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Indexed by Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky
with the help of her husband Ernie. Names were typed "as read."
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ENUMERATION WAS DONE 18 APRIL 1910 THROUGH 25 MAY 1910 by James R. Eckles

C/R = Color or Race
I = Indian
W = White
B = Black
MU = Mulatto
S/M/WD/D = Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced
(number following M indicates number of times married)

Pgs 1A-3B, Pgs 4A-6B, Pgs 7A-9B, Pgs 10A-12B, Pgs 13A-15B, Pgs 16A-19B,
20A-23B, Pgs 24A-26B, Pgs 27A-29B, Pgs 30A-33B, Pgs 34A- 35B

PAGE 20A            
LARSON Ola C. head W 44 M1 WI
  Mary R. wife W 44 M1 MN
  Hazel M. daughter W 16 S DAK
  Roda P. daughter W 14 S DAK
  William M. son W 12 S DAK
DURHAM Beloved L. head W 56 M1 GA
  Mira J. wife W 46 M1 MS
OATIS Annie mother-in-law W 75 WD MS
ANDERSON Frank W. head W 46 M1 IL
  Nancy A. G. wife W 34 M1 MO
BELL Charley H. head W 41 M1 TX
  Mattie A. wife W 35 M1 KY
PEPIN Lee head W 24 M1 KS
  Fannie E. wife W 21 M1 IL
JOHNSTON Felix lodger W 27 M1 TX
JOHNSTON Cora A. E. lodger W 25 M2 TX
MORRISON Samuel lodger W 21 M1 TX
MORRISON Mamie lodger W 20 M1 TX
NALL Edward E. head W 36 M1 MS
  Fannie J. wife W 34 M1 TX
  Edward F. son W 13 S TX
  Lillie M. daughter W 11 S TX
  Tom P. son W 10 S TX
  Cornelia J. daughter W 08 S TX
  Henry B. son W 04 S TX
SEVIER Hattie P. mother-in-law W 70 WD+ MO
LANG John S. head W 55 M1 Canada
  Ellen A. wife W 55 M1 Canada
  Herbert son W 26 M2 Canada
  Harold A. son W 21 S Canada
  Carl B. son W 18 S TX
  Hazel daughter-in-law W 17 M1 IA
  Helen N. granddaughter W 06 S TX
KOONS Lena lodger W 20 S MO
LEIVESEY Maud lodger W 27 S AR
MOORE Jessie H. head W 25 M1 TX
  Belva wife W 25 M1 TX
  John brother W 19 S TX
HARNAGE Custus head W 26 M1 OK
  Rosa B. wife W 26 M1 KS
  William H. son W 03 S OK
  Griffith S. son W 01 S OK
JOHNSTON James N. head W 51 M1 KY
  Nellie L. wife W 44 M1 IL
  Fannie E. daughter W 13 S TX
  Sarah E. daughter W 10 S TX
  Jean D. daughter W 09 S IL
LIGHT Harry J. brother-in-law W 39 S MO
SPARKS William R. head W 38 M1 TX
  Willie J. wife W 38 M1 LA
PAGE 20B            
BRUNER Henry S. head W 34 M1 MO
  Mattie B. wife W 30 M1 AR
  Hazel G. lodger W 10 S MO
SIMMONS John B. lodger W 34 S TN
SHAHAN James lodger W 33 S TN
BRYSON Arthur B. lodger W 20 S MO
ROBINSON George W. lodger W 41 M1 MO
  Maud lodger W 52 M1 MO
  Gladys lodger W 07 S OK
WOODWARD Ralph head W 23 M1 AR
  Delphia wife W 22 M1 MS
  Lester J. son W 6/12 S OK
McHENRY Clothilde head W 40 WD LA
  Katherine C. daughter W 22 S LA
  Ruth G. daughter W 18 S TX
BAXTER Hugh A. head W 58 M1 MO
  Barbara E. wife W 63 M1 MO
ALT Adolph J. lodger W 33 S ATA
