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Choctaw County Veteran Tribute - M


Veteran Born-Died Branch Conflict
Mabry, Oliver Carl 1924-2004 Army WWII
Mackey, Elzy Wayne 1920-1984 Army WWII
Madden, Albert J. 1915-1980 Army WWII
Maddy, Richard Ellis 1921-1997 Army WWII
Makerney, Carlton Lee 1971-1995 Navy  
Malmquist, John Wesley 1944-1999 Marines Vietnam
Maloney, Earl 1889-1982 Army WWI
Maloney, Fred 1888-1984 Army WWI
Maloney, Homer 1886-1980    
Maloney, Samuel L. 1895-1969   WWI
Manes, Hubert A. 1897-1988 Army WWI, WWII
Manning, John W. 1896-1965   WWI
Marcum, Harold F. 1923-1979 Army WWII
Marcum, Ronald W. 1917-1982 Army WWII
Maroney, Hardy A. 1889-1918   WWI
Marshall, Roy 1895-1988   WWI
Marshall, William M. 1896-1971 Army WWI
Martello, Joseph P. 1908-1995 Army WWII
Martin, James T. 1891-1966   WWI
Mashburn, Joseph F.         -1923    
Mashburn, Rowland F. 1906-1976 Army WWII
Massey, Tom Garland 1925-1946   WWII
Mathenia, Alfred 1892-1978 Army WWI
Mathews, William H. 1911-1966   WWII
Mathis, David B. 1903-1944 USNR WWII
Maxey, Richard Chesley 1891-1918   WWI
Maxwell, Earl Kenneth 1924-2013 Army WWII
Maxwell, Eldon Clyde 1928-2001 Army Korea
Maxwell, Elmer George 1926-2013 Army, Navy WWII, Korea
May, John Milton 1896-1963 USNRF WWI
Mays, Clay Edward 1943-1991 Army Vietnam
Mays, Donald Bedford 1941-1982 Army Vietnam
Mays, Weldon W.      
Maytubbee, Leffie 1889-1965 Army WWI
Maytubby, Bruce R. 1921-1953   WWII
Mazzare, Charles M. 1926-2007 Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
McAbee, Leslie V. 1915-1983 Army WWII
McAdoo, Carl L. 1918-1993 Marines WWII
McAfee, William Earl 1926-1995 Navy WWII
McCain, Claud M. 1918-1960   WWII
McCarty, Earnest Lee 1947-1991 Army Vietnam
McCarty, Wilbert Eugene 1928-1991 Army Korea
McCoy, Thornton 1892-1969   WWI
McCracken, Sampson Leonard 1922-1979 Navy WWII
McDaniel, George Thomas 1909-1970 Army WWII
McDaniel, John T. 1875-1963   Sp-Am War
McDaniel, Willie 1891-1978 Army WWI
McFarland, Dee         -1918    
McFarland, Lawrence U. 1919-1999 Air Force WWII
McGee, Emery J.      
McGee, Porter 1914-1959 Army WWII, Korea
McGhee, Donald Austin 1934-1993 Army  
McGuire, Harvey E.         -1977 Army WWII
McKay, Linton Kimbal 1916-1963 Army WWII
McKee, Harvey David 1948-2003 Army  
McKee, John M. 1930-1952   Korea
McKee, Stanley Ray 1931-1996 Army Korea
McKenzie, James L. 1919-1990 Army WWII
McKenzie, Leonard E. 1917-1959   WWII
McKenzie, Norman L. 1922-1944   WWII
McKinney, Joe Henry 1927-1964 Army WWII
McKinney, Tommie M. 1911-1992 Army WWII
McKnight, Orlan M. 1894-1967 Army WWI
McLaughlin, Merle 1917-1992 Navy WWII
McLaughlin, Thomas W. 1891-1967   WWII
McMillin, Melvin Ray 1932-1995 Army Korea
McMillin, Raymond W. 1915-1986 Army WWII
McMillin, Stanley W. 1943-1989 Navy  
McNeal, Joseph Edward 1915-1993 Navy WWII
McQueen, Albert 1888-1960   WWI
McQueen, Bobbie 1922-1944 Army WWII
McQuietor, Levy/Levi, Jr. 1943-1972 Army Vietnam
Meadows, Carl 1921-1991 Army WWII
Means, John B. 1917-1987 Navy WWII
Medlen, Malcolm M. 1919-1944 Army Air Forces WWII
Medlen, Ronald         -1943    
Meeks, Emmett H. 1887-1948   WWI
Meggs, James H. 1921-1981 Navy WWII
Melancon, Calvin M. 1921-1948   WWII
Merkle, Ernest August 1899-1984 Army WWII
Meshaya, James 1888-1953   WWI
Methvin, James A. 1935-2004 Air Force Korea
Micheli, Darryl Gino 1946-2009 Army Vietnam
Middleton, James S. 1928-1966 Air Force WWII
Midkiff, Ellis Franklin 1947-2005 Air Force Vietnam
Miglietta, Edward A. 1927-2003 Coast Guard WWII
Milburn, Ethelbert 1899-1964 USNR WWII
Milburn, Harold W. 1933-1974 Air Force  
Miles, Charles Alford 1931-1950 Army Korea
Milican, Harry Loyd 1926-1993 Army WWII
Miller, Clarence C. 1897-1981 Army WWI
Miller, Gerald Wayne 1945-1999 Navy Vietnam
Miller, Virgil C. 1922-1996 Army WWII
Milner, Gilbert Rainey 1915-1963 Navy WWII
Minx, Ellis Mason 1929-2000 Army Korea
Minx, Leland Harry 1907-1969 Army WWII
Mitchell, Harry Edward 1930-1986 Marines Korea
Mitchell, Jim 1892-1962 Army WWI
Mitchell, Lubie Atlas 1930-2002 Army Korea
Mitchell, Oscar L. 1923-1998 Army WWII
Mock, Esker J. 1926-1984 Army Korea
Moffitt, Dois L. 1921-1947 USNR WWII
Monroe, Sam 1888-1968   WWI
Montgomery, Frank C. 1901-1997 Army WWII
Moody, Bob Allen 1924-1988 Army, Merchant Marine WWII
Moody, William Clarence 1913-1978 Army WWII
Moon, Jesse J. 1892-1960   WWI
Mooney, Chester M. 1913-1981 Army WWII
Moore, Clarence C. 1922-1998 Navy WWII
Moore, Cleatus Daniel 1931-2003 Air Force Korea
Moore, Floyd 1913-1983 Army WWII
Moore, Jack Bonham 1919-1969 USNR WWII
Moore, James Carl 1918-1977 Army WWII
Moore, Otis Russell 1920-1970   WWII
Moore, Robert Emmett, Jr. 1933-1998 Navy Korea
Morehead, Archie Howell 1920-2009 Navy WWII
Morris, Berry 1917-1986 Army WWII
Morris, Harvey D. 1928-1958 Army WWII
Morris, Kenneth E. 1925-1987 Marines WWII
Morris, Roy Glen 1966-1998 Marines  
Morrison, J. B. 1922-2003 Navy WWII
Mullins, Chesley V. 1923-1981 Army WWII
Mullins, Clyde D. 1917-1945   WWII
Mullins, Norman J. 1936-1986 Marines Korea, Vietnam
Murphy, Ivan Ray 1938-1998 Air Force  
Murphy, Oscar 1915-1990 Army WWII
Murray, Dillard Earl 1913-1968 Army WWII
Murrell, Donny E. 1941-2004 Navy Vietnam
Myers, Theodore T. 1920-2005 Army WWII


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