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Soldiers of World War I

Bugler, Cook, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wagoner, etc...
were used as ranks...

K A = Killed in Action
D D = Died of Disease
D W = Died of Wounds
D A = Died of Accident
W A = Wounded in Action

Surnames beginning with S
Rank Surname Given Name From Death
Pg #
Pg #
Private SAMPLE William L. Reno KA 31  
Private SANDERS Ben L. Rubottom KA 31  
Pvt. SANDERS Ben L. Rubottom KA   24
Private SANDERS Henry Jackson Fame DA 34  
Sergeant SANDERS Lockarcl A. Hugo KA 29  
Private SAUTBINE Lyndon Oklahoma City DW 33  
Corporal SAWYER Dudley W. Pawnee KA 29  
Pvt. SAWYER Dudley W. Pawnee KA   24
Private SCAGGS Edwin W. Kiowa DD 32  
Private SCHMITT Roy Ponca City KA 31  
Private SCHRACK George Pawhuska KA 31  
Pvt. SCHRICK George H. Pawhuska KA   26
Private SCHROEDER Carl F. Okarche KA 31  
Pvt. SCHROEDER Carl F. Okarche KA   24
Private SCOTT David H. Ada KA 31  
Private SCOTT Frank Hannah KA 31  
Private SCOTT Jesse Millerton KA 31  
Private SCOTT Theodore T. Chandler DD 32  
Private SCOTT Walter A. Ludlow KA 31  
Lieutenant SCRUGGS Samuel J. Shawnee DW 33  
Cook SEARCY Ellis R. Elk City DW 33  
Corporal SECOR Cecil R. Wynnewood KA 29  
Private SEHORN Clifford Spiro KA 31  
Private SEHORN Nick Holdenville DD 32  
Private SELF Charlie C. Cleora KA 31  
Pvt. SELF Charlie C. Eldon KA   24
Private SELF George W. Thomas KA 31  
Pvt. SELF George W. Thomas KA   22
Private SHACKLEFORD Edgar D. Durant KA 31  
Private SHARP Lester W. Chandler KA 31  
Private SHAW Manuel Catoosa DD 32  
Pvt. SHAW Robert E. Meeker WA   25
Corporal SHAW Stephen R. Kingfisher DD 31  
Private SHAWNEE Henry Greenfield DW 34  
Private SHELL David Baron DW 34  
Private SHELTON William F. Granite KA 31  
Pvt. SHEPARD Garland Wewoka DD   28
Private SHEPARD William W. Carnegie KA 31  
Private SHEPPARD Charley Netumka DA 34  
Pvt. SHEPPARD Charley Wetumka DA   24
Private SHERWOOD Bertrum C. Moorewood KA 31  
Private SHUCK Cecil W. Locust Grove DD 32  
Private SIFFING Reuben C. Vinn KA 31  
Sergeant SIMPSON Clyde A. Caddo DA 34  
Private SIMPSON Ernest L. Guthrie DD 32  
Private SIMPSON Frank Fletcher DD 32  
Private SKODA Joseph A. Waukomis DD 32  
Private SLAPE Luther C. Gabriel KA 31  
Private SMITH Andrew J. Tahlequah DD 32  
Private SMITH Barney McAlester DD 32  
Pvt. SMITH Dale R. Edmond WA   24
Private SMITH Earl G. Keystone KA 31  
Private SMITH James S. Muskogee KA 31  
Private SMITH Jesse E. Ringwood KA 31  
Pvt. SMITH Jesse E. Ringwood KA   22
Private SMITH Joseph A. Parkhill DD 32  
Cpl. SMITH Juney Webbers Falls WA   24
Cook SMITH Monroe. Blackwell KA 29  
Private SMITH Oliver J. Perry KA 31  
Private SMITH Robert Bokoshe DD 32  
Private SMITH Thomas C. Hobart KA 31  
Private SMITH Thomas E. Paoli KA 31  
Wagoner SMITH William Nathan Okarchie KA 29  
Private SMITH Willie Kiowa DD 32  
Private SMOOT Claude Faxon DW 34  
Private SNIDER Charlie F. Stewart DD 32  
Private SNODGRASS Columbus F. Gaddo KA 31  
Pvt. SNODGRASS Columbus F. Caddo KA   24
Private SOCKEY Robert Calhoun KA 31  
Private SOLOMON Dixon Cloudy DD 33  
Private SOOTER Noble C. Sayre DW 34  
Pvt. SOOTER Norne C. Sayre KA   09
Private SOUTHERS Carlon W. Enid DD 33  
Pvt. SOUTHERS Garlon W. Enid DD   22
Private SPACEK Louis W. Oklahoma KA 31  
Private SPARKS Grover Jackson Krebs DA 34  
Corporal SPARKS James H Tecumseh KA 29  
Wagoner SPARKS Ed W. Headrick KA 29  
Sergeant SPEAKE William E. Woodford KA 29  
Sgt. SPEAKE William E. Woodford KA   24
Private SPEAKER Tom Eldon DD 33  
Private SPENCER Earl L. Stillwater DW 34  
Sergeant SPENCER William C. Mangum DD 31  
Private SPRAGUE William G. Mounds DD 33  
Private SPROWLES Tracy Noble KA 31  
Pvt. SPROWLES Tracy Tuttle KA   24
Pvt. STACEY William O. Reichert WA   20
Private STALLING Ray Altus DW 34  
Pvt. STANFORD Ballard Wagoner WA   25
Private STAPP James Lakemp DW 34  
Sergeant STARK Gilbert L. Indianola KA 29  
Private STARKEY John F. Okemah DD 33  
Private STECHMAN Fred Covington DD 33  
Private STEELE Linville H. Oilton KA 31  
Private STEGAL Ed. Coweta DD 33  
Private STEP Ellis Stillwell DD 33  
Lieutenant STEPHENS Edward M. Oklahoma City DD 31  
Private STEVENS Jesse Panama DD 33  
Pvt. STEVENS Virgil A. Foss KA   15
Private STEVENSON Horace Lima DD 33  
Private STEVENSON Willie Milo DD 33  
Lieutenant STEWART Clyde Hammond Pawnee DA 34  
Private STEWART John A. McAlester KA 31  
Pvt. STEWART John A. McAlester KA   25
Private STILL Thomas J. Gideon DD 33  
Private STINCHCOMB Ernest C. Dryden KA 31  
Private STINCHCOMB Jesse E. Dryden DD 33  
Private STOREY Charles L. Wainwright DW 34  
Private STORM Bert E. Custer City KA 31  
Private STORM Ira D. Butler KA 31  
Pvt. STOTTMAN Henry Chickasha WA   24
Pvt. STOW Ethan A. Manitou KA   24
Private STOWE Ethan A. Snyder KA 31  
Bugler STROUD James P. Locust Grove KA 29  
Private STUBBS Wesley J. Marbel City KA 31  
Private SULLIVAN Grover Pryor DW 34  
Private SWAFFAR Willie Tupolo KA 31  
Pvt. SWAFFAR Willie A. Tupolo KA   24
Private SWAIN Walter J. Oklahoma City DD 33  
Pvt. SWAIN Walter J. Oklahoma City DD   19
Private SWEET Rupert L. Caddo KA 31  
Pvt. SWEET Rupert L. Caddo KA   24

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