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ADAMS					Date: 12 Mar 2001 

	I would love to hear from anyone that has family that lived in Snomac, Ok. before 
	and during WWII. My mother and her siblings attended and graduated from Wolf High 
	School. I have a picture of the 1940 graduating class with names. My mother's name 
	was Beatrice ADAMS. My father's family also lived in Snomac. His name was Robert
	(Preach) Childers. He enlisted in the Army AirForce with a man he called Couch, 
	from this area also. My grandfather Charles Adams had brothers and sisters that 
	lived in this area and I don't know their names. One might have been Neal Adams. 
	Anyone with any information on any of these people please let me know. Snomac was 
	in Seminole Co., Ok. Thanks, 
					Karen Scarborough	

	Date: 7 Mar 2001
	I am trying to find someone that has canvassed Vamoosa Cemetery located in Seminole 
	County, Ok. My grandparents are buried there: Charles Lee Adams and Mary Ann Adams. 
	We are unable to locate my grandfather's gravesite.	
					Karen Scarborough

Akin, Sidney Originally posted on Sep 23, 1998 I am looking for information on the Sidney AKIN family. Family was listed on 1900 Seminole County census. Sidney, age 69 Wife: Sarah C., age 49 Children: Willie, age 21, Doshia, age 15, Lemuel, age 12, Minnie, age 10. Several of the family are supposed to be buried around the Vamoosa area, but can find no information them. Will appreciate any help.   Rae Spencer - spencer@n-jcenter.com
Aldridge, Frank Originally posted July 29, 1998 Am searching for FRANK ALDRIDGE/ALLRICH/ALREDGE that may have lived in Seminole County, Oklahoma during 1900-1925. He was supposed to be an "uncle" to my grandmother in Texarkana, Texas. Stories have been passed down in the family about this old gentleman and I would very much like to make a connection with records of him.   Anyone who has ALDRIDGE, etc in Seminole Cty, could you get in touch with me? Thanks!! Sherry - dustyc@prysm.net
ALEXANDER, Maudie originally posted June 22, 1998 My great-grandmother, (maiden name) Maudie ALEXANDER, married James Edwards POLK in 1920. Born (1901) and raised in Seminole county, I believe in what is now called Bowlegs, OK. I am attempting to write a research paper on my great-grandmother. Her children have little recollection of the little time they spent in OK, and her surviving two siblings I cannot locate, Ora and Eula ALEXANDER (married names unknown). If you have any information that may help me or any suggestions on how to find any info, I'd appreciate it. Shannon Fairhurst - don@newpro.net
ALGOOD, ALLGOOD, COLLIER Originally posted Feb 13, 1997 David Arthur Collier and Mary Ella (Ellen) Algood m. 22 Oct 1904 in Atoka County, residence listed as Wapanucka. DA Collier and Mother (Sarah Lucinda Collier) found in 1910 living in Coalgate, Coal, Oklahoma. I cannot locate the family any earlier in the census. Other siblings are Sim A Collier b. 22 may 1877 and Ida Collier b. 1891. According to the census there are 9 more siblings. In 1911 Ida m. Sam Purdue in Coal County OK. I am searching for any information on Sim, David and Ida's father or the other siblings. In 1920, Sarah was living with her son Sim in Seminole Co. Any information about anyone in this family would be greatly appreciated. In the 1920 census I found a DA Collier in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary and I don't know how to find out if he is the same one. DA and Mary Ella moved to California and lived in Bakersfield for the rest of their lives. Kimberly Fawn Miller - kfawn@burgoyne.com
ALLEN, Claud Allen and Eva Larabee Date: 1 Aug 2000 I am looking for Eva Larabee Allen's obit. she married my grandfather in Hughes County, OKlahoma around 1919. They lived in the Sasawka area at that time. I have heard that she may have died in Childbirth. My grandfather was Claud Monroe Allen. I know that she died sometimes before 1922 because he married my grandmother after her death. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!!!!! Sandy Allen Oleo - Sandrako2@aol.com
ALLEN, IRA Date: 11 Dec 1999 Ira Allen and wife Mary Ann Coffey lived in Seminole Co. when their 3rd daughter Vera Edna Allen was born, 1904. Vera married Center Sylvester Murry, Looking for ANY additional information re: Ira Allen, wife Mary Ann Coffey and related families. Please e-mail MEC236@aol.com Mary Clegg - MEC236@aol.com