BREDENGERD Joseph M. lodger W 26 S MO
WILLIAMS William L., Jr. lodger W 22 S MS
OGLE John T. lodger W 22 M1 TN
  Myrtle lodger W 20 M1 TN
  Hazel wife W 03 S TX
WATSON Francis lodger W 30 WD NY
RILEY John E. head W 33 S TX
  Mary sister W 30 S IL
  Eun sister W 23 S TX
WALTERS Jake L. head W 31 M1 AL
  Joehellen wife W 25 M1 TX
  C. L. sister W 03 S OK
  Chissie daughter W 3/12 S OK
STONE Charley E. head W 41 M1 IA
  Mary L. wife W 31 M1 TX
  Earl W. son W 05 S OK
  Goldie B. daughter W 02 S OK
SWAFFORD Parlen L. head W 48 M1 TN
  Leona L. wife W 36 M1 AR
  Bertha M. daughter W 15 S TX
JOHNSTON Anna B. lodger W 32 WD MO
HARNED Lee lodger W 35 WD KY
STEELE Otis lodger W 21 S TX
STEVENS William E. lodger W 22 S AR
FLUR John W. head W 63 M1 Germany
  Mollie wife W 60 M1 SC
TREVEY James E. head W 40 M1 VA
  Alice wife W 31 M1 IL
CLARK William E. head W 24 M1 TX
  Myrtle A. wife W 23 M1 TX
  Wilford F. son W 05 S TX
  Gene son W 04 S OK
PAGE 21A            
ROBINSON Elithabeth head W 70 WD TN
PARSONS Mollie B. daughter W 40 M2 MO
  Edward V. son-in-law W 33 M1 TX
KELSEY Hazel granddaughter W 17 S OK
HOLLAND Tip head W 31 M1 MS
  Virginia B. wife W 28 M1 KS
  Virginia daughter W 02 S OK
HOWARD Tip head W 38 M1 AR
  Ada Z. wife W 32 M1 AR
  Blanche daughter W 08 S AR
  Rosalee daughter W 04 S OK
PHILLIPS Eva niece W 03 S OK
JOHNSON Charles W. head W 23 M1 OK
  Prilla wife W 18 M1 TN
WOOD Carrol head W 23 M1 TX
  Myrtle wife W 19 M1 TX
  Carrol R. son W 4/12 S OK
ALBRIGHT Oscar lodger W 24 S TX
CONNER James E., Sr. head W 38 M1 MO
  Sarah A. wife W 40 M1 MO
  James E., Jr. son W 12 S MO
  Julia M. daughter W 08 S MO
  Thomas son W 03 S MO
HOWARD William E. head W 32 M1 MO
  Ivy R. wife W 27 M1 MO
  Eloise daughter W 08 S TX
  Robert son W 04 S OK
  Loyd son W 1 2/12 S OK
McNUTT William E. head W 37 M1 AL
  Mary A. wife W 35 M1 TX
  Fannie J. daughter W 15 S TX
  Susan B. daughter W 13 S TX
  William C. son W 11 S TX
  Edgar L. son W 09 S TX
  Annie M. daughter W 07 S TX
  Newton S. son W 05 S TX
  Gerdis son W 02 S TX
TAYLOR James T. head W 32 M1 KS
  Tabitha I. wife W 32 M1 MS
  Jesse D. son W 07 S OK
  Claudy E. son W 06 S OK
  Minnie M. daughter W 1 5/12 S OK
MUDD Clide S. head W 34 M1 MO
  Maud B. wife W 28 M1 TX
  Julia G. daughter W 10 S OK
  Gwendolene E. daughter W 03 S OK
HUFFMAN Elam S. head W 51 M1 KS
  Francis W. wife W 46 M1 KS
  Jessie daughter W 24 S KS
  Otto son W 19 S KS
PAGE 21B            
  Ollie daughter W 19 S KS
  Ida G. daughter W 09 S KS
  Glen H. son W 06 S KS
BOHANNAN James P. head W 47 M1 MO
  Lettia wife W 47 M2 MO
PAGE 22A            
LARKINS Ambrose J. head W 45 M1 IL
  Marguerite wife W 44 M1 Ireland
HAGAR Clay A. head W 38 M1 KY
  Mamie wife W 28 M3 TN
CARPENTER Ira B. head W 58 M2 IL
