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    The following newspaper headings on this page is a listing of articles & obituary's from the The Oklahoma newspaper from 1900 to 1960, of deaths in and around Vinita area, including Bluejacket, Big Cabin, Centralia, Ketchum, and Welch. The Name Index Link, is a alphabetic listing, of all names on the newspaper articles and obituary on this site. The Surname Index link is a summary of all of the surnames from the articles & obituaries. The articles where a submitted by Emily Jordan


A Vinita Wedding


A Venita Wedding


Like Unto Petronus.

After Thirty-Two Years.


Vinita Is Now Being Hunted With Blood-Hounds.


Father Slays Son And Wounds Wife


J.B.A. Robertson Married Today


Lightning Kills Man Near Vinita

Accused Vinita Slayer Out On Bond Of $15,000

Veteran Of War, Home, Wounded, Killed At Dance


Betterson’S Daughter In Vinita Asylum

Vinita Woman Hurt In Auto Accident


Vinita Plans Monument For Here.

Vinita C. Of C. Head Buried

100 Persons In One Family At Bluejacket


Aged Vinita Minister Dies

Vinita Wife Slayer Sentenced For Life

Grandville C. Craig celebrated birthday


Fight To Be Made Over Million Dollar Estate At Vinita

Safe Lock Theory Is Declared False


Two Held In Death Of Vinita Recluse


Accidental Shot Is Fatal To Vinita Boy


60 Years Of Married Life

Prominent Woman Of Vinita Is Dead

Veteran Editor Of Craig County Dies

Stores Close For Vinita Pioneer

Vinita Queen Weds Secretly


Vinita Man Dies Of Heart Attack After Cutting Hand

They Worked Their Way Up Without Help


Missourian Dies In Crash.

Wealthy Indian Is Given Prison Term

Aged Train Victim Succumbs At Vinita

Vinita Pioneer Is Buried

Craig County Pioneer Dies


Child Victim Of Mule Buried

Vinita Postmaster, Former Mayor, Legislator, Is Dead

Vinita Man Killed Under Truck In Fall From Horse

Rites Are Set For Aged Auto Victim

Leading Farmer At Vinita Dies


Bank Robbery Suspect Dies

Death Closes Valiant Fight Of Oklahoman


Child Dies Of Burns

Couple Married 59 Years

Craig County Pioneer Dies

Ketchum Man Dies In Crash

Vinita Woman Is Injured

Old Man Of Crime Buried Unmourned

F.W. Choteau, Grandson Of Early Day Trader Is Dead

Milam Youth Dies From Old Injury

Rites For Teacher Are Set At Vinita

Mrs. Ragen's Rites Set


Pioneer Vinita Man Dies

Funeral Services Held For Woman Married 70 Years

Sleeping Sickness Is Fatal To Vinita Man

Highway Accident Victim Unconscious

Bank Investigator Found Dead

Barnett's Kin Not Located; Rites Delayed

Funeral Plans Arranged For State Prison Employe

Vinita Man Killed When Hit By Auto


Pioneer Of Craig County Dies At 74

Two Vinita Miners Killed In Cavein

More Meningitis In Craig County

Gun Goes Off, Man Killed

Funeral Will Be Monday For Glenn Alcorn, Tulsa

Craig Farmer Injured

City Man Dies In Car Wreck

Six Held For Trial In Merchant's Death

Buffing Had To Battle In Washington For Nation's Rights, But Won Out.

Pioneer Who Helped Found Church Dies

Shotgun Mishap Kills State Boy


Farm Fire Is Fatal To Five

Former Solon Dies

Daughter Of 'Last Chief' Dies In Vinita

Vinita Man To Be Buried

Three Killed As Train Hits Car At Vinita

Bixby Man Killed In Vinita Accident

Aged Vinita Doctor Dies

State Man Killed On Vinita Crossing

Burns Are Fatal To Girl At Vinita

Vinita Victim Of Flames Will Be Buried Sunday

Tulsa Youth Dies

Fall Into Buzz Saw Kills Vinita Man

Hunting Shot Victim To Be Buried Today


Former Party Leader Is Dead

Vinita Woman Is Dead

Vinita Postmaster Dies While Driving

Cherokee Nation's Last Chief Is Dead

Train Kills Vinita Man At Crossing

Vinita Woman Dies

Aged Vinita Man Dies

Traffic Toll Rises To Six

Vinita Man Dies Of Gasoline Burns

Boy Crawls Under Train, Loses Legs


Falling Tree Kills Worker

Rescue Work Fatal To State Office

Wagoner Man Dies Of Truck Injuries

Retired Publisher's Rites Set At Vinita

Boy Swimming In Stock Pond Drowns

Man Dies In Vinita Of Shovel Injuries

Pioneer State Newsman’S Widow Dies In Vinita

Two Face Murder Charge

Welch Farmer Found Guilty Of Manslaughter

W.H. Kornegay, Former State Supreme Court Justice, Dies

Welch Boy Killed In Overturned Car


Butler-Nichols Vows Exchanged In Vinita Church

City Services For Judge Davenport Are Set For 2 P.M.

