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Choctaw County Veteran Tribute - B


Veteran Born-Died Branch Conflict
Babb, James R. 1896-1984 Army WWI
Babb, Robert H. 1927-1995 Army  
Babb, Willard 1922-1996 Army WWII
Bacon, Andy Lee 1923-1981 Army WWII
Bacon, Cecil I. 1921-1989 Army WWII
Bacon, Elmer 1891-1958   WWI
Bacon, Miles 1934-1992 Army  
Bacon, Wilburn Wayne 1928-1985 Army Korea
Bailey, Hurshel 1923-1988 Army WWII
Baker, Arthur 1913-1994 Army WWII, Korea
Baker, George Dukes 1923-2001 Navy WWII
Baker, Roy 1926-1993 Navy  
Baker, William C. 1924-2003 Army WWII
Baldwin, Joe Don, Sr. 1931-2010 Army Korea
Baldwin, T. W. 1922-2002 Army WWII
Ballard, Earl E. 1913-1993 Army WWII, Korea
Ballard, Harry W. 1893-1971 Army WWI
Banks, E. E. 1926-1985 Army WWII
Bardin, John W. 1922-2002 Army WWII
Barger, Donald Ray 1934-2004 Army  
Barker, Joseph Robert, Jr. 1925-1989 Marines WWII
Barker, Neul Bank 1919-1960 USNR WWII
Barkley, Alvin Lee 1927-1997 Army Air Corps WWII
Barnes, Curtis D. 1929-1955   WWII
Barnes, Jack Ernest 1928-1978 Navy WWII
Barnes, James L. 1911-1984 Navy WWII
Barnes, Luther 1890-1968   WWI
Barnes, Millard Leroy 1919-1985 Army WWII, Korea
Barnett, Earnest Lee, Jr. 1956-1991 Navy Vietnam
Barnett, James Elmer 1910-1985 Army WWII
Barrett, James H. 1911-1965 Army Air Forces WWII
Barrett, Ruth 1909-1991 Army Nurse Corps  
Barry, James K. 1895-1965 Army WWI
Barton, Aubrey D. 1934-2001 Army Korea
Basford, Samuel W. 1911-1992 Army WWII
Bateman, Bobbie 1920-1993 Navy WWII
Bateman, Commodore J. 1905-1961 Navy WWII
Bates, Joe D. 1925-1997 Army  
Bates, John W. 1894-1962   WWI
Bates, Lanny LaRue 1949-2009 Marines Vietnam
Bates, Leon N. 1920-2003 Army WWII
Bates, Thurman J. 1917-1992 Army WWII
Battiest, Alto Lambert 1921-2010 Army WWII
Batts, Richard David 1922-1997 Army  
Baze, James Thornton 1886-1931    
Beach, Edward R. 1921-1985 Navy WWII
Beach, Gerald Royce 1949-2004 Navy Vietnam
Beach, W. J. 1922-1980 Army WWII
Beall, David Leon 1919-1987 Army WWII
Beall, Michael L. 1947-2001 Navy Vietnam
Bean, Frank T. 1912-1945 Army WWII
Bean, James Albert 1920-2009 Army WWII
Bean, Oma F. 1909-1962 USNR WWII
Bear, Jennings B. 1899-1972   WWII
Beaver, Daniel Bland 1895-1971   WWI
Beesley, James C. 1925-1980 Navy WWII
Bell, George R. 1897-1969 Army WWI
Bell, Henry James 1913-1976 Army WWI
Bell, Kenneth G. 1939-2011 Navy  
Bell, Lloyd H., Sr. 1921-2001 Army WWII, Korea
Bellmer, Jess 1892-1970 Army WWI
Bellmer, Lloyd E. 1921-1943   WWII
Belvin, Dewey S. 1910-1970 Coast Guard WWII
Belvin, Watson Eldridge 1935-1988 Marines Korea
Bennett, Henry 1889-1977 Army WWI
Benson, Columbus 1896-1952   WWI
Benson, Leon 1931-2006 Army Korea
Benson, Ulysses C. 1922-1945 Army WWII
Bentley, Millard C. 1918-1944 Army WWII
Berryhill, Gary Wayne 1968-2000 Navy Persian Gulf
Berryhill, Prentice Lee 1920-1943 National Guard WWII
Bertis, Dibbin B.     WWII
Berzansky, Wasco 1922-2004 Army WWII
Biggers, Carlie 1925-1990 Navy Korea
Bills, George, Jr. 1929-2005 Army Korea
Billy, Simon G. 1919-1992 Army WWII
Binkley, John Earl 1924-1990 Army WWII
Birchfield, Troy F. 1933-2009 Navy Korea
Birdsong, Red 1912-1974 Army Air Forces  
Bishop, Allen R. 1925-1992 Army WWII
Black, Upton S. A. 1892-1966   WWI
Blair, Willard Cain 1898-1975 Navy  
Bloodworth, Elwyn William 1921-1984 Navy WWII
Blunt, Harvey 1895-1952   WWII
Blunt, Robert 1914-1986 Army WWII
Bobb, Johnson W. 1894-1943    
