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Soldiers of World War I

Bugler, Cook, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wagoner, etc...
were used as ranks...

K A = Killed in Action
D D = Died of Disease
D W = Died of Wounds
D A = Died of Accident
W A = Wounded in Action

Surnames beginning with B
Rank Surname Given Name From Death
Pg #
Pg #
Pvt. BAGWELL Arthur H. Pauls Valley WA   10
Sergeant BAILEY Alfred G. Eli DW 33  
Corporal BAILEY George F. Spiro DD 31  
Sergeant BAILEY Joe E. Holdenville KA 29  
Sgt. BAILEY Joe E. Holdenville KA   09
Private BAIRD Charles A. Tribbey DD 31  
Private BAIRD Clarence A. Caxton KA 29  
Private BAKER Alvin Wilburton KA 29  
Private BAKER Claude A. Lawton DA 34  
Sergeant BAKER George Kellyville KA 29  
Corporal BAKER Robert L. McComb KA 29  
Private BAKER William W. Walter KA 29  
Corporal BALL William R. Linsey DD 31  
Cpl. BALL William R. Lindsay KA   11
Private BARKER Claud Inola DD 31  
Pvt. BARKER Claude Inola DD   10
Private BARKSDALE Early Worth Oklahoma City DW 33  
Private BARNABY Wilburn R. Leflore DD 32  
Pvt. BARNABY Wilburn R. Leflore DD   15
Corporal BARNARD Harley Westville KA 29  
Private BARNES Arch Pierce DW 33  
Private BARNES Bartoney Summerfield DW 33  
Pvt. BARNES Bartoney Summerfield KA   10
Lieutenant BARNES Harry C. Jr. Tulsa DW 33  
Private BARNES Joe Baum KA 29  
Pvt. BARNES Joe Berwyn     11
Private BARNES Norris H. Oklahoma City DD 32  
Private BARNETT Cecil M. Durant DD 32  
Pvt. BARNETT Cecil M. Durant DD   09
Private BARNETT Remus Spiro DD 32  
Private BARTON Guy H. Foss DD 32  
Pvt. BARTON Guy H. Foss DD   10
Private BASINGER Elmer L. Tuttle KA 29  
Private BASS James F. Elk City KA 29  
Private BAUGH Joel L. Moyers KA 29  
Private BAUGH Richard P. Rattan KA 29  
Private BAUMAN Adolph T. Nahle KA 29  
Sergeant BAYLY Harry E. Tar River KA 29  
Private BEARD Kirkie M. Enid DD 32  
Pvt. BEARD Kirkie M. Enid DD   23
Mechanic BEAVER Sam Lyons KA 29  
Sergeant BEAVERS Roy G. Watts DW 33  
Private BEAVERS Willie Wetumka DD 32  
Private BECKHAM Willard Hydro KA 29  
Private BEDFORD Arthur Ardmore KA 29  
Pvt. BEDFORD Arthur Ardmore KA   11
Private BEESON Jesse D. Ruch Springs DD 32  
Pvt. BEESON Jesse D. Jr Chickasha DD   16
Private BEETS James H. Vinta DW 33  
Private BELK Oscar M. Coalgate KA 29  
Private BELL Herman H. Okmulgee KA 29  
Pvt. BELL Ivan A. Doxey KA   15
Private BELT Floyd W. Hickory KA 29  
Corporal BENEFIELD Corbet Caddo DA 34  
Corporal BENNETT Chas. S. Tulsa DW 33  
Private BENNETT Jesse J. Ada DD 32  
Private BENNETT Robert E. Chickasha KA 29  
Private BENNETT Thomas H. Faxon DD 32  
Private BERG David L. Pawnee KA 29  
Private BERRY Lemuel L. Afton DW 33  
Private BERRYHILL Charlie Sapulpa KA 29  
Private BEST Everett M. Hennessey KA 29  
Private BETSWORTH Vern F. Canton DD 32  
Mech. BETTS Durey L. Tishomingo WA   10
Corporal BEYERS Harry L. Perry DD 31  
Private BIGGS Clare W. Chickasha DD 32  
Pvt. BIGGS Clare W. Chickasha DD   11
Pvt. BILDERBACK Chester M. Hollis WA   10
Private BILLBE William A. Henryetta KA 29  
Corporal BISHOP Truiett B. Muskogee KA 29  
Private BIVIN Loyd J. Enid DD 32  
Private BLACK Homer Lexington DA 34  
Private BLACK William P. Hunter KA 29  
Pvt. BLACK William P. Hunter KA   11
Private BLACKMAN Wylie Yarnaby DD 32  
Private BLACKMORE Lesse D. Stillwell KA 29  
Private BLACKWELL Florence Octavia DW 33  
Pvt. BLACKWELL Florence C. Octavia DD   13
Private BLAGG Charley Mountain View KA 29  
Corporal BLAIR Harry H. Picher DW 33  
Pvt. BLAKEMORE Jesse D. Stillwell KA   11
Private BLAKSLEY Eli Quinlan KA 29  
Pvt. BLAKSLEY Eli Quinlan KA   10
Sergeant BLALOCK Guy A. Mannsville KA 29  
Sgt. BLALOCK Guy A. Boley KA   09
Private BLANKENSHIP Bert M. Quapaw KA 29  
Private BLANKENSHIP Burmay Pauls Valley KA 29  
Private BLANTON Jesse James Norman DW 33  
Private BLEDSOE Bert Bradley KA 29  
Private BLEDSOW Henry Hobart DD 32  
Sergeant BOCK Harry W. Pawnee DW 33  
Private BOERTSLER Harry E. Henryetta KA 29  