Judge Davenport Buried At Vinita During Snowstorm

Own Accidental Shot Kills State Hunter

Dam Worker Dies Of Fall

Charles Goodpaster

Grove Farmer Dies After Highway Accident

Crash Hurts Kill Kansas


Alva R. Butler

Mrs. Ruth Young

Jarrett A. Maulding


Funeral For Vinita Woman Is Pending

Rites Held For Vinita Child Struck By Car

Funeral Is Held For Vinita Woman

Former Resident Of Craig Buried

Pearl Harbor Deaths Still Being Reported

Man Burned To Death In Home Near Vinita

State Pilots Die In Plane Crashes

Vinita Resident, James Mcbee, Dies

Murder Case Hearing Is Set For July 28

Former U.S. Official Dies At Vinita

Three Vinita Children Are Burned To Death

Veteran Lawyer Is Buried At Vinita

Services For Vinita Pioneer Held Sunday

Vinita Rites Held For War Veteran

Pioneer Vinita City Councilman's Services Are Set


Grandmother Dies Under Train After Ignoring Warning


Vinita Railway Agent Dies

Truck Kills Girl On Road Near Vinita


Funeral Rites Held For Vinita Youth

Vinita Police Chief Is Fatally Wounded

Traffic Claims 307 Sooners During 1944

Three More Sooners Are Killed, Three Missing, 53 Wounded

11 Oklahomans Listed Killed; Two Missing

Five Sooners Listed Killed Three Missing

Eleven More Die, 16 Missing, 48 Listed As Wounded By U.S.

