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Sanders, Ross and Ellen					Date: 15 Apr 2000

	looking for my grandparents graves.ross sanders and ellen forguson sanders died in 
	oct 1906 in siminole ok. of spinal minigitus. ross was the son of joseth monroe 
	sanders and ellen was daughter of thomas owen forguson. ross and ellen were in there 
	early twenties when they died.	
						ralph e sanders

SANGO Date: 7 Jul 2000 I am Looking for relatives of Polley Nero who married Lewis Sango sometime in the late 1800s. Where the were married I don't know, but they had children in Muskogee, OK. Lee Abair
SARTIN-SEMINIK Date: 16 Jun 2000 looking for relatives of Irene Sartin-seminik, she was born in Seminole Oklahoma on August 31 1927. She was born a Sartin, and was raised by her step father, who was a seminik. she married a David L KELLY, whom she later divorced. She may have resided in Washington State. She had several siblings in the Seminole area. Joan Woodruff
SAYLOR, MRS. BONNIE Date: 17 Dec 1999 Looking for any information whatsoever on MRS. BONNIE SAYLOR, my great-grandmother. She lived at 1108 S. Hichita in Wewoka, Seminole Co, OK throughout the mid-1900s. She had two boys, JAMES & ROBERT. James or Jimmie (my grandfather) was a popular wrestler in high school and married DOROTHY KATHRYN PRIESTLEY in the late 1920s. He was killed in a motorcycle accident shortly after my father was born in 1930. Robert became a pilot for American Airlines and married a woman named JOYCE. This branch of my family tree is barren, I need some help. I don't know Bonnie's maiden name or her husband's given name. I don't even know exactly when or where she died although I'm almost certain she was still living in Wewoka in 1970. She was in her 80s at that time and was almost completely deaf. I was told that Bonnie's father was a traveling preacher in Arkansas. She once took me where she grew up. I was too young though to remember where it was, although I do remember it being mountainous and within a day's drive of Wewoka. She showed me a river gorge over which she had to walk on a rope bridge to school everyday. Can anyone help me ... even just a little? I'm growing more & more desperate for leads. pamela pyle =================== Date: 12 Jun 2000 I've done additional research since my previous posting and now know a few more details about my great-grandparents from Wewoka, Seminole Co. OK. My great-grandmother was MRS. BONNIE MAY SAYLER (her maiden name is still unknown). She was born 5/18/1889 in Mena, Polk Co. AR and died 10/10/1978 in Wewoka, Seminole Co. OK. Her husband was RICHARD M. (Dick) SAYLER. He ran a number of meat markets in Wewoka and the surrounding area during the early 1930s. He died sometime in the 1950s. It is said that one of these individuals - either Bonnie or Dick - was a fifth generation descendent of Daniel Boone. Dick and Bonnie had two sons - James R. Sayler (my grandfather, killed in a motorcycle crash in August 1931) and Robert N. Sayler (WWII veteran and pilot for American Airlines, he died 10/9/1989). Bonnie and son Robert are buried side-by-side in Wewoka. Would love to hear from anyone with additional information about any of these individuals. Suggestions, potential leads, even wild ideas are welcome, too. Thanks! Pamela Pyle
Scott, Deborah Whitehead Date: 24 Aug 2000 I am looking for information on Deborah Whitehead Scott, a long time resident of Seminole, OK. I believe she may have taught school there at one time. She was born in TN and married to James Thomas Scott, they had children James Walter, Samuel Harrison, David Hillary, Alvin Thomas. She is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Seminole. Ann Fisher
