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KESTERSON, Thomas Jefferson		Date: 17 May 2000

	I am hoping to connect up with anyone researching the Thomas Jefferson Kesterson and 
	Martha A. Cunningham Kesterson family. They are both buried in Konowa, Oklahoma. 
	Thomas died in 1911 and Martha died in 1930. Any help (like obituaries) would be 
	MOST appreciated!
					Thank you! - Robin Kesterson-Bailey - ilive2rite@yahoo.com	

KERKSIECK, Esther Date: 14 Feb 2000 Looking for any info on the KERKSIECK family who lived in Konawa ca 1910-1912. Esther KERSIECK married John A. (Eck) RANDEL of Crowder, OK in about 1911. Esther had a younger sister, Ruby, who married Charley RANDEL (John A.'s brother) sometime later. Esther's parents were Frank and Sarah KERKSEICK. Ken Jackson
KIKER Date: 8 Oct 1999 Searching for information on the family of: Arthur WILLIAMS, son of Mose & Margaret A. (WALKER) WILLIAMS b. 20 Jun 1881, Hill Top, Boone Co., AR d. Jun 1970 Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK m. about 1900 Boone Co., AR Nellie Mahala EVANS, daughter of Daniel Webster & Charlotte Cerena (Ross) Evans b. 15 Jun 1881, Harrison, Boone Co., AR d. 22 Jun 1961, Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK issue: - Avo WILLIAMS, b. 23 Apr 1901 AR, m. Bert JONES - Coy Henry WILLIAMS, b. 10 Sep 1902 AR; d. Jul 1983 Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK - Ross WILLIAMS, b. 27 Mar 1904 AR; d. Jul 1979 Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK - Wiley WILLIAMS, b. about 1906 AR; may have had sons, Herbert and Glen - Daniel Bryan WILLIAMS, b. about 1909 AR - child WILLIAMS, b. before 1910 prob. AR - Hazel WILLIAMS, b. after 1910; m. Mr. LOUMAY (not sure of spelling) said to live in Minn. - Ottie WILLIAMS, b. 24 Apr 1914; d. May 1986 Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK - Oscar WILLIAMS, b. unknown; may have lived near Wichita, KS and had some daughters. - Myrl WILLIAMS, b. 22 May 1918; d. 8 Sep 1991 Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK; m. Luther KIKER, had sons, Eddie and Tommy Ray. Arthur WILLIAMS is said to have been a minister (not sure which church; his wife was raised in the Methodist Episcopal South church) and moved his family from Boone Co., AR to Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK after 1910, but probably by 1920. I would like to locate marriage, death and burial information for any or all of these people as well as make contact with any living descendants. I'm compiling a ROSS family history and would like to include them. Does anyone have printed indexes to marriage and cemetery records for the Wewoka area? ANY HELP APPRECIATED!! Thanks. Delores Eveland ================ Kiker Date: 8 Oct 1999 Seminole County inquiry----my father Charles Franklin Martindale (d.78) spoke of neighboring with a "Kiker" before my time (dob `39) in the Strothers community of NE Seminole Co. I will keep your inquiry in the event I have further information to share. Carolyn [Stavely] Martindale Belshe =================== Date: 6 Jan 2000 I have not been researching this side of my family, but my grandfather H.B. Kiker grew up in Seminole County. His siblings include Vernon L., Lois, James. H.B. was born in Alabama in 1907 (I think). If you believe this is the right family, I will gather some more information for you. I think that my great-grandparents lived in Wewoka after my grandfather was married, and I believe that there are quite a few Kikers buried in Wewoka. Tara L. Downer ================= Date: 6 Jan 2000 Tara, Thanks for the note. I would certainly appreciate any additional information you might be able to provide. It occurs to me that maybe your Vernon L. is my Luther Kiker. Do you have any other information on who your Vernon L. married or his descendants? As you will recall from my first query, Luther Kiker married Myrl Williams and they had two sons, Eddie and Tommy Ray. I don't know how large a town Wewoka is, but Kiker is an unusual name so it seems likely there is a connection. I will look forward to hearing more from you. Delores Y. Eveland ================= Hello Tara, I noticed you were looking for information on Luther KIKER of Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK. Luther