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Soldiers of World War I

Bugler, Cook, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wagoner, etc...
were used as ranks...

K A = Killed in Action
D D = Died of Disease
D W = Died of Wounds
D A = Died of Accident
W A = Wounded in Action

Surnames beginning with H
Rank Surname Given Name From Death
Pg #
Pg #
Private HABECK Paul F. Cheyenne KA 30  
Private HACKLER Galvin R Collinsville KA 30  
Private HAGAN David J. Okeene DW 33  
Pvt. HAGEN David J. Okeene DW   18
Private HAGER Carl Alderson KA 30  
Private HAIR William Oscar Gore KA 30  
Private HALE Carroll Polian Bison KA 30  
Private HALFORD Robert M. McMillan KA 30  
Sergeant HALL Burton H. Carmon KA 29  
Private HALL Henry L. Bearden DD 32  
Private HALL William H. Blue Jacket KA 30  
Private HALSEY Claude L. Blackwell KA 30  
Private HAMBURGER Henry Weatherford KA 30  
Pvt. HAMBURGER Henry Weatherford     17
Corporal HAMILL William G. Crowder KA 29  
Sgt. HAMMACK W. R. Chandler WA   17
Private HANCOCK Henry Page DD 32  
Private HANCOCK Verner Boteau KA 30  
Pvt. HANCOCK Verner Poteau KA   17
Cpl. HANES George M. Wagoner DW   17
Pvt. HANES Richard W. Dora WA   17
Private HANNA Grover C. Headrick KA 30  
Captain HANNER Carter C. Stillwater KA 29  
Captain HANNER Carter C. Stillwater DW 33  
Private HARBIN Charles Tom DD 32  
Private HARDY Kennedy Clayton KA 30  
Pvt. HARDY Kennedy Nashoda KA   12
Private HARJO William S. Okemah KA 30  
Private HARMON Le Roy Henryetta DD 32  
Private HARMON Robert H. Pauls Valley DD 32  
Pvt. HARMON Trave L. Utica WA   28
Private HARPER Willis Porun KA 30  
Pvt. HARPER Willis Porun KA   16
Private HARRIS Albert L. Mill Creek DW 33  
Private HARRIS Charles Ardmore DD 32  
Private HARRIS Edgar L. Comanche DD 32  
Private HARRIS George A. Coleman KA 30  
Private HARRIS Phil P. Durant KA 30  
Corporal HARRISON George W. Gage KA 29  
Lieutenant HARRISON Richard Wewoka DW 33  
Lt. HARRISON Richard Wewoka KA   28
Pvt. HARRISON William M. Supply WA   17
Private HARRY George Hennessey KA 30  
Private HARSHBARGER Earnest H. Cache DW 33  
Pvt. HARTSFIELD Bennie Stuart DD   17
Private HARTSFIELD William B. Stuart DD 32  
Private HARVEY Frederick O. Welch KA 30  
Private HARWELL Fred Chanslor Webbers Falls KA 30  
Pvt. HATCH Thomas F. Paoli WA   16
Bugler HAVENS John W. Oklahoma City KA 29  
Corporal HAVENSTRITE Rex A. Lovell KA 29  
Corporal HAWKER George G. Vici DD 31  
Private HAWKINS Claud Arcadia KA 30  
Private HAWKINS Claude Boley DD 32  
Cpl. HAYES Charley Park Hill DW   17
Private HAYGOOD Henry Okmulgee DW 33  
Private HAYNES William Webbers Falls KA 30  
Corporal HAYS Charlie Park Hill DW 33  
Private HAYSLIP Charlie C. Wade KA 30  
Private HAYWARD Edward L. Oklahoma City KA 30  
Private HAYWORTH Raymond C. Fargo DD 32  
Capt HEARD Elmer Weleetka WA   17
Private HEATLY Homer V. Mangum KA 30  
Private HEATON Ralph E. Tulsa KA 30  
Pvt. HEATON Ralph E. Tulsa KA   27
Private HEDRICK A. B. Grant KA 30  
Pvt. HEDRICK A. B. Grant KA   17
Sergeant HEFFRON Walter R. Lookeba KA 29  
Private HEINSOHN Ora G. Grand DD 32  
Pvt. HEINSOHN Ora G. Grand DD   19
Pvt. HELMS William M. Altus KA   19
Private HELMS William Murphy Altus KA 30  
Private HELVEY Don D. Stroud DD 32  
Private HENDERSON Claude Hanna DD 32  
Private HENDERSON Clyde J. Ray DW 33  
Private HENDERSON Jesse L. Cheyenne DW 33  
Pvt. HENDERSON John S. Tahlequah WA   19