SCROGGINS, Ruby Lee LILLEY (1918-1991) Date: 7 Apr 2001 by Kristi Hornsby 1 William J. Vick - b: January 10, 1818, in KY; d: October 22, 1856, (?) in TX +Sarah Taylor Parker - b: April 28, 1820, in KY; d: April 15, 1856, (?) in TX (?); m. June 26, 1839, in Jefferson Co., IL 2 Mary Susan Vick - b: May 14, 1840, in Muhlenberg Co., KY; d: July 6, 1924, in Denison, Grayson Co., TX; bur. Fairview Cemetery, Denison, Grayson Co., TX; Census 1840 & 1850 Muhlenberg Co., KY; 1860 Collin Co., TX Godwin Residence; 1870 & 1880 Denton Co., TX +Ira Wheeland - m: February 27, 1861 in Collin Co., TX *2nd Husband of Mary Susan Vick: +George Washington Parker - b: 1837 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL; d: April 27, 1881 in Aubrey, Denton Co., TX; m. March 3, 1863, in Denton Co., TX 3 Anna V. Parker - b: 1866 TX 3 Lewis R. Parker - b: bet. 1868-1869 TX; d. March 1870 in Denton Co., TX 3 Julia Irene Parker - b: October 16, 1871, in Denton Co., TX; d: September 10, 1949, in Greenville, Hunt Co., TX; bur. Millers Grove Cemetery, Hopkins Co., TX + A.J. McKerley - b: 1864; d. February 14, 1903, in Grayson Co., TX; m. December 24, 1885, in Denton Co., TX 4 Dora McKerley - b: December 14, 1886; d. June 19, 1963 Millers Grove Cemetery, Hopkins Co., TX +John W. DeLay - b: July 28, 1875; d. January 4, 1925; bur. Millers Grove Cemetery, Hopkins Co., TX 4 Bertha Bell McKerley - b: January 17, 1889, in Denton Co., TX d. January 4, 1978, in Grayson Co., TX bur. Fairview Cemetery, Denison, Grayson Co., TX +Charles Andrew Phillips - b: March 21, 1877, in Brooks Bluff, Etowah Co., AL. d: May 28, 1854, in Grayson Co., TX bur. Fairview Cemetery, Denison, Grayson Co., TX m: February 17, 1907 in Denton Co., TX 4 Butler "Samuel" McKerley - b: April 1891 in Denton Co., TX +Della Mae Tincher 4 Ibera McKerley - b: March 1893 in Denton Co., TX +Roy Smotherman - m: May 21, 1909 in Denton Co., TX *2nd Husband of Julia Irene Parker: +Horace Walter Phillips - b: November 1872 in AL; d: November 3, 1919 in Denton Co., TX m: December 27, 1898 in Denton Co., TX 4 Clarence Phillips - b: October 1899 in Denton Co., TX 4 Everett Phillips - b: 1902 in Denton Co., TX 4 Vera Phillips - b: June 1, 1905 in Aubrey, Denton Co., TX; d: March 31, 1985, in Dallas Co., TX +Rudolph Franklin Huffaker - b: January 27, 1903, in Ector, Fannin Co., TX; d: February 5, 1985, in Dallas Co., TX; m. October 6, 1924 in OK 4 Lera Phillips - b: June 1, 1905 in Aubrey, Denton Co., TX; d: November 22, 1986 in Lubbock, Lubbock Co., TX; bur. in Sudan, Lamb Co., TX +Charles Henry Blanchard - b: In Indian Territory, OK; bur. in Sudan, Lamb Co., TX 3 Guy Parker - b: 1874 in Denton Co., TX 3 George Lee Parker - b: 1877 in Denton Co., TX; d: 1908 in Grayson Co., TX; bur: Fairview Cemetery in Denison, Grayson Co., TX 3 Infant Girl Parker - b: December 1879 in Denton Co., TX 2 Izerlda M. Vick - b: 1843 in Muhlenberg Co., KY +Unknown Manning 3 William H. Manning - b: 1866 in TX *2nd Husband of Izerlda M. Vick: +Robert Lilley - b: 1829 in England; d: 1881 in Wise Co., TX; bur. Hyde Cemetery, Wise Co., TX 3 George Robert Lilley - b: August 14, 1873 in TX; d: in Ada, OK +Georganne Unknown - b: January 14, 1886; d: April 9, 1909 4 Infant Lilley - b: March 18, 1906 in OK; d: March 24, 1906 in Cedar Grove, Pontotac Co., OK 2nd wife of George Robert Lilley: Lola May Acock - b: December 2, 1888; d: April 16, 1974 in Shawnee, OK 3 Stephen Shirley Lilley - b: April 3, 1876 in wise Co., TX; d: December 26, 1974 in Stonewall, Pontotac Co., OK +Calvester LeVada Mitchell - b: November 24, 1879 in Mulberry, AR; d: July 20, 1953 in Holdenville, OK; m. April 28, 1898 in McAlister, Pittsburgh Co., OK 4 Dena May Lilley - b: January 30, 1899 in McAlister, Pittsburgh Co., OK; d: December 14, 1989 in Ada, OK +William Sterlig Yates 4 Emma Jane Lilley - b: May 12, 1902; d: January 1981 in Selma, CA +Archer Almer Bandy - b: October 2, 1890; d. December 