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Soldiers of World War I

Bugler, Cook, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wagoner, etc...
were used as ranks...

K A = Killed in Action
D D = Died of Disease
D W = Died of Wounds
D A = Died of Accident
W A = Wounded in Action

Surnames beginning with W
Rank Surname Given Name From Death
Pg #
Pg #
Private WADE Clarence A. Omega KA 31  
Private WADE Herbert E. Granfield KA 31  
Wagoner WADKINS Frank E. Tar River DD 31  
Sgt. WALDEN Fitzgerald Mead WA   27
Private WALKER George Muskogee DW 34  
Private WALKER Joe J. Cushing KA 31  
Pvt. WALKER Joe J. Cushing KA   26
Private WALKER Ocia Snyder KA 31  
Private WALKER Vincent Glencoe DD 33  
Pvt. WALKER Vincent J. Glencoe DD   26
Private WALKER Willie J. Bromide KA 31  
Private WALL George E. Asher KA 31  
Private WALLA Edward Prague KA 31  
Private WALLACE Evan Guthrie DD 33  
Private WALLACE Fred W. Kilbyville KA 31  
Private WALLEN James Fairiand KA 31  
Private WALLER Isaac W. Stonewall DD 33  
Corporal WALLEY Jacob Bennington DW 33  
Private WALLIS George H. Olney KA 31  
Private WALLS Okla M. Ringwood KA 31  
Pvt. WALLS Okla M. Ringwood KA   27
Private WALTERS Carl Moore Bartlesville KA 31  
Private WARD Benjamin C. Madill KA 31  
Cpl. WARD Raymond Okmulgee DD   26
Corporal WARD Raymond B. Okmulgee DD 31  
Private WARD Richard B. Healdton DW 34  
Private WARD Sampson Boktuklo KA 31  
Corporal WARD William Boley DD 31  
Corporal WARE Hugh H. Chickasha KA 29  
Private WARE Ollie G. Shamrock DD 33  
Private WARNER Madison C. Tulsa KA 31  
Corporal WARREN Roy L. Mangum KA 29  
Private WARREN Thomas Waggoner DD 33  
Private WASS Frank G. Bishop KA 31  
Pvt. WASS Frank G. Bishop KA   16
Private WATKINS Ulysses G. Ardmore DW 34  
Private WATSON Mississippi Luther DD 33  
Private WEATHERFORD Hughey A. Royal DD 33  
Pvt. WEATHERFORD Hughey A. Royal DD   27
Private WEATHERS Bennie Welty DD 33  
Corporal WEATHERS John Lee Ardmore KA 29  
Corporal WEAVER Tony C. Hill KA 29  
Private WEBB Joseph F. Roff DW 34  
Pvt. WEBB Joseph F. Roff DW   27
Private WEBB Roy A. Quay KA 31  
Private WEBB Sam J. Claremore DD 33  
Sergeant WEBB Samuel W.. Ardmore KA 29  
Sgt. WEBB Samuel W.. Ardmore KA   26
Pvt. WECKNER Noah R. Blackwell DD   26
Private WEGNER Albert Cogar KA 31  
Private WELCH Garhie Sallisaw DW 34  
Cook WELCHON Oscar McLoud WA   26
Cpl. WELLMAN Herman W. Granite WA   26
Private WELLS Everett C. Enid KA 31  
Pvt. WELLS Everett C. Enid KA   26
Private WELLS Jess Dewar DW 34  
Cook WELLS Ray S. Knowles DD 31  
Private WESLEY Jim Council Hill DD 33  
Private WEST Green W. Welch DW 34  
Pvt. WEST Green W. Welch DW   27
Private WEST Joe Ruby Minnekah KA 31  
Private WEST John Wetumpka DD 33  
