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Soldiers of World War I

Bugler, Cook, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wagoner, etc...
were used as ranks...

K A = Killed in Action
D D = Died of Disease
D W = Died of Wounds
D A = Died of Accident
W A = Wounded in Action

Surnames beginning with T
Rank Surname Given Name From Death
Pg #
Pg #
Private TALLENT Rubin Anadarko KA 31  
Pvt. TALLENT Rubin Anadarko KA   25
Private TALLEY John L. Cana DW 34  
Private TARR Charles L. Cordell KA 31  
Private TARRANT Robert Hooker KA 31  
Private TARRANT Robert Hooker DW 34  
Musc. TATOM Bartells N. Shawnee DD   25
Musician TATOM Bartells N. Shawnee DD 31  
Private TAYLOR Albert L. Fay KA 31  
Private TAYLOR Bowie G. Womick DD 33  
Pvt. TAYLOR Frank R. Mill Creek WA   25
Sergeant TAYLOR Lester W. Temple KA 29  
Sergeant TAYLOR Marion F. Wawoka KA 29  
Sgt. TAYLOR Marion F. Wewoka KA   18
Private TAYLOR Wiley A. Gideon DD 33  
Corporal TECH William Calumet DW 33  
Private TEDRICK Claude. McAlester KA 31  
Sergeant TEEL James H. Bartlesville KA 29  
Pvt. TENNIN Lem B. Shawnee DD   16
Private TERRELL Joseph Petitt DW 34  
Pvt. TERRELL Joseph Pettit KA   25
Corporal TERRILL William R. Guthrie DW 33  
Private TEURMAN Charles D. Elk City DD 33  
Pvt. TEWMAN Charles D. Elk City DD   25
Private THEIN Roy A. El Reno DW 34  
Private THOMAS Alvey S. Hoffman KA 31  
Private THOMAS Charley Carney DD 33  
Pvt. THOMAS Charley Carney DD   25
Private THOMPSON David Peter Ardmore DW 34  
Private THOMPSON Delwin A. Walters KA 31  
Private THOMPSON Raymond H. Bartlesville DW 34  
Private THOMPSON Samuel Nicholas Chickasha DW 34  
Private THOMPSON Walter M. Garvin KA 31  
Private THRASHER Harry F. Cleveland DD 33  
Private TIGER Oscar Okemah DD 33  
Pvt. TIGER Oscar Okomah DD   25
Private TIGER Willie Stroud DD 33  
Pvt. TILLISON Ora E. Ramona WA   25
Private TIMS Edmond Hugo KA 31  
Private TINNIN Lem B. Shawnee DD 33  
Private TIPPIE Charles Kusa KA 31  
Pvt. TIPPIE Charles E. Kusa KA   25
Private TIPTON Cecil K. Dryden DD 33  
Private TIPTON Walter A. Muskogee DW 34  
Pvt. TIPTON Walter A. Muskogee KA   25
Sergeant TOLLE John W. Pauls Valley DW 33  
Private TOTTY Rudolph Hoyt KA 31  
Pvt. TOTTY Rudolph A. Hoyt KA   25
Private TOWNS Benjamin Okeene DD 33  
Pvt. TOWNSEND Ewbel Achille KA   27
Private TOWNSEND Ewell L. Achille KA 31  
Sergeant TREGO Lawrence Woodward KA 29  
Private TRESNER Louis A. Tuttle DA 34  
Mech. TRIMBLE Earl D. Oklahoma City KA   25
Private TRIMBLE Karl D. Oklahoma City DW 34  
Private TRIPLET Erna W. Earlsboro KA 31  
Cpl. TRIPLETT Ray P. Ramona WA   25
Private TUCCI Guisseppe Okmulgee KA 31  
Private TUCKER Zeff S. Tulsa DD 33  
Private TUDOR John H. Weetumka KA 31  
Private TURNBOW James A. Bennington DD 33  
Private TURNBULL Albert Achille KA 31  
Pvt. TURNBULL Albert Ochille KA   25
Private TURNER Albert Lee Okemah KA 31  
Private TURNER Burnela L. Elmwood DW 34  
Private TURNER Ernest G. Kellyville KA 31  
Pvt. TURNER Ernest G. Kellyville KA   25
Private TURNER Florence W. Thackerville KA 31  
Private TURNER Ovea K. Oilton DD 33  
Private TURNEY Ben F. Stigler KA 31  
Pvt. TURNEY Ben F. Stigler KA   25
Pvt. TYNER Elijah A. Maud DW   21
Private TYNER Elizah A. Maud DW 34  
Private TYSZKOWICZ Anton Bartlesville KA 31  

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