1968 in Selma, CA; m. August 9, 1919, in Ada, OK 4 Willie Mae Lilley - b: August 31, 1904 +Olief Myrick - b: May 5, 1893; d: September 27, 1977; m. January 13, 1921 in Ada, OK 4 Joseph Troy Lilley - b: April 16, 1907; d: July 1997 in Bakersfield, CA +Clara Robbins - b: June 21, 1909; d: January 17, 1994; m: July 3, 1925 in Ada, OK 4 Steven Allie Lilley - b: June 30, 1911 in Frances, OK +Ruby Tharp - m: June 26, 1930 in Ada, OK 4 Jessie David Lilley - b: April 23, 1914 in Frances, OK +Vera Aline Ranells - b: May 5, 1915 in Allen, OK; m: February 12, 1935 in Ada, OK 4 Ruby Lee Lilley - b: December 2, 1918 in Frances, OK; d: May 15, 1991 in Seminole, OK +Carmen Scroggins - b: October 30, 1919 in Frances, OK; m: February 12, 1935 in Ada, OK 3 Mary M.N. Lilley - b: January 10, 1879; d: June 13, 1880 in Wise Co., TX 3 Robert F. Lilley - b: July 16, 1881 in TX; d: July 28, 1966 in Ada, OK +Minnie Jurden 4 Cecil Lilley 4 Pete Lilley 4 Helen Lilley 2 Margaret A. Vick - b: 1845 in Muhlenberg Co., KY +Thomas T. Ferris - m: August 22, 1869, in Fannin co., TX 2 Luther Franklin Vick - b: July 1850 in Muhlenberg Co., KY Census: 1850 Muhlenberg Co. Census: 1860 Hunt Co., TX Alexander Crisp Residence) +Susan Stringfellow - m: February 20, 1879 in Hopkins Co., TX 2 Benjamin or Bingham Vick - b: 1856 (1860 Fannin Co., TX Census T.O. Triplett Residence) + Mittie R. Garrett - m: January 5, 1876 in Hunt Co., TX
Sexton, William Henry (Fox) and Scott, Lue Rena Originally posted: Aug 14, 1997 I am looking for any and all info on William Henry {Fox] Sexton, wife was Lue Rena Scott. He was b. Apr.19,1865, in Tenn. d.June 17,1938 in Sasakwa, Ok. Lue Rena b. Aug. 7, 1867, d. Jan. 9, 1950, in Sasakwa, Ok. They had 6 children, one of which was my father-in-law, Elmer Sexton. This is as far back as anyone has info about. Any more info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Jan Sexton
SHORE, John and Jane Date: 14 Nov 1999 my great grandmother and grandfather may have lived in wewoka, Ok siminole co. looking for burial sites or any information anyone might have on them John and Jane Shore. they came to the U.S. in 1887. in the funeral home records for Jane there were some notes that said something about wewoka, there is no death cert on file at the oklahoma city vital stat. so I don't know where she is buried, could someone help me. donna (shore) null
SIMPSON and WADE Originally posted Fri Feb 20 1998 23:16:16 I am looking for any information I can accumulate on a Simpson family who lived in Konawa, Seminole County, Oklahoma between 1908 and 1925. They had about eight children. D.L. SIMPSON was the father's name. Alpha WADE the mother. I would appreciate any information I can get on this family. Jim Adkins
SMITH and HENDERSON  Originally posted Sat Feb 07 1998 Looking for ancestors of Howell Park SMITH who died in Seminole Co.,OK in 1918, and his wife Susan Tabitha HENDERSON SMITH who died here in 1931. Jackie Niemeyer
Smith, Marion T. Date: 1 Aug 2000 Looking for a Marion T. Smith and Lula. was in Seminole Co.in 1920. His parents were (J.C.) Jerry C. Smith and Rhoda Smith . Both familys came from Alabama around 1910. Marion children are: Calvin (al), Dewey (al), Chealey (Al), Ruby (Ok), Ishmeal (Ok), Lottie (Ok), and Thelma (Ok).Any info on any of these people please contact me. Mark Sampson - sampson@charter.net
SMITH, Oscar and Maggie of Wewoka Date: 27 Jan 2001 I'm looking for descendents of an Oscar R. and Maggie Ward Smith who lived in Wewoka, Seminole Co., for many years. These people went to Wewoka from Nevada Co, Arkansas. They had children on 1910 US census for Nevada Co, AR, Oscar and Julia. Any info would be appreciated. Mark Ward