Private WEST John Checotah DD 33  
Private WEST Nelson B. Goulf KA 31  
Private WEST Roy M. Arnett DD 33  
Private WESTBROOKS James M. Glover DD 33  
Private WHEELER Richard Ervin KA 31  
Private WHISENHUNT Gray E. Ada KA 31  
Pvt. WHISENHUNT Grey Ada KA   27
Private WHISENHUNT Noah L. Lindsey DW 34  
Private WHITAKER Charles Jr. Eufaula DD 33  
Pvt. WHITAKER Charles Jr. Eufaula DD   26
Private WHITAKER Ralph Tipton DD 33  
Sergeant WHITE Edward K. Okmulgee KA 29  
Pvt. WHITE Fred O. Chelsea KA   26
Private WHITE Fred Orlan Chelsea KA 31  
Private WHITE Henry Pawnee DA 34  
Private WHITE McFratus Tussy DW 34  
Private WHITE Travis B. Kenefic KA 31  
Private WHITE William A. Drumright KA 31  
Private WHITE William D Holdenville DD 33  
Pvt. WHITESIDE Leighton B. Jumbo WA   26
Private WHITFORD William Davis KA 31  
Private WHITLEY Joseph C. Tecnmseh KA 31  
Private WHITMAN John R. Guthrie KA 31  
Private WHITTEN Ira Oklahoma City KA 31  
Private WILBURN Bill Drumright KA 31  
Corporal WILKERSON James C. Binger KA 29  
Private WILKINS Dean E. Oklahoma City KA 31  
Sgt. WILLEFORD Seburn G. Olustee KA   27
Sergeant WILLEFORD Selburn G. Olustee KA 29  
Private WILLIAMS Abe Legal KA 31  
Pvt. WILLIAMS Abe Stuart KA   11
Wagoner WILLIAMS Charlie Wagoner DD 31  
Cpl. WILLIAMS Charlie E. Lone Wolf WA   26
Private WILLIAMS Frank D. Bokoshe DD 33  
Pvt. WILLIAMS Frank D. Bokoshe DD   27
Private WILLIAMS James Othnal Oklahoma City DW 34  
Private WILLIAMS Oliver J. Atoka KA 31  
Cook WILLIAMS Sylvester Stillwater KA 29  
Pvt. WILLIAMS Walter C. Bartlesville WA   15
Private WILLIAMS Walter K. Purcell KA 31  
Private WILLIS William W. Chicotah KA 31  
Sergeant WILLISON Warren Henry Muskogee KA 29  
Corporal WILLMAN Herbert W. Stillwater KA 29  
Private WILSON Ashley Lonewolf DW 34  
Private WILSON Reidus E. Stroud DD 33  
Private WILSON William C. Earlsboro DW 34  
Private WILSON William M. Soper DD 33  
Wagoner WIND Frank P. Hydro DD 31  
Private WITTKOPP Amel Harrah KA 31  
Private WOLFE Turner Wewoka DD 33  
Private WOODARD Ephriam H. Fitzhugh KA 31  
Pvt. WOODEN George M Biggs WA   26
Sgt. WOODS Charles O. Sapulpa DW   27
Lt. WOODS Howard Wewoka WA   27
Sergeant WOODWARD Lacie S. Muldrew KA 29  
Private WOOLRIDGE William Howe KA 31  
Private WOOLWINE George W. Douglas KA 31  
Private WORKMAN Jesse Picher KA 31  
Private WORLEY Clarence J. Stilwell DD 33  
Private WORSHAM Thomas Joiner DW 34  
Cook WOY Osa O. Enid DW 33  
Private WREN Elmo Brock DD 33  
Private WRIGHT Ernest U. Cloud Chief DA 34  
Pvt. WRIGHT Ernest V. Cloud Chief KA   27
Private WRIGHT Lynn E. Webb DD 33  
Private WRIGHT Vernon Gate DA 34  
Sgt. WRIGHT Willie M. Dougherty WA   27
Sergeant WYMER Karl G. Tulsa DD 31  

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