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VAILE, Amos				Date:	12-07-2001

	Hi my Name is Teddie, I have been trying to find what happened to a Uncle of Mine,
	His name Amos Theodore Vaile. He was shot and killed on 11-18-1927, in Wewoka, Ok.
	I have tried to find information on his death but have been unable to find anything.
	Any suggestions on where to look. Anything would be greatly appreciated.
					Thanks Teddie - VL1031@MSN.COM

VIGNA, Lewis Date: 21 Jan 2001 am searching for a lewis vigna. vizns, visneau married to elizabeth brueneau, the spelling is in question, they did however have a daughter named catherine who married thomas mathew leenan (or leman) anglicized to leonard. so thomas m. leonard and catherine v. were marred, we beleive in the home of patrick hickey near herman nebraska. does this sound like anything any of you have run accross? thank you for your time wade haswell


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