Corporal HENDRICKS Cecil M. Duke KA 29  
Private HENDRIX Johnston Alvis Spiro KA 30  
Corporal HENNESSY James Braman KA 29  
Private HENSLEY Silva Boswell DD 32  
Private HENSON Roscoe Taft DW 33  
Pvt. HENSON Roscoe Taft DW   16
Pvt. HERBERT Logan H. Earlsboro WA   16
Private HERN Orville F. Lahoma DD 32  
Private HERNDON Ed Nelson DD 32  
Pvt. HERNDON Edd Nelson DD   28
Corporal HERNDON Ross Madill DD 31  
Private HERT Frank E. Perkins DD 32  
Private HETTINGER Meince J. Manchester KA 30  
Private HIATT Loren Eva DD 32  
Bugl. HICKERSON Roy L. Stuart WA   19
Cpl. HICKMAN Ellsworth Agra WA   28
Private HICKOK Clarence H. Nash DW 33  
Pvt. HICKOK Clarence R. Nash DW   17
Private HICKS Bernard L. Westville DD 32  
Private HICKS Howard S. Sapulpa KA 30  
Wagoner HIGH James Arthur Lawton DD 31  
Private HIGHLAND Jesse M. Buffalo KA 30  
Sergeant HIGNIGHT Earl K. Ardmore DW 33  
Private HILL Charlie P. Hanna KA 30  
Private HILL John T. Frederick KA 30  
Corporal HILL Lon A. Chickasha KA 29  
Cpl. HILL Lon A. Chickasha KA   17
Pvt. HILL William C. Strong City KA   16
Corporal HILL William D. Strong City KA 29  
Private HILL William J. Tecumseh KA 30  
Private HINKLE Smith Forgan DD 32  
Corporal HIRSCHI Chester A. Guthrie KA 29  
Cpl. HIRSCHI Chester A. Guthrie KA   16
Private HISER Clell Kiefer KA 30  
Private HOBBS Emory Foster DD 32  
Private HOCKMAN Grover C. Salt Fork DD 32  
Sergeant HOFFMAN Clyde O. El Reno DW 33  
Private HOLBROOK Clarence E. Delaware KA 30  
Cpl. HOLDER Cecil H New Healdton WA   17
Private HOLLARN Frederick Cyril KA 30  
Pvt. HOLLIMAN Huice W. Howe KA   16
Private HOLLIMAN Hula W. Howe DW 33  
Private HOLLOWAY Levi Oklahoma City DD 32  
Private HOLMES Charles T. Coalgate KA 30  
Private HOLT Adolphus O. Durant DD 32  
Lieutenant HOMSHER Leroy S. Tulsa DD 31  
Private HOOPER George F. Sulphur KA 30  
Pvt. HOOPER George F. Sulphur KA   17
Private HOOVER Claud R. McAlester DD 32  
Pvt. HOOVER Claud R. McAlester DD   16
Private HOOVER Philip H. Lequire DW 33  
Private HORN Virgil E. Nowata DW 33  
Private HOSKINS Ned Vinita KA 30  
Private HOSTETTER William C. Oklahoma City DD 32  
Private HOWARD Norman V. Maysville KA 30  
Pvt. HOWELL Henry P. Okmulgee DD   17
Private HOWELL Henry Perry Okmulgee DD 32  
Pvt. HOWELL William R. Morris WA   17
Private HOWETH Pearl Royal KA 30  
Corporal HUBBS Alvis Wetumka DD 31  
Private HUDDLESTON Talmage M. Isabell DD 32  
Private HUDSON Eugene Perry DW 33  
Corporal HUFF Douglas D. Wister DA 34  
Private HUFF William N. Ponca City DW 33  
Pvt. HULL Dick Maramec WA   17
Private HULL Ernest L. Cordell KA 30  
Mechanic HULME Lewis W. Cushing KA 29  
Private HULSEY Virgil Haskell DD 32  
Private HULTZ Oliver A. Blackwell KA 30  
Private HUMPPHRIES Tom P. Elmore KA 30  
Private HUNT Charles Davis DW 33  
Pvt. HUNT Charles E. Davis DW   17
Wagoner HUNT Ralph William Temple KA 29  
Wagoner HUNT Ralph William Temple DW 33  
Mechanic HUNT Sterling Robert Wilburton KA 29  
Private HUNTER Hale Buffalo KA 30  
Private HUNTER Robbie B. Beardon DD 32  
Private HUNTER Thomas E. Broken Arrow DW 33  
Private HUNTER Willie El Reno KA 30  
Sergeant HURST Miles P. Holdenville KA 29  
Private HURT Frank J. Orion KA 30  
Private HUSTON Leonard C. Galena KA 30  
Corporal HUTCHINSON Merlo M. Bartlesville DD 31  
Private HUTSON Malcolm B. Forgan KA 30  
Private HYATT Arthur Hartlesville DW 33  

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