  Mary A. wife W 49 M1 IL
  Francis son W 27 S IL
BASS Clarence son-in-law W 22 M1 IL
  Cora daughter W 18 M1 IL
PHELAN Charley B. head W 40 M1 TN
  Nellie C. wife W 27 M2 KY
STURGEON John H. father-in-law W 67 WD KY
PATTERSON Jessie stepson W 05 S KY
  John H. stepson W 04 S OK
DUNKIN Abner B. head W 51 M1 TX
  Susie wife W 45 M1 TX
  Felix son W 26 S TX
  James N. son W 22 S TX
  Rebecca daughter W 30 S TX
  John son W 19 S TX
  Myrtle daughter W 14 S TX
  Abbie L. daughter W 11 S TX
HARNED Olen head W 13 S IN
  Victor brother W 08 S IN
CUMMINS Aaron head W 25 S ND
KETCHEN Frank lodger W 24 S MO
HOLMAN Marvin lodger W 18 S KY
MILLER Simon A. head W 28 S TN
MEADOWS James G. lodger W 23 S TX
STINE Carl A. lodger W 22 S GA
ADDINGTON Carl L. lodger W 18 S IL
RICHARD Thomas R. head W 42 M2 SC
  Fannie wife W 42 M2 NC
  Robert L. son W 17 S TX
  Herbert son W 15 S TX
  Henry son W 10 S TX
  Dessie son W 07 S TX
  Alton son W 05 S TX
  Nora daughter W 02 S OK
SUMMERS Otis head W 50 M1 MS
  Parslie wife W 49 M1 LA
  Carl son W 20 S OK
  Tobias son W 17 S OK
  Earl son W 15 S OK
  Dora daughter W 12 S OK
  Henry son W 08 S OK
SUMMERS Osa head W 22 M1 OK
  Edna wife W 25 M1 TX
DAILY Charley W. head W 36 M1 IN
  Pearl W. wife W 32 M1 MO
PAGE 22B            
  Frank L. son W 11 S MO
  James R. son W 09 S OK
  Horace son W 07 S OK
  Charles, Jr. son W 1 2/12 S OK
MYERS Martha mother-in-law W 70 WD MO
HENDERSON Del A. head W 39 M2 TX
  Betty wife W 27 M1 TX
  Irvin W. son W 21 S TX
  Del, Jr. son W 14 S TX
  Joy G. daughter W 08 S OK
  Louis W. son W 05 S OK
  Ruth daughter W 02 S OK
WILLIAMS Percy C. head W 30 M1 AR
  Lissa I. wife W 22 M1 AR
  Comry son W 07 S AR
MEDLOCK Alice mother-in-law W 55 WD AR
CROSSET Guy A. head W 31 M1 TX
  Daisy wife W 24 M1 OK
  Guy son W 04 S OK
  Janice G. daughter W 1/12 S OK
KETCHEN Peter J. head W 26 M1 MO
  Bertha E. wife W 23 M1 MO
  Paul H. son W 04 S OK
  Genevive B. daughter W 02 S OK
  Frank brother W 32 S MO
BECK Edith B. lodger W 21 S IN
HARRISON Thomas B. head W 33 M1 MO
  Fannie wife W 38 M1 TX
  Leona daughter W 11 S TX
  Albert son W 09 S TX
  Olie daughter W 06 S TX
PAGE 23A            
SMITH William H. head W 30 M1 TX
  Irene M. wife W 20 M1 OK
WILLIAMS Clemmie sister-in-law W 15 S OK
CHERRY Charley K. head W 44 M2 TN
  Nettie wife W 37 M1 TX
  Alberta daughter W 10 S TX
  Vera L. daughter W 07 S TX
  Roy E. son W 05 S TX
HENDERSON Woffard head W 27 M1 TX
  Virgie wife W 24 M1 TX
  Leon son W 9/12 S TX
WAYMIRE Jacob F. head W 53 M1 CA
  Elithabeth wife W 55 M1 NY
McDOWELL Hattie daughter W 22 M1 TX
JASPER Elithabeth daughter W 18 M1 TX
JASPER Jack son-in-law W 22 M1 TX
ROBBINS Charles E. head W 31 M1 KS
  Elithabeth wife W 27 M1 MI
  Harry B. son W 03 S OK
