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Soldiers of World War I

Bugler, Cook, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wagoner, etc...
were used as ranks...

K A = Killed in Action
D D = Died of Disease
D W = Died of Wounds
D A = Died of Accident
W A = Wounded in Action

Surnames beginning with G
Rank Surname Given Name From Death
Pg #
Pg #
Private GAINER Henry Eufaula DD 32  
Private GAINS Charlie T. Okemah KA 30  
Pvt. GAINS Charlie T. Okemaha KA   27
Corporal GAMMILL Samuel A. Sapulpa KA 29  
Private GAMMON Lewis Cherokee DD 32  
Sergeant GANE William B. Helena KA 29  
Wagoner GARDNER Emmett Atlee DW 33  
Wagr. GARDNER Emmett Ringling KA   27
Private GARNER Julius E. Blanchard DA 34  
Private GARRETT Alexander P. Mangum KA 30  
Private GARTEN Leon B. Moorland KA 30  
Private GARVIN William D. Jr. Austin DD 32  
Pvt. GATES George A. Duncan WA   28
Pvt. GATES Weldon A. Oklahoma City WA   24
Private GATLIN Earl S. Loobeka KA 30  
Pvt. GATLIN Earl S. Loobeka KA   14
Private GAWLET Ross Pittsburg DW 33  
Sergeant GAYLE Frederic P. Okmulgee KA 29  
Sergeant GEARY John L. Altus KA 29  
Private GEORGE Harry T. Junction DD 32  
Private GIBBONS Mark Henryetta DD 32  
Private GILBERT Orliff R. Hinton KA 30  
Corporal GILL Bernard A.. McLoud KA 29  
Private GILLUM Jesse Verne Hinton DD 32  
Private GILSON Eddie J. Shattuck DA 34  
Private GILYARD Jim Muskogee DD 32  
Private GIPSON Anthony W. Lawton DA 34  
Private GIRK Cleo M. Forgan DD 32  
Private GIVENS Loyd Bumford Soper KA 30  
Sergeant GLASCO William A. Wellston KA 29  
Sgt. GLASCO William A. Wellston KA   14
Private GLAZEBROOK Preston D. Kaw City KA 30  
Private GLENN William H. Florence KA 30  
Private GOFF Samuel L. Sallisaw KA 30  
Private GOFF Samuel L. Sallisaw DA 34  
Pvt. GOIDINGER Felix H. Sayre WA   14
Private GOLD Harry Canton KA 30  
Private GOODBEAR Harvey Thomas KA 30  
Private GOODEN Chester E. Jones DD 32  
Private GOODSON Raymond M. Hobart KA 30  
Pvt. GOODWIN Bill T. Heavener WA   14
Private GOODWIN James W. Stratford DW 33  
Pvt. GOODWIN James W. Stratford DW   27
Pvt. GOODWIN Johnnie F. Corn WA   14
Private GORDIN Freddie Wewoka DD 32  
Sergeant GORDON Ernest D. Mulhall KA 29  
Sgt. GORDON Ernest D. Mulhall KA   14
Private GORDON Leon W. Tulsa KA 30  
Private GORE Berl Kemp DD 32  
Private GORE Harmon M. Altus KA 30  
Private GOW Mack Duncan KA 30  
Private GRAHAM Frank L. Colony DW 33  
Private GRAHAM John H. Bushyhead KA 30  
Pvt. GRAHAM John M. Bushyhead KA   14
Private GRAMLEY John J. Crescent KA 30  
Private GRAVES Foy H. Okurchie DD 32  
Private GRAVES Fred B. Sand Springs DD 32  
Private GRAY Ira A. Paden DD 32  
Private GRAY Morris W. Texola DW 33  
Pvt. GRAY Morris W. Texola DW   14
Corporal GRAYSON Henry Oktaha DD 31  
Private GREELEY Thomas J. Idabel DD 32  
Private GREEN Alvis Wade Alluwe DD 32  
Private GREEN Archie B. Shamrock DA 34  
Private GREEN Earl Sand Springs KA 30  
Private GREEN Elbridge Burtis Cestos DW 33  
Sergeant GREEN James A. Woodward KA 29  
Sergeant GREENE John H. Durant KA 29  
Private GREENMYER Robert J. McCurtain DD 32  
Private GREER Raymond Sleet Sand Springs KA 30  
Sgt. GREGORY Terrell W Frederick DW   14
Private GRICSEMER Emanuel Watonga DW 33  
Cpl. GRIFFIN Ben F Kaw WA   14
Private GRIFFIN Claude E. Bluger DD 32  
Pvt. GRIFFIN Claude E. Binger DD   17
Corporal GRIGSBY Lawrence E. Welch DW 33  
Private GRIMES Thomas H. Lenora KA 30  
Mechanic GRIMES Tom Frederick DW 33  
Private GROSS Charles A. Ada KA 30  
Private GROTE Sherman Oilton KA 30  
Private GROVER Otho L. Putnam DD 32  
Cpl. GRUBE Wesley Broken Arrow KA   14
Corporal GRUBE Wesley F. Broken Arrow KA 29  
Private GUFFEY John. D. Lutie DD 32  
Pvt. GUMM John M. Cleveland DD   14
Private GUMM John Marion Cleveland DD 32  
Private GUNSTANSON Ola Hastings KA 30  
Pvt. GUNSTANSON Ola Hastings KA   24
Cook GUTHRIE William T. Billings DD 31  
Pvt. GWANTNEY James C. Tiawan KA   14
Captain GWYNNE Harry S. Tulsa DA 34  

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