Four Sooners Listed Killed; One Missing


Isaac R. Dingman

Vinita Rites Today For L.V. Mcneely

Vinita Boy Dies In Hospital Of Accident Injuries

In Race To Hospital

Road Mishaps Kill 2 In State

Grant E. Lennington

Mrs. Josephine Halsell

Lance W. Mitchell

Death Of Child Leaving Church Boosts Traffic Toll To 339

Vinita Civic Leader Dies

Mrs. Bessie Mayfield

Crashes Claim Lives Of Seven

Oklahoma City Loan Man Takes Vinita Job

R.C. Ives

John R. Stone


Dean Edward Ketron

Three Children Die In Flames

Unloaded Rifle Kills State Boy

Child, 4, Killed; Six Others Hurt In Vinita Crash

Reynold R. Oliver

Car Hits Fiddler On Way To Dance; He Dies Next Day

Bodies Of 111 War Heroes Returned


Page Crahan

Mrs. R.M. Green

S.B. Grubb

D.N. Dickerson Rites Will Be In Vinita

Pvt. Floyd E. Waldrop

Mrs. Fannie Butler

Harvey Averill Dies In Vinita; Funeral Today

Vinita To Hold State Banker's Rites Tuesday

W.M. Malone

A.B. Ratzlaff Vinita School Official, Dies

Tornado Toll Is Five Near Vinita; Damage Estimate, $300,000

Milton R. Kapp Dies In Vinita

Two Die In Crash At Vinita Airport

White Oak Car Victim’S Funeral Rites Pending

Services Today For Mrs. Warner, Pioneer Vinitan

Driver Too Slow; Baby Is Delivered In Vinita Taxi

Mrs. Nora M. Roper

Mrs. Durall's Rites Planned In Welch

W.E. Smith

Two Highway Deaths Posted

Joseph M. Hill

Oscar E. Moore

Mrs. J.E. Lenoir

James Rogers, Cousin Of Noted Humorist, Dies

Former City Resident Rites Will Be Today

Adair Horse And Buggy Doctor Dies

Yards Of Thread Used To Sew Up Slashed Worker


Mrs. Berger’S Vinita Funeral Will Be Today

Mrs. Blanche Hazel Smith

Daniel E. Wright

Vinita Services Planned Today For Mrs. Evans

Vinita School Chief Dies In His Office

Rites Pending For Long-Time Vinita Resident

Wounded Afton Boy Reported Improving

Vinita Treasurer's Post To Be Filled By Hubert Foster

Rites Are Today For Bruno Mayer

Mrs. Isabel W. Berger

Newell Colby Rites Sunday

State Farmer Kills Former Wife, Self

William A. Richardson


Former Vinita Man Dies In Florida

H.C. Demunbrun

Woman Is Hunted In Vinita Death

J.F. Kimbrough, Hospital Official, Dies In Vinita

Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett

Rites Friday For Mrs. Marks Vinita Pioneer

Mrs. Harmon Rites Will Be In Vinita

Dr. George W. Wright

Paul P. Lair

Herbert A. Hicks

John Chouteau Rites In Vinita Will Be Today

Rites Pending For Summerville

M.M. Perrigo

Mrs. Nichols Dies In Vinita


Mrs. Elizabeth Ives

Haymes Rites Set Saturday

Vinitans Spend 56Th Anniversary Apart

Vinitian's Rites Will Be Today

Father Of Vinita Brothers Is Dead

Vinita Newsman's Rites Saturday

Dupree Services Monday In Vinita

Services Monday For Vinita Woman

Carpenter Rites Are Scheduled Today In Vinita

Eight Are Killed In Easter Traffic


Abbie G. Inglish

Services Held For Ruth Tyler, Craig Pioneer

State Men Die In Plane Crash

State Counts 12 Holiday Deaths

State Deaths

Mrs. Ida Paden Services Today

J.W. Ratcliff Dies In Vinita

J. Wilton Ratcliff

Mrs. Lucille Jennings

State Traffic Deaths

S.E. Wallen


John Foreman

Seiling Church Funeral Today For Mrs. Wright

Mrs. Gladys Ledgerwood

Mrs. Hildebrand Dies In Vinita

State Deaths

Thomas H. Byrd

George C. Kenedy

Foreman Rites Set At Vinita

State Doctor'S Funeral Today

Vinita Minister Closes Career

James A. Hull

Mrs. Kate Cornatizer

Robert M. Jetton

Dr Leslie C. Carr

Crash At Vinita Takes Second Life

Three Are Killed On Wet Roads

Rollie C. Clark Vinita Lawyer, Services Today

John H. Ledbetter


John M. Chumley

Mrs. Berta G. Wilson

Mrs. Maude Devine

1952 State Road Toll Raised To 587

Car, Driver Hunted After Boy, 17, Dies

Craig Countyan's Services Today

Joe Raymond Lawson

Willis C. Burchett

George C. Winans

State Deaths

Mrs. Sarah E. York

Truman H. Ruggles

Two More Die On State Roads

Phil H. Abel

Andrew J. Cloyde

Floyd H. Dixon Funeral Plans Are Incomplete

J.N. Ogg

State Deaths

W.W. Gallop Rites Today

Pfc. Harold T. Ruggles

