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Choctaw County Veteran Tribute - C


Veteran Born-Died Branch Conflict
Cahill, Odis 1909-1976 Army WWII
Calder, Archie B. 1894-1935    
Calder, David Edgar 1923-1983 Navy WWI
Calder, James D. 1891-1974 Army  
Calder, R. D. Thomas 1925-2000 Navy WWII
Caldwell, Joe M. 1923-2008 Navy WWII
Calvin, Glenn Henry 1938-1968 Marines Vietnam
Campbell, Argonne F.      
Campbell, Bascom Sherman 1895-1978 Army WWI
Campbell, Billy G. 1932-1962 Army  
Campbell, Boyce 1940-2007 Army Vietnam
Campbell, Charlie T. 1891-1958   WWI
Campbell, James Harold 1928-2009 Navy Vietnam
Campbell, Roger Wayne 1947- Army Vietnam
Campbell, Russell W. 1917-1944 Army WWII
Capers, James Andrew 1917-1957   WWII
Capers, Stanford 1889-1969   WWI
Carey, Elmer Glenn 1913-1971   WWII
Carnes, C. E. 1925-1987 Navy WWII
Carpenter, Adam H. 1843-1919 CSA Civil War
Carpenter, William Howard 1903-1988 Army WWII
Carson, John Paul, Sr. 1899-1988 Air Force WWI, WWII
Carswell, Herschel Vespucious, Jr. 1946-2012 Navy Vietnam
Carter, Archie B. 1892-1970 Navy WWI
Carter, Jimmy Ray 1954-1985 Army Vietnam
Carter, Roy Clydewell 1894-1918   WWI
Carter, Thomas M. 1898-1971 Army WWII
Cartwright, James S. 1887-1970 Army WWI
Castleberry, Major L. 1903-1971 Army WWII
Cathey, Harold Loyd 1925-1996 Marines WWII
Caufield, Stanley W. 1901-1976 Army WWII
Chamberlain, Stanley W. 1911-1992 Army WWII
Chambers, Elmer 1915-2008 Army WWII
Chandler, Albert 1893-1918   WWI
Cheek, Ben 1891-1942   WWI
Childers, James F. 1923-1945   WWII
Childs, Bill B. 1920-2006 Army WWII
Chronic, Clarence W. 1922-1987 Army WWII
Chubbee, Henry 1921-2006 Marines WWII, Korea
Cisneros, Steve G. 1919-2001 Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Clark, Argle James 1934-2009 Army Korea
Clark, Cliff L. 1905-1992 Army WWII
Clark, Floyd Calhoun 1929-1994 Air Force  
Clark, James Alvis 1924-1995 Army WWII
Clark, Jessie L. 1928-1992 Army WWII
Clark, Willie Leonard 1947-1995 Army Vietnam
Clarke, Stephen Archie 1878-1951   Sp-Am War
Cleveland, Guess L. 1893-1968 Army WWI
Clifton, James E. 1911-1963 Army WWII
Cline, C. G. 1921-1999 Army WWII
Cline, William Dean 1944-1986 Navy Vietnam
Clouse, Vester W. 1924-1995 Army WWII
Cobb, William Bryan 1898-1973 Army WWI
Cochran, James C. 1885-1966   WWI
Cody, Paul McKinley 1920-1944 Army WWII
Coffee, Luther John 1889-1967   WWI
Coffman, Ernest 1911-1980 Army WWII
Coffman, Jack 1930-1979 Air Force Korea, Vietnam
Coker, Evert C. 1894-1987 Army WWI
Colclasure, Joe Edward 1925-1944 Army WWII
Cole, Clarence C. 1889-1956 Army WWI
Cole, Gene Edward 1948-1967 Army  
Cole, John English 1933-1985 Army  
Cole, Warren C. 1922-1971   WWII
Coleman, George H. 1890-1962   WWI
Coleman, Jacob 1918-1996 Army WWII
Coleman, Jonathan         -1944 Navy WWII
Coleman, Matthew 1924-1967 Navy WWII
Coley, David F. 1889-1988 Army WWI
Colley, Paul S. 1909-1984 Army WWII
Colline, James Franklin 1926-2001 Marines Korea
Collins, Jeffrey Neil 1943-2004 Army  
Collins, Solomon 1895-1918   WWI
Columbus, Silas         -1936    
Colwell, Charlie 1896-1978 Army WWI
Colwell, Wayne W. 1922-1970 Air Force Korea
Comfort, Charlie Lenox 1944-2010 Army Vietnam
Compton, Earl Hollis 1926-1995 Army WWII
Conaway, Perry Jackson 1932-1951 Army Korea
Conine, Jewell Wayne 1911-1981 Navy WWII
Conley, Henry L. 1903-1971 Army WWII
Conley, Joe B. 1922-1983 Army WWII
Conley, Milton F. 1895-1970 Army WWI
Conley, Thurman L. 1938-1996 Army  
Conley, Willie H.      
Connell, Willie 1909-2004 Army WWII
Conner, Alton Earl, Sr. 1931-2007 Army Korea
Cook, Arthur J. 1890-1972 Army WWI
Cook, Bobby Martin 1938-1989 Air Force  
Cook, Clyde Russell 1910-1992 Army WWII
Cook, Howard Benjamin 1897-1959   WWI
Cook, James B. 1892-1956   WWI
Cook, John Bonner 1838-1914 CSA Civil War
Cook, Newton, Sr. 1921-2002 Army WWII
Cook, Willie Doward 1944-2000 Army Vietnam
Cooksey, Earnest L. 1912-1978 Army WWII
Cooley, Wilford B. 1896-1972 Army WWI
Cooper, Archie Ollie         -1940 Navy  
Cooper, Arthur D. 1917-1988 Army  
Cooper, Joseph H. 1895-1953 Navy WWI
Cooper, Luther C. 1917-2001 Army WWII
Cornelison, Dan Moody 1926-1993 Army WWII
Cornelison, John Oakes 1922-1979 Army WWII
Couch, Pete, Jr. 1925-1988 Navy WWII
Cowan, Babe 1889-1960   WWI
Cowley, Jack 1914-1989 Army WWII
Cowley, James Mack 1930-2007 Navy Korea
Cowling, John Cecil 1908-1988 Army WWII
Cox, Clinton 1914-1969 USNR WWII
Craft, John Cooley 1915-1972 Navy WWII
Craig, Doriscilla Marie 1957-2012 Air Force  
Craig, Harry F. 1894-1955   WWI
Crane, Lee Roy 1916-1981 Army WWII
Cravatt, Osborn 1919-1971 Army WWII
Cravens, Allen L. 1923-1985 Army WWII
Crawford, William A. 1903-1975 Navy  
Criss, Charley 1896-1970 Army WWI
Crocker, Lewis M. 1907-1973 Army WWII
Crosnoe, Don R. 1922-1944 Army WWII
Cross, Richard 1915-1978 Army WWII
Crouch, Carl Houston 1918-1986 Army WWII
Crowder, Eli W. 1775-1877 AL Militia War 1812
Crowder, William F. 1916-1968   WWII
Crownover, Haskell H. 1908-1985 Army WWII
Crunk, Henry Clayton 1938-2007 Army  
Crye, Howard C.      
Curtis, Frank L. 1918-1990 Army WWII
Curtis, John Herschel 1895-1978 Army  
Curtis, Thomas A. 1894-1976 Army WWI
Cushman, William T. 1921-2003 Merchant Marine WWII


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