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Soldiers of World War I

Bugler, Cook, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wagoner, etc...
were used as ranks...

K A = Killed in Action
D D = Died of Disease
D W = Died of Wounds
D A = Died of Accident
W A = Wounded in Action

Surnames beginning with E
Rank Surname Given Name From Death
Pg #
Pg #
Private EASTON Roscoe Geronimo KA 30  
Private EATON Robert Price Enid DW 33  
Private EBERHART Lewis E. Tulsa DW 33  
Corporal EDDINGS Noah E. Butler KA 29  
Pvt. EDGE O. U. Boswell WA   15
Private EDWARDS Earl R. Francis DD 32  
Private EDWARDS Edward N. Sabal DD 32  
Private EDWARDS James G. Maud KA 30  
Private EKSTROM Edgar R. Oklahoma City KA 30  
Private ELAM Clifford Deflyd Enid KA 30  
Private ELLEDGE John G. Mannford KA 30  
Pvt. ELLEDGE John G. Mannford KA   16
Private ELLIOT Stanley Elgin KA 30  
Private ELLIS Newton M. Mill Creek KA 30  
Pvt. ELLIS Norman Calera WA   16
Private ELLIS Valter S. Perry KA 30  
Private EMINGTON John E. Chanute DD 32  
Private ENGLISH Robert I. Bridgeport KA 30  
Pvt. ENGLISH Robert I. Bridgeport KA   13
Private ERNEST William W. Medford KA 30  
Private ERWIN John N. Hugo DD 32  
Private ESTES Charlie H. Agra DW 33  
Private ESTES Orville Rankin KA 30  
Private ESTES Samuel J. Eldorado KA 30  
Cpl. ESTILL Reid Tulsa KA   13
Private ESTILL Reid P. Tulsa KA 30  
Sergeant ETHRIDGE George Okmulgee KA 29  
Pvt. EUBANKS Lonnie M. Wardsprings WA   15
Wagoner EVANS Herbert M. Duncan DD 31  
Wagr. EVANS Herbert M. Duncan DD   13
Private EVANS Herbert S. McAlester DA 34  
Pvt. EVANS Herbert S. Parker KA   22
Private EVANS Hugh I. Duncan DD 32  
Pvt. EVANS Hugh I. Duncan DD   16
Cpl. EVANS James M. Osage WA   16

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