SMITH, Rebecca and Daniel Date: 8 Sep 2000 I am looking for information on the above mentioned people. They lived in seminole county, died in 1922 and 1925 and are buried in Tate Mtn Cemetery. I need to know their dates of birth, where they were born, their parents names. Their children are Amy Austin, Sarah Whitlock, Bell Gaylor, Christopher, Jack, Jake, and Wesley Smith. Some of their descendants still live around Wewoka, but I live in Harrison, Ar. Thank you for any help you can give me. Beverly Hefley - JWHEFLEY@YOURNET.COM ----------------- Date: 25 Dec 2000 12:00 PM Hello Beverly, What are the first names of Smith, Whitlock, & Gaylor buried at Tate Mtn. Cemetery, Seminole Co., OK? In your query you listed death dates of 1922 & 1925, but I don't know what names go with the dates. In Tate Mtn Cemetery, Henry Asbery Gayler's stone reads: b: September 03, 1880; d:June 01, 1957. Henry's wife, Bell Zora Smith Gayler's stone reads: b:April 27, 1888; d:December 15, 1950. What is your tie to this family? This is my husband's g-grandparents. Look forward to hearing from you. Gayla B Carter - GBC1955@aol.com
SPANN, Elija Barton and Edith Marie (BAKER) Date: 30 Apr 2000 12:00 PM Searching for information on Elija Barton Spann and Edith Marie Baker Spann, who were living in Wewoka in 1954 in a rental house owned by John Walker out by Justice School. The Spanns were convicted of manslaughter, and gave up two young school-age daughters plus a newborn daughter for adoption that year. MSH
SPEARS, America   Date: 17 Mar 2001 My grt grt grandmother was america SPEARS. she supposedly died apr 3,1909 in maud, seminole co. ok. She was on the Cherokee Payroll By Right Of Blood in 1880. (i think). Does anyone have any documentation of her death in this area? I believe she had a daughter - nancy isobel (CRAIG) MULL who died same area in june 1935 and also a son - George Washington CRAIG who died same place mar 5,1901. Is anyone familiar with this family? Her last husbands name was james ROSE. willing to exchange any info about the craig/spears family. thank you. kathie (craig) brinkman
Spears, Joseph Marion (1865-1941) Date: 31 Oct 2000 Would like to meet descendents of Joseph Marion Spears who was living in Seminole Co. and is buried at Sasakwa. He was my g-g-g-uncle. Hollie
Sperling, Gus and Ethel Date: 18 Jul 1999 I am looking for further information on Gus and Ethel Sperling who were in Seminole Co.,OK in the 1910 census. I believe his mother, Minnerva lived with them. I am looking to find birthplaces, dates etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Thomas Sperling
SPURR, Mauda Stroud Date: 21 Jun 2000 My great grandmother was Mauda Stroud Spurr - married Harold D. Spurr. Sometime after, she married Elmer? Harber and may have moved to Shawnee, OK. I believe that she owned quite a bit of mineral rights to land around and in Seminole and had something the do with the origins and founding of the Seminole Oilfield! I am searching for ANY information on these surnames and/or on the history of the Seminole oilfield! Suzanne Lampl
STATS, Fred Date: 26 May 1999 No info on the Stats family, just the first name of Fred, lived in Seminole County in 1927 or 1928. The Enochs family lived in Seminole County, father worked for the Sinclair Oil Co and moved around in the county with the oil lease work Jean French
STEELMAN, Robert Lee Date: 3 Oct 1999 My great grandfather, Robert Lee (Bob)STEELMAN was a moonshiner in Sasakwa during prohibition, as a result he was sent to jail or prison for about 2 years. Does anyone have information on moonshiners in Sasakwa? would this have been a local or federal offense? where would I look for records? Susan Hamilton ========================== Steelman, Coffee, Isbell, Pevehouse, Dever Date: 25 Jun 1999 These families lived in the Sasakwa and Vamoosa areas of Seminole Co and the Roff/Francis area of Pontotoc Co from the late 1890's, some still in the general area. Looking for any connections. Susan Hamilton
