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Soldiers of World War I

Bugler, Cook, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wagoner, etc...
were used as ranks...

K A = Killed in Action
D D = Died of Disease
D W = Died of Wounds
D A = Died of Accident
W A = Wounded in Action

Surnames beginning with D
Rank Surname Given Name From Death
Pg #
Pg #
Private DAFFIN Jim M. Atoka DW 33  
Private DAKIN Don C. Kingfisher KA 30  
Sergeant DALE Cleason M. Okarche DW 33  
Sgt. DALE Cleason M. Okarche DW   09
Private DANIEL Thomas E. Anadarko DW 33  
Corporal DANIELS John C. Collinsville KA 29  
Private DANTONI Jim Wilburton DD 32  
Pvt. DARE David C. Grimes WA   12
Private DAVENPORT Robert G. Pauls Valley KA 30  
Private DAVIS Arthur Webbers Falls DD 32  
Private DAVIS Arthur Webbers Falls DA 34  
Private DAVIS August McCurtain KA 30  
Pvt. DAVIS Harold H. Owasso WA   12
Private DAVIS James D. Mill Creek KA 30  
Sergeant DAVIS Lewis Delaware KA 29  
Private DAVIS Luther Mounds DD 32  
Pvt. DAVIS Mitchell Russellville WA   12
Private DAVIS Orin H. Marietta DD 32  
Colonel DAVIS William D. Muskogee KA 29  
Private DAVIS Willis A. Vici KA 30  
Private DAWSON Fred B. Stillwater KA 30  
Pvt. DAWSON Fred B. Stillwater KA   12
Pvt. de CORDOVA Sterling G. Tishomingo WA   15
Private DEAN Henry G. Kiamichi KA 30  
Corporal DEAN Herbert H. Estella DW 33  
Pvt. DEAN John L. Hennessey WA   12
Private DEARMON Omer C. McCurtain DD 32  
Pvt. DeARMON Omer C. McCurtain DD   12
Private DEARMON Wayne McCurtain KA 30  
Private DEBO William O. Delaware DD 32  
Private DEEVERS Baldwin F. Bartlesville DD 32  
Pvt. DEEVERS Baldwin F. Bartlesville DW   12
Private DELK Grear C. Stigler DD 32  
Pvt. DELK Grear C. Stigler DD   15
Private DELLINGER Amboyne H. Getcho DD 32  
Corporal DELOZIER John E. Adair DW 33  
Cpl. DeLOZIER John E. Adair DW   12
Private DENTON Clarence Alesworth DD 32  
Private DENTON Stonie Davis DD 32  
Private DESHAZO Charlie L. Olustee KA 30  
Private DIACON Leo M. Goltry DD 32  
Sergeant DICKERSON Charles B. Walters DD 31  
Private DICKSON Grover C. Elmer KA 30  
Private DILLAHUNTY Paul H. Idabel DD 32  
pvt. DILLAHUNTY Paul H. Idabel DD   11
Private DITZLER Frank H. Wetumka KA 30  
Private DOAKE Thomas M. Katie KA 30  
Private DOAKES Willard Tulsa KA 30  
Corporal DOBBS Harry H. Duncan KA 29  
Cpl. DOBBS Harry H. Duncan KA   12
Private DODD John S. Holly Creek KA 30  
Pvt. DODD John S. Broken Bow KA   12
Sergeant DODSON Roy W. Miami DA 34  
Pvt. DOFFIN Jim M. Bruno DW   12
Private DONAGHE Toll Haskell DW 33  
Pvt. DONAGHE Toll Haskell DW   12
Private DONALDSON Irvin F. Cushing KA 30  
Private DONOVAN Charles Jr. Fairfax KA 30  
Sergeant DOOLEY Archie L. Chandler KA 29  
Private DOOLEY Tom Dill KA 30  
Private DORY Charley B. Pauls Valley DA 34  
Private DOYLE John Maud KA 30  
Wagoner DRAKE Edwin L. Gage KA 29  
Wagoner DRAKE Edwin L. Gage DA 34  
Private DRAKE Wilber R. Fargo DW 33  
Pvt. DRAKE Wilbur R. Fargo DW   12
Lieutenant DREW Walter W. Ardmore KA 29  
Private DUKE Walter E. Port KA 30  
Pvt. DUKE Walter E. Port KA   09
Private DULANEY Dick El Reno DW 33  
Private DUNCAN John Dewar KA 30  
Private DUNLAP Lee Stigler KA 30  
Pvt. DUNN Elns E. Stroud KA   09
Private DUNN James W. Poteau DA 34  
Pvt. DUNN Stephen C. Bradley WA   15
Private DUNN Ulus E. Stroud DW 33  
Cpl. DURHAM Walter A. Crescent DW   09
Private DURHAM Walter A. Coweta DW 33  
Private DUSTON James E. Ardmore KA 30  
Private DUTY Charlie T. Bennington DD 32  
Pvt. DUTY Charlie T. Bennington DD   12
Private DYKES Ollie O. Stillwater DW 33  
Private DYSON Alva O. Marble City DW 33  

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