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Choctaw County Veteran Tribute - S


Veteran Born-Died Branch Conflict
Saffell, Arthur Franklin 1951-2015    
Sales, Jim 1888-1971   WWI
Sam, Leonard N. 1932-1998 Army Korea
Samis/Simes, Fleming Fred, Sr. 1933-2001 Marines  
Samuel, Jerry H., Jr. 1935-2003 Army Korea
Sanders, Clovis Joel 1900-1968 Army WWII
Sanders, Glinn R. 1919-1944 Army WWII
Sanders, Grover C.         -1939    
Sanders, Lockard Augustus   Army WWI
Sanders, Thomas 1895-1968 Army WWI
Sanguin, Wayne C. 1919-1994 Army WWII
Sasser, Dan Ellis 1915-1982 Air Force WWII
Satterfield, Lowell F. 1928-1995 Army Korea, Vietnam
Satterfield, Roy 1933-2000 Air Force Vietnam
Satterfield, Thomas Edward 1953-1991 Army  
Scarbrough, Robert C. 1946-1991 Army Vietnam
Scarbrough, Robert L. 1895-1960   WWI
Schuchardt, John Walter, Jr. 1953-2002 Army Vietnam
Scott, Claude George 1896-1956   WWI
Scrivner, Donald G. 1932-2005 Army Korea
Searles, George A. 1892-1974 Army WWI
Seaton, Thomas W. 1923-2003 Navy WWII
Self, James Edward 1897-1968 Army WWI
Self, Thomas Dean 1935-1984 Air Force Korea
Self, Thomas Ross 1906-1995 Army WWII
Self, William Ross 1929-1983 Air Force Korea
Sellers, George O. 1898-1971 Army WWI
Selph, Bert E. 1918-1944   WWII
Sharp, Joe 1896-1979 Army WWI
Sharp, John 1895-1978 Army WWI
Shaw, Nathaniel 1947-1985 Army Vietnam
Shaw, Robert Lee, Jr. 1922-2005 Army WWII
Sheets, Walter W. 1895-1972   WWI
Shelton, Orvel W. 1913-1944 Army WWII
Shelton, Richard Lester 1902-1977 Navy WWII
Shelton, Tipton 1895-1970 Army WWI
Sherfield, Herman 1920-1998 Army WWII
Shoals, Delbert 1919-1947   WWII
Shockley, Carvin 1921-2007 Army WWII
Shockley, Floyd Ray 1942-2002 Army  
Shonebarger, Paul E. 1926-1997 Navy WWII
Shull, Charles G., Jr. 1914-1974 Army Air Forces  
Shull, Russell J. 1878-1954   WWI
Simmons, James Robert 1941-2006 Army Vietnam
Simmons, Orland Lewis 1905-1971 Army WWII
Simpson, George Morgan 1925-1978 Army WWII
Simpson, Lloyd W. 1895-1977 Army WWI
Simpson, Warren D. 1919-1989 Coast Guard WWII
Sims, Willie Ray 1935-2003 Navy, Air Force Vietnam
Sinclair, Donald A. 1915-2007 Army WWII
Sinclair, Foy Damon 1919-1992 Air Force WWII, Korea
Sitton, Troy Nelson 1948-1969 Army Vietnam
Silvey, Clyde 1907-1975 Army  
Skanes, Justice 1891-1960   WWI
Slaton, Marcus 1907-1988 Army WWII
Smalley, Leo R. 1941-1990 Army WWII
Smallman, Robert Eugene 1927-2003 Navy WWII
Smart, Johnnie W. 1926-1948 Marines WWII
Smith, Albert 1896-1972 Army WWI
Smith, Billy W. 1931-2008 Army Korea
Smith, Charley Earnest 1891-1978 Army WWI
Smith, Claude, Jr. 1923-1977 Army WWII
Smith, Columbus E. 1887-1979 Army WWI
Smith, Ellward G. 1919-1942   WWII
Smith, Eric     WWI
Smith, Ernest Wayne 1928-1992 Army Korea
Smith, Hoyt Lee 1925-2000 Navy WWII
Smith, James Leslie 1889-1970   WWI
Smith, Jessie 1892-1960   WWI
Smith, Jessie 1921-1980 Army WWII
Smith, Jim A. 1898-1983 Army WWII
Smith, Joe W. 1930-1986 Army Korea
Smith, Morrison 1900-1988 Army WWII
Smith, Ross Robert 1914-1995 Army WWII
Smith, Roy Lee 1949-1996 Army Vietnam
Smith, William Albert 1887-1961   WWI
Snodgrass, Clarence B. 1891-1963   WWI
Sossamon, Peter A.   CSA Civil War
Spear, Hubert E. 1921-2010 Army Air Forces WWII
Speegle, Jack L. 1919-1964 Army WWII
Speegle, John W. 1919-1977 Army WWII
Speer, James Theodore 1913-1998 Army WWII
Spring, Cecil J. 1918-1973 Navy WWII
Spring, William Bert 1897-1971   WWI
Springs, Billy F. 1926-1997 Army WWII, Korea
Squires, Clarence 1880-1960   Sp-Am War
Stallings, Euwell Archie 1907-1989 Army WWII
Stamper, Marie Aouda 1921-1995 Army WWII
Stanley, Edwin H. 1911-1981 Army WWII
Starlin, Levan 1943-2003 Army Vietnam
Stell, John David 1897-1963 Army WWI
Stephenson, Aubrey   Army Air Corps WWII
Stephenson, Emmett H. 1910-1981 Army WWII
Stephenson, George F. 1922-1976 Army WWII
Stepp, Ivan Lee 1928-1993 Navy Korea
Stewart, Nathaniel 1919-1998 Air Force WWII
Stewart, William G. 1888-1966 Army WWI
Still, Kenneth Roy 1947-1992 Army Vietnam
Stillwell, Gregory 1949-1971 Army Vietnam
Stillwell, Wilburn F. 1930-1995 Coast Guard Korea
Stinson, Richard Carroll 1933-2010 Air Force Korea
Stocker, Robert, Jr. 1929-2012 Army Korea
Stokes, Daniel Leo 1904-1977 Army  
Stovall, Steve F.         -1935    
Street, Joseph L.         -1937    
Streetman, George B. 1926-1997 Navy WWII
Streetman, George W. 1886-1962 Army WWI
Sturges, Edward M.         -1943 Army Air Corps WWII
Sumner, Kenneth M. 1927-1970 Army Korea
Sundahl, Jack R. 1932-1998 Army Korea


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