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Choctaw County Veteran Tribute - T


Veteran Born-Died Branch Conflict
Talkington, Charles F. 1879-1959    
Talkington, Grace M. 1883-1968    
Tarrie, Richard Leonard 1944-2004 Navy Vietnam
Tate, Coy Lee 1922-2016 Army WWII
Taylor, Calvin A. 1907-1982 Air Force WWII
Taylor, Eugene Perrie 1921-1993 Army WWII
Taylor, Joe G. 1908-1952   WWII
Taylor, Martin E. 1897-1972   WWI
Taylor, Pearl 1895-1925   WWI
Taylor, Raymond      
Taylor, William F. 1896-1953   WWI
Tennen, Hugh         -1936    
Tennon, Hugh 1895-1970 Army WWI
Terrebonne, Maurice Jay 1953-1992 Army  
Terrebonne, Morris J., Jr. "Frenchie" 1929-2011 Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Terrell, Jesse Marvin 1889-1955 Army WWI
Terrell, Oberd 1914-1991 Army WWII
Terry, James A. 1930-2010 Army, Navy Korea
Terry, Jefferson J. 1847-1935 CSA Civil War
Tery, Joseph J. 1895-1942    
Testerman, Charlie E. 1889-1962   WWI
Thomas, Calvin Edward 1909-1978 Navy WWII
Thomas, Carrel Tony 1911-1997 Army WWII
Thomas, Labin Gilbert 1886-1940   WWI
Thomasson, William M. 1918-1969 Army Air Forces WWII
Thompson, Bill C. 1921-1969   WWII
Thompson, Clyde Wiemer 1916-1984 Marines WWII
Thompson, Hansel J. 1928-1987 Army  
Thompson, Jefferson J. 1890-1972 Army WWI
Thompson, L. V. Burnell 1935-2005 Marines Korea
Thompson, Peter P. 1896-1979 Army  
Thompson, Richard William 1946-2006 Army Vietnam
Thompson, Wallace 1923-1983 Army WWII
Thompson, Warren 1923-1985 Navy WWII
Thomson, Calvin Coolidge 1931-1985 Air Force Korea
Thomson, Eugene Leonard 1927-1995 Army WWII
Thomson, Houston L. 1929-2011 Army WWII, Korea
Thornton, James Q. 1873-1947   WWI
Thorpe, Leroy Dalton 1932-1955 Air Force  
Ticer, Frank Eugene 1917-2002 Navy WWII
Tiger, Jimmie James 1929-2002 Army Korea
Tillman, Ernest 1915-1975 Army WWII
Tillman, Johnston C. 1931-1953 Army Korea
Tillman, Robert W.         -1945 Army WWII
Tims, Edward 1893-1918 Army WWI
Tims, Jerry B. 1910-1966 Army WWII
Titus, Euel Forst 1893-1943 Army  
Tomlinson, John Neal 1912-1989 Navy WWII
Tramble, Ben 1896-1986 Army WWI
Trammel, Edgar Lee 1894-1968   WWI
Trout, Ben Dick 1932-1952 Mariens Korea
Tucker, Eugene M. 1915-1996 Army WWII
Tucker, Frank A. 1914-1944 Marines WWII
Tucker, Lewis C. 1921-1969   WWII
Tucker, Rosco C. 1919-1988 Army WWII
Tucker, Wayne Allen 1934-1953 Marines  
Turley, Jack S. 1915-1971   WWII
Turner, Jack 1903-1965 USNR WWII
Turner, Jack Dorman 1929-1975 Navy Korea, Vietnam
Turner, Jack H.      
Turner, Richard 1930-1975 Army Korea
Turner, Will 1887-1972   WWI
Turney, Douglas Howard 1918-1994 Army WWII, Korea
Tyree, R. W. 1917-1973 Army Air Forces WWII


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