Philip A. Horton

Everett Hendricks

State Deaths

Mrs. Clarence Armstrong

Romy Ford

James Herbie Johnson

State Deaths

Carl C. Cass

Leslie H. Powell

Craig Pioneer's Rites Pending

Ellis C. Rogers

Former State Indian Official Dies In Vinita

John A. Wise

Mrs. J.D. Powell Services Today

C.E. Lowe's Rites Today

Mrs. Ida Mae Nugent

S.T. Tucker

Mrs. R.J. Wright

Friend Keller

Raymond F. Headrick

Mrs. Martha S. Hardesty

Walter C. White

O.A. Russell

Mrs. Lena Hawkins

S. Stanislaus Funeral Today

Services Today For Oklahoman Killed In Korea

Mrs. Sarah C. Brown

Nicholas G. Wolz

Mrs. Mary Lucille Wells

Craig Pioneer's Welch Rites Planned Friday

John E. Giles

Rites Tomorrow For Pioneer, Mrs. Flanders

Fire Victim's Services Today


Mrs. Laura E. Crockett

Crash Victim's W.A. Rodman Rites Are Set

Mrs. Nola Dorotha Kuder

Mrs. Mary Belle Rahn

Paul F. Holden

Ella H. Smith Dies In Vinita; Funeral Today

Dewey Sheehan Vinita Funeral To Be Today

Mrs. Blanche Chadd

William J. Martin

Patrick F. Moran

Three More Die In Auto Crashes

Frank A. Darst Rites Thursday In Vinita Chapel

Gas Fumes Kill Three In Vinita

Harvey Burton Frits

James W. Lee

John M. Haven Rites At Vinita

Soldier's Rites In Vinita Are Planned Today

Two Sooners Die In State Collisions

Traffic Slaughter Continues As Three More Die In State

Maude M. Cool Rites Pending In Bluejacket

C.B. Hughes Funeral Today

Mrs. Wall, 80, Dies In Vinita; Rites Pending

Mrs. Mary Irene Hobbs

J.S. Weller, Vinita, Dies; Services Today

Andrew Murr's Funeral Today

Mrs. Molinda Alice May

Royal Cleo Miller

Frank Taylor Dies At Vinita Rites Monday

Funeral Today For Pioneer Vinita Woman

Ray L. Stanislaus

Mrs. Ora Smith Services Today

Thomas J. Holeman

State Deaths

State Deaths

Heat Wave In A Rut; It's 109 Here Again

Mrs. Jennie Louise Hogue

Mrs. Paulein Witham

Sim Booton

Wilhelm Duwel Dies In Vinita; Rites Planned

Sooner's Death Due To Beating

Murder Count Names Parolee In Craig Death

Norman Joy

Pioneer Vinita Postman Dies; Services Today

Mrs. Nora Ann Powell

Mrs. Mary Ann Simmons

Former Sooner Kills Tots, Self

Naval Officers Rites Planned; Victims Buried

Craig Pioneer Woman's Rites Planned Today

Mrs. Esther Humphrey

Mrs. Eunice May Dunn

Vinita Contractor's Funeral Is Today

G.R. Bracken

Mrs. Vanover Vinita Rites To Be Today

Jess T. Rogers Funeral Today

Mitchell T. Foster

Leslie Knight

W.C. Kelly

State Deaths

James M. Mcknight

Mrs. Mary Margaret Roark

Ira B. Steemen

Mrs. Sarah A. Davis

Funeral Pends For Prominent Welch Merchant

Lasalle Holden

Ketchum Rites Planned Today For Anna Cates

Mrs. Clara Bell Bowen

Mrs. Elsie A. Goodson.

L.W. Harmon Vinita Rites To Be Friday

Daniel L. Hartsock


Mrs. Ida B. Marsh

Floyd Earl Hays Jr.

J.D. Cox

Jess A. Jones

Mrs. Mary Cottam

Evalee Sarah M'Clung

Mrs. Rebecca Hilderbrand

Flynn Thompson

Paul O. Simms

William Cox

Mrs. Margaret A. Murr

Mrs. Lorena P. Lemons

C. Goodpaster Services Set

J. Elliott Johnson

Mrs. S.B. Powell

Dolly Flock'S Rites Pending

Earl E. Triece

Services Today For Vinita Cab Company Owner

Porter Marion Inman

State Deaths

Tom F. Moore

Ellsworth M. Stafford

Larkin Nall

Mrs. Violet Irene Roller

Warren J. Davis

Harvey H. Mann

Mrs. Sally B. Bronson

Welch Funeral Planned Today For Fred Goad

Uell Vincent Wasmund

Funeral Pends For Long-Time Vinita Nurse

Mrs. Anna Chouteau

Funeral Today For Pioneer Vinita Lawman

State Deaths

Kyle 'Jack' Montgomery

Albert 'Sam' Woodard

Mrs. Mary L. Cox

Vernon L. Lalicker

L.L. Daugherty Funeral Today

Roy Waldon

Jerome Worthington Gump

Mrs. Pearl Carrington

Vinita Pioneer Is Dead At 85; Services Pend

Coy F. Stout

Mrs. Nellie Coleman

E.A. Warren

Samuel M’Farland

Mrs. Mary Kate Peetoom

Craig County'sFormer Sheriff Dies At Vinita

Charley C. Taylor

State Deaths

James C. Voyles

W.R. Roberts

State Deaths

C.M. Golibart Dies In Vinita; Rites Planned

J.M. Carroll, Pioneer, Dies Services Held

Fred L. Witham

Clarence Martin Jr.

