23 S IA
CRESS Mandy daughter W 32 M1 IA
GALLEM Ruth daughter W 24 M1 IA
THOM Albert E. head W 34 M1 IN
  Susie M. wife W 25 M1 NE
  Arthur L. son W 1 4/12 S KS
MYERS Harold E. head W 28 M2 NE
  Mary A. wife W 29 M1 KS
JACOBS Wilburn H. head W 38 M1 IA
  Myrtle wife W 23 M1 IL
PAGE 30B            
  Dallas D. son W 06 S OK
PARKER Richard J. head W 50 M1 SC
  Mary L. wife W 49 M1 KY
  Flossie daughter W 23 S TX
BREWER John H. head W 66 M1 NC
  Nancy F. wife W 72 M1 TN
  John A. son W 33 S TN
MADRY Van Buren head W 30 M1 MS
  Minnie O. wife W 26 M1 TX
  Loid B. son W 04 S TX
  George L. son W 1 2/12 S OK
HORN John W. head W 38 M3 KY
  Nancy A. mother W 59 WD KY
  Robert L. brother W 25 M1 KY
  Vera sister-in-law W 18 M1 TX
SHARP Zack stepson W 11 S OK
FLETCHER Fortune servant B 20 S TX
IVY Francis M. head W 52 WD GA
  Etta daughter W 21 S TX
  Harley son W 19 S TX
  Mazy L. daughter W 17 S TX
  Virgie daughter W 12 S TX
  William D. brother W 55 D GA
CLIFTON Isaac B. head W 29 M1 OK
  Blanche B. wife W 23 M1 OK
  Dorance D. son W 05 S CA
  Ava M. daughter W 1 2/12 S OK
SWANSEY Thomas H. head W 47 M1 TX
  Mollie wife W 39 M1 TX
  David C. son W 17 S TX
  James C. son W 14 S TX
  Agnes daughter W 09 S TX
  Ray L. son W 06 S TX
  Mary E. dau W 02 S TX
WAIT Charley head W 27 M1 KS
  Sade wife W 24 M1 IA
  Florence daughter W 04 S TX
  Ralph son W 02 S OK
MITCHELL John G. head W 37 M1 NE
  Lula M. wife W 32 M1 KS
  Raymond son W 10 S NE
  Ellen daughter W 05 S OK
  Grover C. son W 03 S OK
FUTE George W. lodger W 22 S AR
TEEKLE Samuel J. head W 41 M1 IL
  Nannie wife W 39 M1 IL
  May daughter W 14 S IL
  John son W 11 S IL
  Julia daughter W 06 S OK
  Clyde son W 03 S OK
PAGE 31A            
BOSZHARDT Fred head W 56 M1 WI
  Sophia wife W 57 M1 NY
  Florence C. daughter W 28 S IL
VISCARDI Vincent head W 25 M1 NY
  Helen C. wife W 24 M1 Hungary
  Tessie daughter W 03 S NY
  Rose daughter W 02 S TX
MIDRIFF William M. head W 41 M1 TX
  Gena wife W 33 M1 AL
  Gena E. daughter W 09 S OK
  Beulah F. daughter W 07 S TX
  John R. son W 04 S OK
  Wilma B. daughter W 02 S OK
DOBBS Maud B. head W 35 WD KS
  Verne M. daughter W 12 S KS
  Dorothy D. daughter W 05 S KS
ANTRIM George head W 57 M1 IA
  Julia C. wife W 52 M1 IL
  Charley son W 28 M1 KS
  Frank son W 27 M1 KS
  Edward son W 25 S KS
  Bertha daughter W 23 S KS
  Ettie daughter-in-law W 25 M1 MO
  George grandson W 02 S KS
  Stella daughter-in-law W 23 M1 KS
  Homer grandson W 6/12 S OK
BAILEY Henry W. head W 46 M1 TX
  Nancy A. wife W 41 M1 AL
  William son W 18 S TX
HUNT John D. head W 42 M1 AR