ALLEN, John Bunyon Date: 1-8-2002 "John Bunyon Allen died in Wolf, OK 75 yrs., 6 mo., 11 days of Coronary Thrombosis and was buried in the Wolf Cem. Now. 22, 1934. Undertaker J.C. Chadwich, Seminole, OK. Doctor was N.W. Mills, M.D. address Snomae who attended him 11/18/34 to 11/20/34 and death occured at 9pm. No autopsy was done. Informant was F.D. Allen, Arkansas City, KS. John Bunion Allen was a Doctor born KY, Parents, Joseph Allen, b: KY and Fannie Higgens, b: KY." Dr. John Bunyan Allen, age 79 born: died: Wolf, Oklahoma Burial: Wolf cemetary. Survived by: his wife, daughters: Miss America Ehrstine, Flint, Mich. Mrs. Laura Reed, Spokane, Wash. Mrs. Conzaly Hall, Flint Mich. Mrs. Florence Threlkeld, San Francisco, CA sons: F.D. Allen, Arkansas City, Kansas G.C. Allen, Kansas City, Missouri Question: Between 1924 and 1934 Dr. Allen married someone by the name of Martha ?. Do you have a listing for this marriage? Thank you, Remona, Modesto, CA - rturnermod@aol.com
ALLEN, Lula and Walter Date: 27 Dec 1998 My grandma had a sister Lula who was married to Walter Allen and lived in Seminole Co. Her name was Lillie. Aunt Lula had two sons Ernest and Arthur. Arthur's wife's name was Leola. She worked for the county or city. Please e-mail me if you have any useful information. Lacreta Moore
ALLEN, Mary Jane GAMMILL Date: 19 Aug 1999 I am looking for any info on Jess and Mary Jane Gammill Allen that lived in Sasawka, Seminole County in the early and middle 1900s. There children were: Herbert, Bertha, and Belle. Any info would be appreciated. Jess is my great uncle. Thanks! Sandy Oleo - Sandrako2@aol.com
Allen, Joe and Bill Originally posted August 13, 1998 Looking for information on Joe Allen and William "Bill" Allen. Joe is supposedly my great-granduncle and may have been the Joe Allen that was lynched in 1909.  I'm trying to establish the link. Information on William Allen: Parents:  father unknown, mother may be Elizabeth Polk Spouse's names:  unknown, Elizabeth may be one of them, as he had been married 4 times Children:  Lou Turner, Robe Allen, Rosh Allen, Rufus Allen, Garrett Allen, Ann Allen, Jesse Allen Born approx. 1845 Resided in Seminole County around 1898 to his death around 1908 Occupation:  usually he clearcut trees and farmed. Carole Allen Whitteberry - jwhitt@lightspeed.net
Allen, John Originally posted Sep 10, 1998 I am looking for info on a John ALLEN that lived in Sasakawa in the 1920 Census.   His household consisted of Claud (my grandfather), Eva (his wife), and Marietta, a daughter.  There may have been more children at home, but that is all I can remember off hand.  I would like to know anything I can about this family.  Claud married my Grandmother, Liley STONE, in 1922 so I would like to know what happened to Eva.   I have heard that he had 2 children by a previous marriage.  Any death dates on John Allen would also be appreciated. Sandy Allen Oleo
Allen, Olan Woodrow Originally posted Aug 5, 1998 Looking for information on Olan Woodrow ALLEN born 1914 in Wewoka, Seminole County, Oklahoma. I believe his parents were Uriah Soloman Allen and Lena LADD although I can't confirm it. Any information on Olan or his parents would be much appreciated. Thank you. Hollie Goldsby
ALMON, WILLIAM ASHER Originally posted: Dec 01 1997 Searching for birthplace of WILLIAM ASHER ALMON born-June 29, 1876 died Sept 3, 1950. Buried Little Cemetary, Little, Oklahoma. Married (searching for same) Dovie Kanzada HOOVER born April 11,1893 died March 22, 1928. Buried in Little Cemetary, Little, Oklahoma. Patricia Almon - almonjoy@midusa.net
AMBURG/HAMBURG Originally posted: Apr 19, 1998 Hi my name is Mike Carter and I had a grandmother in the Konawa area in the mid 20's. Her maiden name was AMBURG might be listed as Hamburg. Just curious I have traced my mom's side of our family back to 1787 but know nothing of biological father's side. Thanks in advance. Mike Carter - mcarter@dns.courthouse.co.seminole.ok.us

Anderson Originally posted by Anne Muffley Oct 3, 1998 have an interest in ANDERSON family and DONALD family in Tracy or Seminole, Ok. Probably in the 1930's made a move from Franklin Co., Ark. Please disregard any extraneous capital letters or symbols in the body of this message or in my return address. Anne Muffley - amuffley@gte.net
ARNOLD, Clifford C. Originally posted June 1, 1998 Seeking information on Clifford C. Arnold, born 1907, married to Pansy Magness in Seminole on January 1928; divorced in October 1928; son born June 1929. I am trying to establish ancestral link. Carl Arnold - cado@tfb.com


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