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Soldiers of World War I

Bugler, Cook, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wagoner, etc...
were used as ranks...

K A = Killed in Action
D D = Died of Disease
D W = Died of Wounds
D A = Died of Accident
W A = Wounded in Action

Surnames beginning with Mc
Rank Surname Given Name From Death
Pg #
Pg #
Private McBRIDE Stephen D. Watonga KA 30  
Private McBURNETT Wesley P. Overbrook KA 30  
Private McCABE Edward Lenna KA 30  
Private McCARTNEY Raleigh G. Pawhuska KA 30  
Private McCARTY Jessie E. Mayfield DD 32  
Pvt. McCASTNEY Raleigh G. Pawhuska KA   20
Private McCLANE Delhert E. EIReno KA 30  
Private McCLAREN Hardin A. Muskogee DW 33  
Private McCLEARY Kyle T. Morris KA 30  
Private McCLOUD Emmitt Strattford KA 30  
Private McCLURE Henry E. Haywood DD 32  
Pvt. McCLURE Henry E. Haywood DD   20
Sergeant Major McCONATHY Grover Samuel Madill DD 31  
Private McCONNELL James Harvey Cincinnati DD 32  
Private McCONNELL Robert G. Edmond DD 32  
Private McCORD Edgar L. Watorga DD 32  
Private McCORMICK William M. Lutie DD 32  
Pvt. McCOY Jonathan S. Monroe KA   20
Private McCOY Jonuathan Stephens Monroe KA 30  
Private McCREARY Harry C. Ringwood KA 30  
Pvt. McCREARY Harry C. Ringwood KA   21
Corporal McCURDY Jeff Robert Daisy DD 31  
Corporal McCURDY R. J. Daisy DD 31  
Private McCUTHAN David G. Helena KA 30  
Private McDANIEL Clyde Bertrand DD 32  
Private McDANIELD Tom Wirt KA 30  
Private McDONALD E. J. Drummond KA 30  
Private McDONALD Richard M. Arapaho KA 30  
Private McFARLAND Dee Bluff DD 32  
Private McFARLAND Rolley O.. Bliss DD 32  
Pvt. McFARLANE Harrie A. Roll KA   21
Private McFARLANE Harry Role KA 30  
Private McGARR Fred Woodville DD 32  
Pvt. McGARR Fred Woodville DD   20
Private McGEE David Sardis DD 32  
Pvt. McGINNIS C. I. Mutual WA   20
Private McGOWAN Lloyd W. Mexhoma KA 30  
Corporal McGRIFF Leo Bailey DD 31  
Private McGUIRE Andrew P. Milburn DW 33  
Corporal McKAY William S. Snow KA 29  
Private McKEE James T. Schultz DA 34  
Private McKELLAR Newton M. Nowata KA 30  
Cpl. McKENNEY Fred L. Hunter KA   20
Corporal McKENNEY Fred Lewis Hunter KA 29  
Private McKENNEY James O. Claremore DW 33  
Private McKINNEY Samuel Stonewall KA 30  
Pvt. McKINNEY Samuel Stonewall KA   21
Private McKINNON Deb Dibble DW 33  
Corporal McKISSICK Earl I. Bartlesville KA 29  
Cpl. McKISSICK Earl I. Bartlesville KA   20
Pvt. McLADUE Benedict Okmulgee KA   21
Private McLAIN Earl Leonard Gray KA 30  
Private McNAC Charlie Fort Gibson DD 32  
Pvt. McNEELY Phillip Hastings WA   21
Pvt. McPHERSON Dennis M. Wellston WA   20
Pvt. McROGERS Gov Blair KA   22
Batn. Sgt. Maj. McSHANE John J. Pauls Valley KA 29  
Private McTAGUE Benedict Okmulgee KA 30  

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