Louie Price, Welch, Dies; Rites Pending

Mrs. Margaret V. Clinch

Mrs. Olatha G. Maness

Mrs. Mary E. Martin

Thomas J. Inman

Services Held For Drowning Victim In Vinita

Cecil Ray Gambill

W.C. Parkhurst

Craig Deputy's Vinita Rites Planned Today

William Ferman Coppedge

Barney Durall

S.W. Wilson Vinita Rites Planned Today

Ollie Estes, 66, Dies; Services Set Wednesday

Mrs. Laura P. Wright

K.L. Gardner Welch, Dies

Mittie B. Dresher

Mrs. Ethel I. Holden

L.D. Dalquest Dies In Vinita; Rites Saturday

George E. Moore

J.M. Lalicker

Gabe A. Mitchem

Mrs. Nancy Clapper

Crash Victim's Vinita Funeral Will Be Today

State Hospital Official's Rites Today In Vinita

John H. Koniker

Mrs. Josie Dell Vanhoozer

E.F. Heller


Clarence Boswell

Funeral Held For Veteran, J.R. Griffith

Dallas Eugene Lewis

Mrs. Rachel Preiss

Mrs. Anna D. Irons

Lendon Comer

Paul A. Trantham

Charles F. Kuder

Mrs. Polly A. Skiles

Bert R. Conway

Mrs. Rena G. Seat

Al Berger

Mrs. Ethel Mae Carroll

Mrs. Rose May Wright

J.H. Murr

L.C. Strelow Rites Today

Disney Minister's Services Tuesday

Walter Love Vinita Rites Planned Today

Mrs. Waldon's Rites Today

Mrs. Anna C. Buss

State Deaths

Retired Vinita Teacher's Rites Slated Today

Mrs. Beryl Alley

H. Hemphill Rites Today In Chelsea

Mrs. Mary Jane Garde

James R. Carselowey

Earl Walker

Ivan S. Bennett

A.H. Brewer Vinita Rites To Be Today

Jennings Rites Planned Today In Big Cabin

Joseph S. Wilson

Mrs. Lesbia Clarke

Tom Ridgway Vinita Rites Held Friday

Mrs. Lily Belle Brown

N.M. Poe

Janana B. Lamar

H. Mcmillan's Rites Are Held

Walter Bailey, Former State Legislator, Dies

Claud E. Paden

Harry M. Vandagriff

James A. M'Affrey

Will Gibson

Mrs. Alice Jones

Mrs. Pearl H. Leap

Allen H. Blackwell

Craig County Farmer Dies Of Bullet Wound

Mrs. Boone's Rites At Vinita To Be Monday

Mrs. Mary E. Testerman

James Trundel

A.L. Mitchell Pioneer, Dies; Rites Pending

John P. Cly Dies In Utah; Services Held

Philmore Killion

A.N. Davis

Thomas J. Herndon

Miss Willie M. Roberson

Francis Iffrig

William E. Lundy

Charles F. Landrum

Former State Druggist Dies; Rites Pending

J.W. Lea

Charles F. Headlee

William H. Ketron

Mrs. Susan S. Evans

M.C. Epperson

Charles C. Parks

Mrs. Mary Peace

Vinita Woman's Rites Monday

Glen A. Jackson

Barney E. Crismon

Bobbie J. Moorehead

Thomas E. Butler

Mrs. Pauline Hawkins

Charlie H. Jones

Gun Victim's Funeral Today In Bluejacket

Three More Die On State Roads

Ammie Lowe

Mrs. Pauline E. Feagins

Mrs. Nannie Belle Macon

William O. Pertuche

Mrs. Clara E. Smith

Former Craig Sheriff Dies; Rites Today

Mrs. Laura Ada Beck

Emerson J. Bennett


Henry E. Schubert

James Austin'S Vinita Funeral Will Be Today

Mrs. Tiney West

Mrs. Lelah Brown

Charles L. Osburn

Mrs. E.T. Hayes

Orville W. Johnson

State Deaths

N. Rohmiller Welch Rites Planned Today

Mrs. Viola Rye

Miss Russie Colbert

Mrs. Winnie Morris

Charles B. Allen

Mrs. Elizabeth Parker

Rites Today For Oilman, Lee Barrett

A.H. Kelly

Robert E. Mudd

Omer Stroud

Mrs. Flora Lofgren

James M. Spry

Willis Bluejacket

Richard Mccamish Jr.

Edward T. Burrus

John Clifford Kinison

Homer A. Andrews

Mrs. Georgia Mccoy

Cecil F. Keller

George A. Straw Jr.

Thomas A. Van Hoozer

Lida M. Coppers

Mrs. D.M. Crawford


Grover S. Jones

Mrs. Lillie Burroughs

Raymond Rahn

Mrs. Lucinda Hoops

Miss Stella Allen

Joel H. Waller

C.R. Serviss

Mrs. Mary Ethel Engle

Charles H. King

Mrs. Mary S. Houx

Pressley A. Jenkins

J.H. "Hank" Witham

J.H. "Hank" Witham


Mrs. Elizabeth Hurst

Mrs. Pearl Potts

State Deaths

Clay Jennings Manley

Hunley S. Guinn

Girl 4 Months Old Dies After Wreck

Albert Homer's Kansas Rites Will Be Today

Joe F. Williams

Mark H. Weddel

Harold E. Wallace

Thomas E. Swearingen

Clarence R. Praytor


Mrs. Addie Collins

State Traffic Deaths

State Traffic Deaths


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