Stives Date: 1 Jun 2001 What can you tell me about the Stives that you mention from Seminole County? I am researching the Stives family. Thanks Judy
Stogner, Leavitt, Bumgarner Date: May 21, 2001 I'm looking for links to my past. Grandfather was George William Stogner, grandmother Mary Afton Stogner (or) Afton Blake Stogner . . . her maiden name was Blake. THey had one daughter who died young (Mary Nell)and a grown dauther (my other) Elizabeth Lynne Stogner. My grandfather was an oilman in Texas and Oklahoma in the 30's and 40's, and I don't know his birthdate. My grandmother was born around 1917. She mentioned relatives named Bumgarner, but I don't know what the relationship was precisely. Any info would be appreciated. Lauren Maddison
Stout, John M. Originally posted: Jun 10, 1997 I am seeking information on John M. Stout b Mar 15, 1870 in Arkansas d Nov 25, 1953 near Seminole. John had two wives 1st: Mary A. Earley. 2nd: Leola ______ John had nine children: Annie M, Ava, James Herman, Tempie L., Marvin M., Emel (sp?), Truman, John I. and Jewel. John and his wife Leola are buried at the Little Cemetery at Seminole. Any information of this Stout family would be greatly appreciated. Will exchange info. Tammie Chada
Stout, Juanita Kidd Date: 11-10-2001 I'm trying to learn something about the ancestry of Judge Juanita Kidd Stout, born on March 7, 1919, in Wewoka. She is renowned as a Black woman who became a judge in Philadelphia, but I believe she may also have had native heritage as well. Do you have any idea how I could find out for sure? Thanks very much. Amy Kapp - amykapp@stanford.edu
STULTS, Jay Gould Date: 10 Jan 2001 Jay Gould STULTS b. 1892 TN d. 1966 Seminole Co. wife Della Anna MCCAWLEY b. 1896 AR d. 1964 Seminole Co. Children: Verdell KING, Pauline MOORE, Viola TAYLOR, Joyce HUNTER and Patricia FLEMING. Looking for descendants. Kay Fleming
Stutz, Clinton Date: 11 Mar 2001 I am looking for descendants from Edgar and Ethel Lee (Okerson) STUTZ family. They had five children, but ones that I know are Clinton, Cleora Lighfoot, and Thelma Henry. Clinton married Helena McSoud in Kansas and they had three children: Gary, Sharon, and Saundra. They lived in Seminole for many years before moving to Kingfisher. They would be my third cousins. If anyone has any information on this family, please e-mail me. Kathie Stutz - shadykatie@netzero.com
STUTZ, Pearl Date: 7 Mar 2001   I am trying find any Stutz family members who are related to Harry and Josie Stutz. They had three children: Elmer, Pearl, and Opal. They are also related to the Neel and Charles Stutz family. Kathie Stutz - shadykatie@netzero.com ----------------------- Date: 4 Mar 2001 Pearl Stutz is the daughter of Harry and Josie Stutz of Garfield County, Oklahoma. She had a brother named Elmer and a sister named Opal. Opal is still living and resides in Houston, Texas. The Stutz family is huge and if you want to know more contact me: Kathie Stutz - shadykatie@netzero.com ------------------------ Date: 7 Mar 2001   I am trying to find any member of the Stutz family still left from Harry and Josie Stutz. Their daughter Pearl Stutz married into the Neel family. Kathie Stutz - shadykatie@netzero.com ------------------------- Date: 4 Mar 2001 The Stutz family is huge and Pearl was my grandfather's Willard Stutz's first cousin. He was her brother Elmer's best friend. I have been tracing the Stutz Family for over 12 years. Kathie Stutz
Summers, Marvin Lee Originally posted: Tue Dec 23 1997 I am seeking information on my family. My uncle Marvin Lee Summers managed the Mistletoe Express in Seminole, OK in the 1960's. I would request information on him and all other relatives of mine. Marvin L. "Sarge" Summers
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