TURNAGE Walter G. head W 39 M1 TN
  Mary E. wife W 26 M1 SD
  Jacob W. son W 08 S TX
  Hazel E. daughter W 03 S TX
BACHELOR Charley lodger W 58 M1 UT
COLEMAN Thaner lodger W 45 M1 IN
RAMEY John lodger W 33 S IN
WELSH George lodger W 39 M1 KY
BULLOCK Warner head W 27 M1 MO
  Lola wife W 25 M1 KS
  Ottis son W 04 S OK
MORGAN James P. head W 46 M1 TX
  Stella wife W 41 M1 MO
  John T. son W 21 S TX
  Maytie daughter W 18 S TX
  Lawrence son W 16 S TX
  Phillip son W 11 S TX
  Phoebe daughter W 09 S TX
ECHOLS Lee M. head W 35 M1 AL
  Annie E. wife W 42 M1 AR
  Oscar E. son W 13 S TX
  Martie G. daughter W 11 S TX
  Maggie daughter W 09 S TX
  Allen W. son W 06 S TX
  Bonnie M. daughter W 04 S OK
  Mamie O. daughter W 02 S OK
  Lucile daughter W 7/12 S OK
OSTEEN Lola R. stepdaughter W 18 S TX
  Tommie M. stepdaughter W 16 S TX
SMITH Arthur D. head W 30 M1 TX
  Mary E. wife W 25 M1 TX
PAGE 23B            
SMITH Lester Son W 03 S OK
GOLDER William Head W 48 WD OH
NELSON Peter lodger W 29 S TX
CHELBERG Charley lodger W 37 S TX
SPIES Nicholas lodger W 21 S IA
HASTAIN Gual lodger W 24 S TX
MURRAY Daniel lodger W 39 S NY
CAMPBELL William lodger W 26 S AR
HANSON Charles lodger W 34 S MN
MOONEY Daniel lodger W 37 S ID
BURR Patrick lodger W 23 S NY
REID William lodger W 31 S TX
OLESEN August lodger W 21 S IL
WALKER John lodger W 39 S GA
CASSIDY George lodger W 43 WD Ireland
BARRETT James lodger W 21 S MO
PHILLIPS George lodger W 28 S IL
RICHARDS Joseph lodger W 27 S TX
CURRAN Michael lodger W 34 S PA
JOHNSTON John lodger W 29 S KS
MOONEY Edward lodger W 22 S TX
SWEENEY John lodger W 22 S OK
NUGENT Austin lodger W 20 S TX
TODD James lodger W 23 S KS
SMITH James lodger W 41 WD IN
JOHNSTON Louis lodger W 37 S KS
MIX Lee lodger W 36 S VT
FARRELL James lodger W 39 S LA
SLADER Joseph lodger W 31 S SC
BURNS Mack lodger W 24 S IN
MULLINS Lee lodger W 29 S TX
RUETER Paul lodger W 27 S IL
FERNANDEZ Louis lodger W 31 S Mexico
GUETENBURRY Joseph lodger W 22 S MN
NEGRETE Unecio lodger W 27 S Mexico
FERMANDEY Fermando lodger W 31 S Mexico
FREVIUS Encarnacio lodger W 40 S Mexico
BUENO Abundio lodger W 34 S Mexico
GRACIA Jose lodger W 35 S Mexico
LIESBAN Victor lodger W 33 S Mexico
GONZALEY Jose lodger W 22 S Mexico
CORDOBO Fornas lodger W 27 S Mexico
BUENO Julian lodger W 36 S Mexico
EXPINOSA Fornas lodger W 28 S Mexico
REJAS Martin lodger W 41 S Mexico
FIRMANDA Antonio lodger W 36 S Mexico
GRACIA Demetrio lodger W 34 S Mexico
VASQUEZ Jacinto lodger W 37 S Mexico
FOVAR Jose lodger W 46 S Mexico
NAWARRETE Anistacio lodger W 42 S Mexico

Pgs 1A-3B, Pgs 4A-6B, Pgs 7A-9B, Pgs 10A-12B, Pgs 13A-15B, Pgs 16A-19B,
20A-23B, Pgs 24A-26B, Pgs 27A-29B, Pgs 30A-33B, Pgs 34A- 35B



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