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UNIDENTIFIED MAN			Published originally on 5-19-1929 and 
					republished 5-19-1999 under heading of 
					"70 Years ago Today" in "The Seminole Producer"

	"The body of an unidentified man, about 50 years of age who had been dead a week 
	or ten days, was found today, hidden in a pasture two miles north and a half mile 
	west of the City.

	He came to his death by violence, the forehead being badly crushed and two large 
	gashes having been inflicted on the back of the head. No marks of identiication were 
	found on the body and features were totally unrecognizable.

	Two of his pockets were turned out and all were empty.
	The body was found by Jack MITCHELL, 14, while going through the pasture of his 
	father, C.P. Mitchell"


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