Private BOETGGER Martin J. Oklahoma City KA 29  
Pvt. BOETTGER Martin J. Oklahoma City KA   09
Pvt. BOGGS Javan Tamaha KA   10
Pvt. BOLAN John W. Kinta WA   11
Private BOLING Frank Miron Norman DD 32  
Corporal BOND Arthur E. Scipio DW 33  
Private BOND Herbert Harle Berwyn KA 29  
Sergeant BOND James N. Blanchard DW 33  
Sgt. BOND James N. Blanchard DW   11
Private BONNELL Ira E. Coltry KA 29  
Private BOOHER George R. Tuttle KA 29  
Private BOONE Daniel D. Delhi KA 29  
Pvt. BOOTH Hiran Leflore WA   13
Private BOOTH Hirun B. Leflore KA 29  
Private BOOTHE Willis Hanson DW 33  
Private BORDERS Roy George DD 32  
Pvt. BORLOW Robert N. Boswell WA   26
Sergeant BOUSE Charles S. Chandler KA 29  
Private BOWKER George Williamsburg DD 32  
Private BOWLEG Budd S. Wewoka DD 32  
Private BOWLIN John L. Jr. Duncan DD 32  
Corporal BOWMAN Frank J. Lawton KA 29  
Private BOX Jolm E. Creekola KA 29  
Private BOYATT Oscar Enid DW   13
Private BOYATT Oscar Enid DW 33  
Pvt. BOYD Jesse J. Tipton KA   10
Sgt. BOYD Joseph A. Scipio KA   10
Sergeant BOYD Joseph Alexander Scipio KA 29  
Private BOYD Spurrier R. Durant DD 32  
Corporal BRACKETT Jeff Talequah DD 31  
Sergeant BRADLEY Alfred C. Shawnee DW 33  
Private BRADLEY Prince Lawton KA 29  
Pvt. BRADLEY William W. Frederick WA   10
Sgt. BRADY Charles L. Tar River WA   10
Corporal BRADY Frank R. Muskogee DW 33  
Corporal BRANTLEY Clyde Leo Goodwell DW 33  
Private BRATTON Hubert H. Guymon KA 29  
Private BRECKENRIDGE Robert M. Hennessey KA 29  
Lieutenant BREEDING Dick B. Holdenville KA 29  
Lt. BREEDING Dick B. Holdenville KA   09
Private BREEDLOVE Elsa Claremore KA 29  
Private BREWER Albert Boswell DD 32  
Private BREWER Albert Royal DW 33  
Private BRIDGE Ray Hollis KA 29  
Pvt. BRIDGE Ray Hollis KA   11
Private BRIDWELL Will M. Purcell DW 33  
Private BRISENDINE Robert O. Canadian KA 29  
Private BROCK Rube H. Russellville DW 33  
Private BROOKSHER James W. Anderson KA 29  
Private BROOKSHIRE Glenn Cushing DD 32  
Private BROOKSHIRE Granville E. Cushing KA 29  
Private BROWN Artie E. Oklahoma City KA 29  
Private BROWN George Lanapah DD 32  
Private BROWN Grady W. Bristow KA 29  
Pvt. BROWN Grady W. Bristow KA   10
Private BROWN Harry Shawnee KA 29  
Wagr. BROWN James ?. King Fisher WA   28
Pvt. BROWN Thomas F. Kingfisher WA   26
Private BROWN Vester Tobias Graft KA 29  
Private BROWN Walter Howe DD 32  
Sergeant BROWN William C. Hinton KA 29  
Pvt. BROWN William E. Knowles DW   09
Private BROWN William Earl Knowles DW 33  
Private BROWN William H. Byars DD 32  
Sergeant BROWNE Ralph W. Autwine KA 29  
Private BROWNING Luther Elgin KA 29  
Private BRYAN Joseph P. Chickasha KA 29  
Sergeant BRYANT Calvin R. Norman DW 33  
Bugl. BRYANT James H. Boswell KA   09
Bugler BRYANT James H. Boswell KA 29  
Private BRYANT Ray Harvey Oklahoma City KA 29  
Private BUCHANAN Clyde Emry Valliant DW 33  
Corporal BUMGARNER William Tulsa KA 29  
Private BUNTLEY Robert M. Putnam DD 32  
Pvt. BUNTLEY Robert M. Putnam DD   10
Private BURCH Waldo Marietta KA 29  
Private BURDUE Earl B. Manchester DW 33  
Lieutenant BURK Hobart E. Muskogee DW 33  
Private BURKE Charles B. Madill DA 34  
Private BURNETT William D. Lexington KA 29  
Pvt. BURNETT William O. Lexington KA   11
Sergeant BURNETTE Arleigh Omega KA 29  
Pvt. BURNS Warren H. Elgin WA   15
Sergeant BURNSIDE George M. Sand Springs DD 31  
Private BUSH Frank H. Eddy DW 33  
Private BUSSEY John T. Maud KA 29  
Pvt. BUSSEY John T. Maud KA   15
Corporal BUSSEY Mack D. Keefeton DD 31  
Private BUTLER Dennis Stillwell KA 29  
Private BUTLER Dennis Stilwell DA 34  
Private BUTLER John A. Randolph DD 32  
Private BUTLER Oliver Shonetown DD 32  
Pvt. BUTTLER Dennis Stillwell KA   09
Private BUTTON Flynn F. Fairfax KA 29  
Sergeant BUYATTE Ambrose Xavier Muskogee DD 31  
Sergeant BUZARD Emmett E. Waukomis KA 29  
Pvt. BYRD Harvey R. Centrahoma DW   28
Private BYRDSONG Aulston Grant DD 32  

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