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Nale/Nail, Kenneth 			Date: 16 Mar 2000

	I am looking for the grave site of Kenneth NALE. He was killed in Seminole County, 
	Oklahoma in the late 1920's. He was 16 years old. I have reason to believe that some 
	of my other ancestors as well may be buried near him. Thank you.
					Shawna Maxwell

NANNEY/NANNY, Thomas Grady Date: 25 Mar 2000 Looking for information on Thomas Grady NANNEY/NANNY and Pearl LEDBETTER NANNEY who migrated to Wewoka, Seminole County sometime after 1920. They had 4 children that I know of: Don, Thomas, David and Daniel, with Daniel being the only son born in Seminole County. He married Martha Jean LEWIS and they had 3 children that I know of: Richard, Russell and Kendra. I would like to find any information on where Thomas and Pearl are buried, and any other info that anyone would be willing to share. My e-mail address is lnl01a@aol.com (LNL zero one A). Thank you. Larry Ledbetter - lnl01a@aol.com (LNL zero one A)
NEELY Originally posted: Feb 15 1997 Many relatives still in Seminole County and some buried Little Cemetary. Please email me at mac@pe.net if you think we may connect. Thanks. Jo Jo Anne Neely Gomez - mac@pe.net
NORTHRIP, George and Ball, Carrie Date: 2 Apr 2001 George Northrip m. Carrie Ball in Seminole Co. Okla in 1910.Their only son Zellie Jack was born in 1911-12. Ruth Butler


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