was born June 15, 1915 in Wewoka & died September 30, 1998. He was married to Myrl WILLIAMS, & was the son of General & Ella (SPAIN) KIKER. How are you related to this family? This is my husband's family. If you need more information, email me. Gayla B Carter - GBC1955@aol.com ================= Date: 17 Dec 1999 This is really a shot in the dark, but its what I'm faced with these days. My great-grandmother used to tell me about her father who was a rural or traveling preacher in Arkansas before they relocated to Oklahoma. She lived in Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK for much of the 1900s. I believe she was born around 1890 and got most of her schooling in Arkansas before the family moved to Oklahoma. This doesn't rule out the 1910 timeframe you cite as the probable relocation date for Mr. Arthur Williams. I know its a longshot, but it may be worth checking out. Unfortunately, I can't give you much to go on. I only started my research a short while ago & am still very much a novice. My great-grandmother's name was Mrs. Bonnie Saylor. I don't know her maiden name or her husband's given name. I also don't know exactly where in Arkansas she came from. I DO know that she lived at 1108 S. Hichita in Wewoka for as long as I can remember. I even have pictures of her that appear to have been taken at the same house dating back to the 1930s. I am out of state & haven't been able to check any property records, but they may help. I also know my great-grandmother's Arkansas homeplace was within a day's drive of Wewoka. I once went there with her when I was very small. I remember the terrain being very mountainous and rural. She showed me the river gorge she had to cross via a rope bridge to go to school everyday. She & Mr. Saylor had at least two sons, James & Robert. James died as the result of a motorcycle accident in the early 1930s. I know its not much, but a possible lead is a possible lead, no matter how thin. I will, of course, keep you posted if in the course of my future research I uncover anything about your Mr. Arthur Williams. If you are able to confirm a link to my great-grandmother, would you be so kind as to share that with me in return? I hope this might be of some help. One never knows. Pamela Pyle ==================== Date: 17 Dec 1999 Pam, Thanks for your response and interest in my Williams family in Seminole Co., OK. I have reviewed this family and I don't find anyone by the name of Saylor or Bonnie. In terms of when my Williams family migrated to OK, that is based on finding them in the census in 1910 in Boone Co., AR. I will keep in mind your interest in the name Saylor and will be happy to let you know if I find anything on someone with that name. Delores Eveland
Knappenberger Date: 10 Feb 2000 Homer Knappenberger (born 1876) and married to Carrie Burch moved to Seminole County OK between 1900 and 1910 (approx) and had at least two children, Freeda "Dube" Laverne who married Haskell McClure and Arline who married a Bell. Arline Bell may still be living in Shawnee, OK. I am looking for any information on this family. Thank you. Sue Knappenberger Appleton
KNOBLE, TROY DEVORN Originally posted: Apr 8, 1998 KNOBLE, TROY DEVORN - Last seen in Seminole, OK in the year of 1927; approximately age 17. He was never heard of since. Are there any records of burial for an UNKNOWN in that county? What cemetery would have been used at that time? Is there a newspaper file from 1927 available for the area? If so, how do I obtain Obit's from it. Any info greatly appreciated. Linda Larman - llarman@anbtc.com
KRAUSE Posted: 07-28-2002 Delman F. Krause, believed to have died sometime in 1954, probably in Wewoka, Seminole Co OK. We've not been able to find a gravesite OR an obit on him. I was up in Hughes Co last weekend, but ran out of time to look through the Holdenville Times microfilm there. His last known address was Holdenville; had sons living in Sasakwa. BUT he is not buried in the two expected Krause family plots (one in Dustin, one in Holdenville). Fading memories have him living in Wewoka at the time of his death. Thank you, Elaine W. Krause Communications Outsourcing Houston, TX (281) 496-5548 (office and fax)
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