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Choctaw County Veteran Tribute - W


Veteran Born-Died Branch Conflict
Wade, Coy Calvin 1948-1979 Army  
Wade, Willie, Jr. 1925-2008 Army WWII
Wadley, Edgar L. 1893-1970 Army WWI
Wadley, Gilbert H. 1897-1976 Army WWI 
Wadley, Lewis Malcolm 1910-1975 Army WWII
Waits, Roy W. 1917-1988 Army WWII
Walden, Billie Wilson 1922-1998 Merchant Marines WWII
Waldin, Lynn E. 1920-2000 Air Force  
Walker, Charles Mason 1923-2001 Army WWII
Walker, Chief 1894-1932    
Walker, Clayton E. 1913-1991 Army WWII
Walker, Dallie 1892-1960   WWI
Walker, Robert Eugene 1916-1989 Marines WWII
Wallace, Roy E. 1890-1942    
Wallace, Sammie Lee 1933-1993 Army Korea
Wallace, William J. 1893-1959   WWI
Wallace, William James, Jr. 1930-1987 Navy Korea
Walling, James Burl 1894-1984 Army WWI
Walters, Rufus M. 1899-1980 Army WWII
Waltmon, Givens V. 1919-1977 Army WWII
Walton, Jesse 1890-1956   WWI
Walton, Larry Dewayne 1957-2005 Army Vietnam
Walton, Rodgers Anthony 1944-1997 Army Vietnam
Walzer, Brown 1918-1986 Army WWII
Walzer, Emit C. 1933-2002 Marines Korea
Ward, Alse         -1918    
Ward, Charles Junior 1922-1991 Navy  
Ward, Clarence H. 1911-1969 USNR WWII
Ward, Emmit Franklin 1947-1979 Army Vietnam
Ward, Ernest 1933-1954    
Ward, Karl D. 1907-1950   WWII
Ward, Robert L. 1912-1957   WWII
Warner, Walter L. 1920-1998 Army Air Corps WWII
Wasem, John 1870-1957   WWI
Washington, C. T. 1926-2006 Army WWII
Wasson, Raymond 1917-1990 Army WWII
Wasson, Willy 1914-2004 Navy WWII
Waters, Floyd L. 1908-1985 Army WWII
Waters, Jesse J. 1898-1977 Army WWII
Watkins, Barzillia Lee 1912-1946 Marines WWII
Watkins, Willie Lee 1943-1994 Army Vietnam
Watson, Tommy E. 1905-1971   WWII
Watts, Loy C. 1892-1962   WWI
Watts, Willard H. 1902-1945   WWII
Weaver, Walter J. 1913-1969 Army WWII
Webb, Wilson Ike 1909-1987 Navy WWII
Webster, Daniel 1929-2003 Army Korea
Weddington, Harry 1893-1963 Air Force WWI, WWII
Weldon, Otis S. 1916-1984 Army WWII
Wells, William B.      
Welsch, Oscar E. 1913-1982 Navy WWII, Korea
Wesley, Lee A. 1916-1954 Army Air Forces WWII
West, Carl H. 1928-2000 Army Korea
Weston, Jesse 1923-1993 Army WWII
Whalen, Frank 1908-1969 Army WWII
Wheeldon, Alfred Vernon 1914-1977 Army WWII
Wheelus, Thomas L. 1919-1998 Navy, Army WWII
White, James Lee, Sr. 1932-1982 Army Korea
White, John 1890-1959   WWI
White, Marvin A.         -1944 Army WWII
White, William A., Jr. 1918-1983 Army WWII
White, William Augusta 1891-1986 Army WWI
Whitfield, Simon M. 1895-1968 Army WWI
Whitlock, Ervin Oliver         -1944 Army Air Corps WWII
Whitmore, Howard 1924-1976 Navy WWII
Whitten, Charles B. 1891-1960   WWI
Wickson, John 1913-1948   WWII
Wiggins, Richard G. 1914-2005 Army WWII
Wiginton, John 1849-1904 CSA Civil War
Wiginton, Wilbert Lee 1928-1974 Air Force Korea
Wilhelm, Lee O., Jr. 1918-1978 Army WWII
Wilhelm, Robert Rudolph, Jr. 1947-2008 Navy  
Wilkins, Everett L. 1931-1977 Air Force Korea, Vietnam
Wilkins, Lucian France 1917-1943 Army WWII
Wilkins, Oscar L. 1927-1974 Marines WWII
Williams, Albert 1922-1967   WWII, Korea
Williams, Arthur Love 1930-2006 Army  
Williams, Eli 1895-1971 Army WWI
Williams, Eli 1941-2007 Army Vietnam
Williams, Glenda Sue 1947-2006 Army  
Williams, Harrell L. 1934-1999 Army Korea
Williams, James 1922-1999 Army WWII
Williams, Okley Vernon 1924-1991 Army WWII
Williams, Oscar 1919-1978 Army WWII
Williams, Silas Cooper 1896-1979 Army WWI
Williams, W. M. Hailey 1929-1978 Army Korea
Williams, William A. 1890-1948 Navy WWI
Wilson, Curtis B. 1899-1973 Navy WWI
Wilson, Donald Gene, Jr. 1942-2004 Army  
Wilson, John C. 1844-1921    
Wilson, Lee Oran 1925-1993 Army WWII
Wilson, Ray Gene 1948-1969 Army Vietnam
Wilson, Rudell 1927-1959    
Wilson, William Murray 1893-1918    
Wilson, Wright C. 1916-1985 Army WWII
Wingate, Willie O. 1888-1965   WWI
Winn, Donald F. 1912-1972 Army WWII
Winters, George W. 1909-1988 Army WWII
Wolfe, Henry Dent, M. D. 1917-1999 Army WWII
Wolff, Joe A. 1891-1965 Army WWI
Wood, Donald 1919-1993 Navy  
Wood, Ernest Preston 1924-1994 Navy WWII
Wood, John H., Jr. 1928-1999 Navy WWII
Woods, Joe Lee 1920-1980 Army WWII
Woodson, Earl 1917-1989 Army WWII
Woolsey, Archie W. 1920-1993 Army  
Woolsey, Dorothy 1918-1996 Army WWII
Wooten, Hubert 1902-1971 Army WWII
Wortham, Lee Roy 1916-1997 Marines WWII
Worthy, Isom T. 1921-2003 Army WWII
Worthy, Lee F. 1912-1987 Army WWII
Wray, Will         -1929    
Wren, Rudolph 1932-1983 Army Korea
Wright, Guy 1892-1951   WWI
Wright, J. Sidney 1897-1957 Navy WWI
Wright, Robert E. 1918-1985 Army WWII
Wright, Robert L. 1926-2004 Army WWII
Wright, William Cody 1889-1950   WWI
Wyatt, James David 1940-2001 Navy  
Wynn, Apollos Clint 1898-1978 Army WWI
Wynn, Arthur 1892-1981 Army WWI


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