  Julia A. wife W 32 M1 AL
  Vivian daughter W 13 S AR
  Annie R. daughter W 12 S AR
  Gladys L. daughter W 10 S AR
  Johnnie D. daughter W 08 S AR
  Ray B. son W 1 2/12 S OK
McCULLOCH Samuel B. head W 53 M1 AR
  Mary E. wife W 42 M1 AR
  Henry R. son W 20 S AR
  Earnest son W 18 S AR
  Stanley son W 15 S OK
  Effie M. daughter W 11 S OK
  Alta E. daughter W 08 S OK
DYER Mattie M. wife W 29 M1 TX
  Walter head W 30 M1 TX
  Elmer son W 05 S OK
  Pearl daughter W 03 S OK
  Lillie Mae daughter W 1 3/12 S OK
WILLIAMS Marv head W 35 M1 TN
  Millie T. wife W 35 M1 KY
PAGE 31B            
  Voyle son W 17 S TX
  Jewel daughter W 15 S TX
  Otus daughter W 10 S TX
  Tommie son W 08 S TX
WALTERS Donaldson E. head W 53 M1 AL
  Elithabeth wife W 61 M1 AL
DILLON William E. head W 53 M1 IA
  Matilda J. wife W 55 M2 IN
PAGE 32A            
LONDON Taylor W. head W 43 D TX
  Linwood son W 16 S TX
  Vera M. daughter W 15 S TX
  Willie C. son W 11 S TX
  Jimmie L. son W 10 S OK
  Clark M. son W 06 S OK
  James A. son W 04 S OK
MORTON David E. head W 48 M2 IL
  Malissa E. wife W 43 M2 TX
  John son W 22 S IL
  Sarah E. daughter W 12 S IL
  Edgar A. son W 05 S TX
  Earnest C. son W 04 S TX
BURK George B. stepson W 21 S TX
  Bertha M. stepdaughter W 10 S TX
MOUNT James T. head W 40 M1 TX
  Nancy E. wife W 40 M1 TX
  Farlie E. son W 17 S TX
  Wallace B. son W 16 S TX
  Raymond M. son W 11 S TX
  Ina C. daughter W 08 S TX
  Winnie daughter W 2/12 S OK
HAYNES Ira L. head W 40 M1 IA
  Lois wife W 43 M1 IA
STEWART Charley C. lodger W 38 S MO
OSBORN Joseph B. head W 31 M1 IL
  Emily C. wife W 30 M1 IL
  Belle M. daughter W 04 S MO
KESSLER Emma mother-in-law W 54 WD NY
LANG George W. head W 25 M1 Canada
  Estella J. wife W 22 M1 TX
  George R. son W 01 S OK
CUMMINS Bird V. head W 49 M1 NE
  Laura wife W 43 M1 IN
McDOWELL James E. head W 59 M1 MO
  Lucy E. wife W 52 M1 TX
  John D. son W 33 S TX
  Samuel E. son W 18 S TX
  Dollie daughter W 12 S TX
MUPPS Charles head W 42 M1 TX
  Nancy A. wife W 38 M1 TN
  Oliver son W 17 S TX
  Grace daughter W 14 S TX
  Duke son W 09 S TX
  Mable daughter W 05 S TX
  Paul son W 03 S OK
DUKE Marvin lodger W 26 S TX
CLEMMENS Willis C. head W 34 M1 IL
  Hazel wife W 31 M1 IL
  Frank B. son W 04 S OK
PAGE 33A (NO PAGE 32B)          
BROWN Jesse head W 28 D TN
  Noah brother W NG NG TN
FOWLER William W. brother-in-law W 23 S MS
FIELDS Robert E. head W 40 M2 VA
  Elithabeth F. wife W 32 M1 VA
  Bert E. son W 16 S KS
  Robert K. son W 14 S TX
DIVERS William head W 50 WD MO
  Garnett F. daughter W 20 S KS
YOUNG Earl L. lodger W 36 WD KS