Bobb, Patrick 1924-1998 Army WWII
Bobb, Samuel 1918-1975 Army WWII
Boddie, Perry, Jr. 1934-2012 Army Korea
Bohanon, Julius 1918-1981 Army WWII
Bohanon, Ray J. 1920-1990 Air Force WWII
Bohanon, Reid Thomas 1924-1944 Army Air Corps  
Bohanon, Robert B. 1927-1994 Navy WWII
Boles, James T. 1871-1952 Tenn Inf Sp-Am War
Boling, Leon J. 1930-1996 Army Korea
Bonds, John Warren 1912-1988 Army  
Booker, Jesse 1913-1969   WWII
Boone, James Frank 1923-2001 Army Air Forces  
Boone, Jimmy Lee 1912-1972 Navy WWII
Booth, Charles Eugene 1931-2006 Army Korea
Booth, Hiram B. 1890-1972   WWI
Booth, John W., Jr. 1921-2000 Army Air Forces WWII
Bossett, Otis 1900-1988 Army WWII
Bostic, Harry         -1939    
Bowers, Gary Jesse, Sr. 1941-1999 Army Vietnam
Bowlin, Arthur R. 1922-2006 Army WWII
Bowlin, Ralph L. 1920-1988 Army WWII
Boyd, Henry H. 1886-1948   WWI
Boyd, Richard J. 1901-1974 Army  
Boydstun, Walter 1895-1952   WWI
Boykin, Carlos Ray 1943-2011 Army Vietnam
Boyles, Steve 1923-1982 Army WWII
Bradshaw, Eugene 1919-1944 Navy WWII
Bradshaw, Hershal R. 1917-1994 Marines WWII
Bradshaw, Joe W. 1921-1984 Army WWII
Braudrick, Billy Gene 1930-2007 Air Force Korea
Braudrick, Clarence T.         -1942 Army Air Corps WWII
Braudrick, Royce E. 1916-1983 Army WWII
Bray, Johnie L. 1920-1974 Army  
Bray, Johnie L. 1887-1956 Army WWII
Brents, Willis H. 1920-1984 Army WWII
Brewer, Kenneth Joe 1934-2005 Navy Korea, Vietnam
Brewer, Otto A. 1896-1965   WWI
Brewer, Todd 1895-1974 Army  
Brewer, Vaughan 1927-1975 Army  
Brinkley, John Earl 1924-1990 Army WWII
Brinkley, Mack Rush 1923-1966 Army WWII
Brisbois, John R. 1924-2004 Army WWII
Britt, Bascom 1896-1948 Navy WWI
Britt, Jack 1925-1999 Army Air Force WWII
Brock, Wilburn C. 1928-2008 Army WWII
Brooks, Hiram W.     Sp-Am War
Brown, Henry C. 1886-1954   WWI
Brown, John O., Jr. 1927-2010 Army Korea
Brown, John W., Jr. 1920-1984 Army WWII
Brown, Sheb 1886-1975 Army  
Brown, Tim         -1936    
Brown, Warren G. "Freckles" 1921-1987 Army WWII
Brown, Will 1886-1951   WWI
Brown, William C. 1892-1954   WWI
Browne, Walter R. 1908-1981 Marines WWII
Browning, Carl R. 1923-1978 Army WWII
Browning, Charles Edward 1927-2003 Army WWII
Broyles, Don E. 1930-1967 Air Force Korea
Bryan, John A. 1889-1985 Army Air Corps WWI
Bryan, Lee Walton 1923-1942 Navy WWII
Bryant, Calvin Marion 1844-1919 CSA Civil War
Bryant, George W. 1920-2004 Army WWII
Bryant, James Herman 1893-1918 Army WWI
Bryant, Marvin H., Jr. 1919-1943 Air Corps WWII
Bryant, William E., Jr. 1930-2005 Army Korea
Bryant, William Ernest 1891-1968   WWI
Buchanan, Stephen R. 1922-2001 Navy WWII
Buckner, Oscar C. 1921-1962 Army WWII
Bufis, Victor A. 1938-1999 Navy  
Bugg, Jack S. 1894-1983 Army WWI
Bullard, Samuel T. 1923-1993 Army WWII, Korea
Burgess, Charlie Barrett 1921-1988 Navy WWII
Burgoyne, John W. 1908-1983 Army WWII
Burkett, Grelie 1914-1979 Navy WWII
Burkett, James Edward 1949-2012 Army  
Burkhardt, Robert Edward 1918-1979 Army  
Burno, Muriel Russell 1921-1992 Army WWII
Burris, Isaac 1933-2002 Army Korea
Burris, R. J. 1918-1993 Army WWII
Burton, Daniel D. 1912-1981 Army WWII
Burton, James L. 1875-1975 Army WWI
Burton, Lige 1890-1947   WWI
Busby, George H. 1894-1969   WWI
Buster, Lottie Bobbie 1903-1967   WWI
Butler, Taft P. 1908-2000 Army WWII
Butts, Albert 1896-1953   WWI
Butts, Homer         -1943   WWII
Byrdsong, Austin     WWI


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