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Soldiers of World War I

Bugler, Cook, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wagoner, etc...
were used as ranks...

K A = Killed in Action
D D = Died of Disease
D W = Died of Wounds
D A = Died of Accident
W A = Wounded in Action

Surnames beginning with R
Rank Surname Given Name From Death
Pg #
Pg #
Private RAGSDALE Chester L. Hollis DD 32  
Pvt. RAGSDALE Chester L. Hollis DD   22
Private RAGSDALE Joe M. Wanette DW 33  
Pvt. RAGSDALE Joe M. Wanette DW   28
Corporal RAIDT Frank H. Wellston KA 29  
Private RAMSEY Robert Muse KA 31  
Pvt. RAMSEY Robert S Whitesboro KA   22
Private RAY Clifford G. Ada DD 32  
Pvt. RAY Clifford G. Ada DD   22
Private RAY Oliver N. Bentley DD 32  
Private RAYNER Matt E. Wann DW 33  
Pvt. RAYNER Matt E. Wann DW   23
Mechanic READ Homer Broken Arrow KA 29  
Private REAGER Wallace C. Sallisaw DA 34  
Private REDD Robert L. Burneyville KA 31  
Private REDDING Benjamine J. Wetumka KA 31  
Pvt. REECE Jesse L. Zoraya WA   22
Private REED Phyletus L. Ochelata KA 31  
Private REESE Casey Guthrie DD 32  
Private REESE Lewis E. Blaine KA 31  
Private REEVES John T. Stillwell DD 32  
Private REEVES Reuhen Ardmore DD 32  
Private REID Allen Yale DW 33  
Pvt. REID Allen B. Yale DW   23
Corporal RENICK Harry H. Garden City KA 29  
Private REVELLE Wakefield H. Walter KA 31  
Private REYNOLDS Charles D. Welestka KA 31  
Private REYNOLDS Fordyce Maddill DD 32  
Pvt. REYNOLDS James L. Ell Reno KA   28
Sergeant REYNOLDS Leslie Wann DW 33  
Private RICHARDSON Samuel J. Muskogee KA 31  
Sergeant RICHEY Frank Bartlesville DD 31  
Corporal RICHMOND Guy A. Guthrie DA 34  
Private RIDDLES Fred Wetumka KA 31  
Corporal RIESZ Gilbert Jefferson DW 33  
Private RIGGAN Edward C. Parker DD 32  
Pvt. RIGGAN Edward C. Parker KA   22
Corporal RILEY William W. Kingfisher DW 33  
Corporal RINKER Roy L. Washita DW 33  
Cpl. RINKER Roy L. Apache DW   22
Cpl. RINKER Roy L. Washita DW   28
Private RIPPEY Erwin L. Hammon DW 33  
Pvt. RITCHIE Robert M. Stigler WA   22
Private ROACH James M. Duke KA 31  
Private ROACH John F. Durant KA 31  
Cpl. ROACH Luther Holdenville WA   23
Private ROARK Enious I. Alva KA 31  
Private ROBBINS Clarence C. Sayre DD 32  
Pvt. ROBERSON Louie Alex DW   22
Private ROBERTS William A. Fletcher DW 33  
Private ROBERTS William H. Province KA 31  
Private ROBERTSON Frank H. Oklahoma City DA 34  
Pvt. ROBERTSON Monroe J. Hazel WA   23
Corporal ROBINSON Joe Hartshorne KA 29  
Cpl. ROBINSON Joe Hartshorne KA   22
Private ROBISON George F. Brakenbau DW 33  
Private ROCK CIyde Richard Texhama KA 31  
Pvt. ROCK Claud R. Texhoma KA   23
Corporal ROGERS David W. Stroud DW 33  
Private ROGERS Frank Saylor DD 32  
Private ROGERS Gov. Mc. Blair KA 31  
Private ROGERS Mart S. Ardmore DA 34  
Private ROGERS Per B. Blair KA 31  
Pvt. ROGERS Per B. Blair KA   22
Private ROGERS Pleas M. Wewoka KA 31  
Private ROMINES William J. Caston DW 33  
Cpl. ROPER Roy Bennington KA   22
Cpl. ROSE Clifton E. Knowles WA   22
Private ROSE Jesse Foreman DD 32  
Private ROSS Bud Hachaton DD 32  
Private ROSS Jerry Coleman DD 32  
Sergeant ROSS Marshall D. Oklahoma City KA 29  
Private ROSS Thomas S. Checotah KA 31  
Pvt. ROTTMAYER Herrman Knowles WA   10
Pvt. ROTTMAYER Max Knowles WA   23
Private ROWE William Kiowa KA 31  
Private ROWLAND Glenn Farris KA 31  
Mechanic ROY Harry Paoli KA 29  
Private ROYAL Ben E. Marlow DD 32  
Private ROYALL William M. Milo KA 31  
Cook RUDD Lloyd Spencer Hobart DW 33  
Private RUGGLES WiUiam T. Mariot DD 32  
Private RUMSEY Jewel Bird Vivian KA 31  
Pvt. RUSH Ezekil B. Beaver WA   28
Captain RUSSELL Lloyd B. Manchester KA 29  
Pvt. RUSSELL Oscar L. Ashland KA   22
Private RUSSELL Oscar L. M. Ashland KA 31  
Cpl. RUSSELL Paris O. Idabel WA   28

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