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EASTES, John Lewis				Originally posted: May 16, 1998

	I am looking for any information about my grandfather JOHN LEWIS EASTES. I believe 
	he spent most of his life in konawa except for a few years he spent in california 
	working as a security guard. I think he worked in the oil fields in oklahoma. He was 
	a sharpshooter in the National Guard Rifle Team 1924-1927. He married DEALIA ANN 
	FREEMAN on 19 May 1929 in Ada, Ok. they had 4 children: 

	1. MARY LOU EASTES who died at the age of 5 months due to pneumonia. 
	2. JOANN EASTES born 12 July 1933 in konawa. 
	3. VIRGINIA LEA EASTES born 5 Oct. 1937 in konawa died 10, May 1994 in pomona calif. 
	4. JOHNNY EASTES born 9 July 1939 in konawa. 

	JOHN LEWIS EASTES' parents were MORRIS LEON "LONE" EASTES and his mother was INEZ 
	GARVER. I would be happy to hear from "ANYONE" having information about my 
	Grandfather's family. Will be more than happy to reinburse anyone for their time 
	to look up any data for me. Thank in advance.
						Shelly Wittman - swittman@mcn.net

Edgmon Date: 11-11-2001 Looking for burial site of John E. Edgmon and Sarah Edgmon. Believe that they have son buried in Dora Cemetery, by the name of Charlie Edgmon also goes by Charles Price Edgmon. Any helph would be appreciated. Thank you for the help. Rodney and Louise Dunnam - GramPappaD@aol.com
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