TURNER Kenneth lodger W 25 M1 TX
PHILLIPS Charles E. head W 39 M1 MO
  Francis wife W 21 M1 TX
  Marion G. son W 05 S TX
  Doris daughter W ?/12 S OK
ACTON Ezekeil V. head W 54 M1 OH
  Mary A. wife W 51 M2 IL
  Carrie O. daughter W 13 S IL
SMITH Franklin B. head W 28 M1 TX
  Alta E. wife W 25 M1 TX
  Bessie M. daughter W 06 S TX
  Ora L. daughter W 05 S TX
  Frankie B. daughter W 03 S TX
  Alton E. son W 1 3/12 S TX
KING Delia head W 38 M2 TX
PORTER Grace E. daughter W 17 S TX
  Roscoe R. son W 15 S TX
  Edgar Jr. son W 11 S TX
  Elmer R. son W 08 S TX
GARRETT Laud S. head W 18 S OK
HARRIS Samuel J. head W 49 M1 IL
  Nora H. wife W 48 M1 TN
  Charley W. son W 26 S MO
  Frank B. son W 19 S MO
EVANS George C. head W 60 M2 TN
DEALURIES M. lodger W 31 M1 LA
ALLRED William head W 32 M1 TX
  Laura wife W 28 M1 MS
  Haven son W 04 S OK
  Della daughter W 02 S OK
JONES John head W 76 WD IL
PAGE 33B            
ADAMS Elija head W 40 M1 MO
  Sudie wife W 40 M1 MO
  Chandler son W 18 S MO
  John son W 15 S MO
  Myrtle daughter W 13 S MO
  Jessie son W 11 S MO
  Hazel daughter W 02 S OK
MAULDIN George L. head W 26 M1 TX
  Nina M. wife W 21 M1 TX
  Andrew L. son W 04 S OK
  Bonnie A. daughter W 03 S OK
  Lawrence son W 3/12 S OK
JOHNSTON Signora lodger B 14 S TX
CHERRY James head B 28 S OK
DEFONE Jeifus head W 43 S Mexico
DEFONE Papaguo lodger W 41 S Mexico
SHORT Edward L. lodger W 34 M1 TX
  Ada lodger W 22 M2 OK
LEE Murphy head W 24 S KS
LIVATT William lodger W 31 S ME
MINETT Delmer lodger W 19 S UT
WILLIAMS Jesse lodger W 24 S CA
JOHNSON Thomas lodger W 25 S MI
LANCASTER Mark lodger W 32 S AR
CALLINGS Knox lodger W 29 S WI
LANKFORD Mattie lodger W 23 WD TX
SCHOFIELD Lillian lodger W 20 S AL
STEPHENS Cora lodger W 18 S IN
BAKER Edward lodger W 43 S TX
BULLARD Caulie lodger W 21 S OH
CARLTON Harry E. lodger W 43 S PA
MONCREIF James lodger W 29 S MO
ANDERSON George lodger W 27 S AL
JOHNSTON Charley lodger W 38 S TX
GRIFFITH Jas. lodger W 49 S AR
SHERRLEE Clifton W. lodger W 29 S TX
BRITTON James lodger W 24 S CA
BROWNING Judd lodger W 26 S OK
GOWDY Alvin head W 22 S WI
GUTHRIE John Lee lodger W 55 WD KY
KELLY Charley head W 65 M1 GA
  Susan W. wife W 58 M2 AL
  Luda daughter W 38 WD TX
  Ola daughter W 32 S TX
  William son W 30 S TX
HERZOWG Thomas head W 28 M1 IL
  Allie wife W 24 M1 IL
  Willis son W 05 S OK
  Izette daughter W 02 S OK
MARKHAM William lodger W 22 S IL

Pgs 1A-3B, Pgs 4A-6B, Pgs 7A-9B, Pgs 10A-12B, Pgs 13A-15B, Pgs 16A-19B,
20A-23B, Pgs 24A-26B, Pgs 27A-29B, Pgs 30A-33B, Pgs 34A- 35B



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